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If you accept the Jewish-controlled media version of 09/11/01, a rag tag bunch of low-tech warriors, led by the holy warrior sheik Osama bin Laden from a cave at the end of the earth, and armed with nothing more than a few pairs of box cutters, pulled off the most astonishing and effective attack in world history. In response, we destroyed American liberties with the USA "PATRIOT" act.


Osama was smart enough, ( As are many other Middle Easterners ) to realize the bandit state Israel is not a legitimate nation, it needs to be wiped off of Western maps and returned to its rightful inhabitants.

It is quite a shame that he fell for the global warming scam though, goes to show that even great men like bin Laden can fall for these elaborate hoaxes perpetrated by the Jewish supremacists.

Oscar Yeager, Day Of The Rope 26 Comments [7/14/2011 3:44:11 AM]
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Percy Q. Shunn

Sounds like you really hate jews. But, I bet you fucking ejaculate your love for jesus.

7/14/2011 4:04:03 AM


You started out so well! But then you failed. Try again harder next time.

7/14/2011 4:58:29 AM

Doubting Thomas

This is some grade A crazy right here. So, what's harder to believe, that a bunch of Islamic terrorists sneaked some box cutters on board several aircraft and flew them into buildings, or it was all an elaborate hoax perpertrated by several secret government agencies involving several thousand people, including President Bush, and not one of them has slipped up and admitted it? And now we're led to believe that it was all perpertrated by the Jews?

7/14/2011 6:12:18 AM


I'm not sure here if he's blaming Osama for 9/11, or not ... and what did he have to do with global warming, anyway? Al-Quaeda, eco-warriors? WTF?

Otherwise, your big-standard conspiracy nut. Meh.

7/14/2011 7:17:24 AM

Brendan Rizzo

... Did he just call bin Laden a great man?


... Man, I've really been using that sentence a lot lately.

7/14/2011 8:26:35 AM


"great men like bin Laden"

Kindly fuck off.

7/14/2011 10:18:19 AM


Can you please finish one conspiracy theory before you start the next? There's odd fragments of at least three in here, and they don't connect up at all.

7/14/2011 11:35:57 AM


And once again, conspiracy theorists prove it that they still don't know shit.

7/14/2011 11:59:16 AM


Bin Laden was the son of a billionaire and his net worth was estimated in the hundreds of millions around the time of the attacks. He ran a bunch of legitimate businesses across the Middle East and North Africa and had an impressive, expensive real estate portfolio. He used these resources alongside millions donated to phony Islamic charities to launder funds for al-Qaeda and conceal the movement of equipment and people. He was hardly some homeless illiterate humping goats in a cave like this moron asserts.

...great men like bin Laden...

Kill yourself

7/14/2011 12:43:08 PM

J. James

Fuck you with a shark. Osama bin Laden would have happily shot your presumably white ass in the face for just looking western.

I hope you get to meet some Israeli special forces one day and happen to have a camera nearby. It would be hilarious to see him rip off your scrotum and shove it down your stupid racist throat.

But I would like the special priveledge of 10 minutes with you in a locked room with my 5-iron.

7/14/2011 3:22:37 PM

"The most astonishing and effective attack in world history". You mean Osama bin Laden was responsible for Hiroshima?

7/14/2011 3:52:26 PM


Bin Laden little known fact he was carbon neutral

7/14/2011 4:44:18 PM



...Or Pearl Harbor, or Operation Overlord, or The Blitz, or Barbarossa...

Really like 85% of the attacks in WWII blow the 9/11 attacks out of the water ((No pun intended)) in terms of astonishment or effectiveness, as astonishing the 9/11 attacks were. Clearly this guy has never opened a history textbook.

7/14/2011 11:26:53 PM

So Al Qaeda didn't perpetrate the 9/11 attacks, the story is a cover cooked up by Jewish supremacists. One that bin Laden went along with, despite the fact (admitted by you) that he hates the Jews and thinks Israel should be wiped out.

Are you seeing a logical disconnect here, or are you so entrenched in your ridiculous worldview that you can incorporate any seeming contradiction into your ridiculous theories?

I'm going with the latter. Oscar Yeager: delusional idiot.

7/15/2011 2:41:45 AM

This is the man who thinks that Farmville is racist because "aryan chickens" are worth fewer points than "nigger chickens". So yes, delusional idiot.

7/15/2011 3:32:12 AM

D Laurier

If you buy the notion of a jewish controlled media... you need to get out and look around.

7/15/2011 6:15:08 PM

J. James

In addition to my previous comment, just how effective were these "Sand N****rs", as your kind likes to call them, in the 9/11 attacks? Of course, the twin towers were great losses of life, but objectively, 9/11 was a spectacular failure. Not only did one plane get recaptured and unfortunately crashed, but the Pentagon plane crashed far short. Beyond that, it WAS intended to get America's tentacles out of the Middle East. Yeeeeahhhh, how did that work oh for them? Now Al Qaeda is on the verge of defeat and it's leader assassinated. So, effective attack? Hardly.

7/16/2011 7:23:32 PM


How many conspiracies can you cram in one post?

7/18/2011 2:36:36 PM


You know, you'd think that with all these "Zionists" and "Jewish supremacists" that they'd make up more than 0.02% of the world population.

7/18/2011 6:35:24 PM

He did it because America was the symbol of free market and all that was against his twisted view of religion. Don't mix the Jews in the process.

7/19/2011 10:41:15 AM


Yes, Israel for its rightful inhabitants!


7/19/2011 5:01:42 PM


I'm convinced that 9/11 conspiracy theorists are just so complacent about the perceived invincibility of America and its military might that they just can't accept that something like 9/11 could happen.

America is not invincible, we can't prevent everything, we are vulnerable in ways we don't even realize. Feeling like we're untouchable is what causes us to be so easy to attack in the first place.

7/21/2011 4:42:34 AM

First, Osama bin Laden isn't just some nutter who wandered in from the desert and is confused about these new-fangled devices that you call "airplanes" and "telephones". He's the son of one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia. He fought for years against the technologically-superior USSR in Afghanistan.

Second, hijacking a plane is different from building it from scratch. For instance, I know absolutely nothing about what goes on in a car's engine and I couldn't even begin to build one to save my life. However, it doesn't take much know-how to run up to a car that somebody is already running, open the door, and threaten their life with a box-cutter, and then drive away. Flying a plane is a bit more complicated than driving a car, but there are schools where you can learn to fly a plane. And - oh shit - the hijackers went to those schools.

In short, just because they're from a "primitive" culture doesn't mean that they're idiots.

10/12/2011 7:51:15 AM


This is probably the stupidest pile of crap I have ever read.

10/15/2011 2:19:20 PM

A white supremacist who worships Osama Bin Laden for his antisemitism, who knew. Wait. If Obama is Osama, does that mean he's worshiping Obama?

4/17/2013 9:01:57 PM

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