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Very well stated. The UN knows that if it infiltrates the churches, then the next step is UN blue armored vehicles in the street and blue helmeted storm troopers taking us under armed guard to re-education camps.
Now !, some of you think I am paranoid, great, its your freedom. I invite you to visit Great Britain and see if you can buy a hand gun there. (a real handgun, not a air gun). This is a country that has 800 years of firearms tradition. The day that happened is the day Koffi Annan toasted to the prince of darkness and the day Diane Feinstein kissed the huge bust of Lenin in her office.
Great (not so great now)Britain used the same tactics with churches and buy back programs. Now the populace plays with air guns and hand guns are illigal. , and the fundamentalist muslim population there is on the increase, and so is potential terrorism against defenseless civilians.
Well then, you ask yourself , who is paranoid now???
I will not go into a church that prohibits firearms and CCW, if it does, I automatically know that is a kneels at the succor of satan's heels.
I bet alot of intelligence experts where called "PARANOID" on Sept. 10th.

Remington597, The Firearms Forum 23 Comments [7/14/2011 3:44:04 AM]
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Percy Q. Shunn

7/14/2011 3:56:30 AM


Yes, and murder here is quite a bit lower than in America. Of course this is the Firearms Forum where you're a n00b if you haven't indiscriminately shot at least 13 people to death and burned the bodies.

Also where in The Bible does God or Jesus say that weapons are cool and not being a gun-toting redneck is Satanic? What was that Commandment? Thou shall not kill or something? I must be getting it wrong, after all you seem so sure.

7/14/2011 4:15:16 AM

Doubting Thomas

Let's see, an irrational fear of all Muslims to the point where you're afraid to go anywhere in public unarmed?

Yes, you're paranoid.

7/14/2011 6:19:00 AM


You never were allowed to wander about with loaded handguns willy-nilly, so it's kind of a dumb argument. (Arguably, banning all handgun ownership was an overreaction to Dunblane, but it's not like many people ever had any in the first place). Even in World War Two, the Home Guard kept all their ammo under lock and key.

Also, 800 years? The first cannon used by British troops was in 1346, and the first personal handguns in Europe were about the 1540s.

Finally, I seem to recall that once upon a time it was polite to leave your sword at the church door ...

7/14/2011 7:28:42 AM


So...you think the UN is going to send out these "blue helmeted storm troopers" and you think a couple of rednecks with handguns are going to be enough to stop them? You're paranoid and stupid.

7/14/2011 8:02:25 AM

Argle Bargle

I live in a country that housed UN troops for almost 10 years, and let me tell you, they're the most inert, inefficient and incompetent armed force in the world. They were a laughing stock for every side in the war, and didn't have a shred of authority in the places they were supposedly protecting. Remember the Srebrenica massacre? The Serbian forces took over 8000 civilians and slaughtered them, while the UN troops stood there with their thumbs up their asses.

Even your dumb ass could repel a UN squadron any day of the week.

7/14/2011 8:17:23 AM

Brendan Rizzo

You don't even get the assessment of Britain right. I'm not British, and even I know this. Lots of European countries have had stricter gun control than the US for long enough that if there WERE a conspiracy it could have easily succeeded by now, and guess what? All of those countries are still democracies, and many of them are considered even freer than America (to my extreme chagrin) by unbiased sources.

7/14/2011 8:30:08 AM

Brendan Rizzo

@ Argle Bargle:

That's it. Why is it that in modern geopolitics the "good guys" are always either incompetent or just make things worse, while the "bad guys" get more and more powerful and influential by the year? The U.N. and U.S. have pretty much failed to spread democracy and freedom through the whole world, and Communist China is on the fast-track to becoming another superpower and restarting the Cold War while two-thirds of the world are wracked in constant poverty and ethnic conflicts, and the inhabitants of those regions seem completely incapable of adopting Enlightenment values that the good factions learned long ago. DAMN IT, HUMANITY!

7/14/2011 8:32:32 AM

Why do these people think the UN is an actual, overarching government imposing it's will over others as opposed to the collection of ambassadors from member nations threatening, bluffing, and grandstanding eachother in one convenient spot, having no more real power than any other ambassadors? (That is to say, being the mouthpiece of their respective governments and not their overlords?)

When the 'UN' delivers an edict, what it means is that the individual nations have agreed amongst themselves to gang up on someone, not a single body and certainly not the sockpuppets that form the council. They are grossly ineffectual even in this role, as the US invasion into Iraq proved.

As Argle Bargle sadly related, their combat forces are no better. There are too many conflicting chains of command within a multi-national force and with the reputations of all participating countries at risk each soldier is cautioned to tiptoe around what should be a straightforward response. Their only weapon is bluster.

7/14/2011 11:41:12 AM


This right here is the best possible argument for gun control.

@Brendan Rizzo: United States never really cared about spreading democracy anyway. If anything, United States is far more concerned about spreading the gospel of free market via forcing countries to adopt policies that favor large multinationals above all.

7/14/2011 12:13:00 PM

The UN is about as effective as the Communist Party of the USA.

7/14/2011 12:28:55 PM

Brendan Rizzo

@ aaa:

Argh, I'm sick of this Gray and Gray Morality! Can't we get some absolute good and absolute evil factions fighting each other like in the old days? The Founders are spinning in their graves... back then intellectuals actually cared about the truth and freedom and classical liberalism. Why does that seem to be dead? People these days...

/Grumpy Old Man

7/14/2011 1:45:16 PM

J. James

This is stupid and you are also stupid. I really don't feel like going into detail.

7/14/2011 3:16:10 PM


There's really only one thing I can say to this: LOL

7/14/2011 3:56:31 PM


U.N.: In the minds of conspiracy theorists everywhere is so goddamn powerful. I don't understand.*shakes head*

As for the rest of it,muslim hate and gun mongering. As much as I love guns,I don't think you should be allowed near them.

7/14/2011 4:05:42 PM


@Argle Bargle

The reason that UN troops are so ineffectual is that they're not technically allowed to shoot at anybody unless they're provoked in some way (not including insults). If a bomb or a bullet hits them they can move in, but otherwise they aren't allowed to do anything. Dictators learned very quickly that they can simply pretend the UN troops aren't their and just before not to send any bullets in their direction.

7/14/2011 5:59:30 PM


Yeah, sure we are going to be taken over by UN peacekeepers (note they aren't called troops). Those guys that are nearly crippled by UN bureaucracy and operating protocols and the fact they can only shoot to defend themselves? I doubt it.

As far as guns and churches, if I ever wanted to go to a church I would make sure to go to one that *did not* allow weapons. The least they could do is be respectful of the fact that a church is supposed to be a sanctuary of peace.

7/14/2011 7:32:39 PM


You should have no problem spotting these infiltrators in your Redneck churches:
The 10 main troop-contributing countries to UN peacekeeping operations as of September 2010 were Bangladesh (10,736), Pakistan (10,691), India (8,935), Nigeria (5,709), Egypt (5,458), Nepal (5,044), Jordan (3,826), Ghana (3,647), Rwanda (3,635), Uruguay (2,489)

7/14/2011 7:35:01 PM


This is the best argument for UN re-education camps I have ever seen.

7/15/2011 11:16:08 AM


"Now the populace plays with air guns and hand guns are [sic]illigal."

>Implying guns are toys? *facedesk*

7/16/2011 3:23:54 PM


Homicide by firearms rate(USA) 2.97 per 100,000
Homicide by firearms rate(UK) 0.12 per 100,000

I think that might just have something to do with the unavailability of handguns in the UK.

Homicide rate (USA) 8.55 per 100,000
Homicide rate (UK) 1.45 per 100,000

You're nearly six times more likely to be murdered in the gun-totin' USA than in not-so-great Britain (and if you do get shot there's the National Health Service, something everyone here whinges about but is still a great institution).

7/17/2011 3:32:24 AM


Firearms are the pillars of faith. As you know, Jesus had a gun.

7/18/2011 2:38:36 PM

800 years ago, the only weapons that were available were SWORDS and white arms, affordable only to the high class. And Christianism is in no way in favour of arm possesion. Get over it. America's 2nd ammendment is the product of its own history, don't glamourise it.

7/19/2011 10:38:39 AM

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