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I've done a number of radio interviews with Don Nicoloff on the subject of chemtrails and Sylphs. The three radio show listed here will give you a good idea on the overall agenda of chemtrail spraying and how they are mitigated throuigh the use of orgone generators and focused intent. Air elemental beings identified by the ancient Greeks (& Paracelsus) as Sylphs are stimulated and energized by orgone generators and will literally vacumn up and transmute chemtrails into harmless substances. I realize this is hard to believe by the average person who is unaware of these etheric beings, but the evidence can be seen right over your head if you know what to look for...

Ken Adachi, Educate-Yourself 31 Comments [7/23/2011 9:15:22 AM]
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Submitted By: J. James

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Brandy Bogard

What the fuck

7/23/2011 9:38:09 AM


Well, I suppose if you can believe in chemtrails, orgone and etheric beings aren't that far of a leap.

Still all BS, though.

7/23/2011 10:00:57 AM


Sylphs, eh. Sounds more like you've got the syph, mate; I hear it affects the mind.

7/23/2011 11:02:22 AM

Deus ex Populo

Sources, please. And no, that guy in the straightjacket sitting in the padded room is not an acceptable source. Neither is the man with the pretty blotting paper, no matter how nice he seems.

7/23/2011 11:15:50 AM


I like pseudo-science when it isn't even pretending to make any form of sense.

7/23/2011 11:52:31 AM

Comrade Potatovich

These guys are like sci-fi geeks, except those accept the object of their interest as a fantasy born of a creative mind.

7/23/2011 12:50:44 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

7/23/2011 2:26:48 PM

Brendan Rizzo

What the fuck?! Seriously, what? You believe in magical air fairies that are the only thing that can protect mankind from the evil of chemtrails... what on Earth is an "orgone" generator? Why can't these guys just write speculative fiction instead of believing it?

7/23/2011 2:48:06 PM



that's all I have to say about orgones.

7/23/2011 5:16:55 PM


No. No amount of looking is going to provide evidence for these 'elemental air beings' that don't exist.

And please start taking your meds again.

7/23/2011 6:58:36 PM

Raised by Horses


7/23/2011 8:44:43 PM

J. James

I was the submitter for this one, and BOY was that site overflowing with crazy! Serious caution, folks. Prolonged exposure will melt your brain.

What I was curious about when I found this in the first place was what the supposed conspirators of the Chemtrail thing hoped to accomplish. Why would a group want to poison their own atmosphere? Are they martyrs? And where are the chemicals themselves? In tanks? How did they get there? Is it in the fuel? How would it pass through the engine without ruining it/being ruined? How are chemtrails ANY different that contrails(PROTIP: there is no such thing as chemtrails. I just wondered how they justified it.), etc? What I found instead was this. Whatever "this" is.

7/23/2011 9:01:52 PM


The Fuck did I just read!

7/23/2011 9:54:33 PM


Thousands of aircraft maintenance workers, baggage loaders, inspectors, etc., and yet none of them has ever seen the compartment where you load the chemicals.

Look up the EPA Aircraft Contrails Factsheet, online as a PDF. Or,:http://deoxy.org/meme/AviationSmog

7/24/2011 1:52:47 AM

Mihangel apYrs

Educate-Yourself. AND FAIL

7/24/2011 3:16:37 AM


Sounds like a rejected script from a bad sci fi show.

7/24/2011 4:58:43 AM


Good Ol' Ken "I won't take my meds" Adachi ... His site is an absolute goldmine of lunatic conspiracy theories. You should read what he says about the New World Order. -rolleyes-

7/24/2011 9:19:04 AM

Jeff Weskamp

Where do the undines, gnomes, and salamanders fit into Adachi's theories?

7/24/2011 12:19:31 PM


This makes no damn sense. Do their tinfoil hats cut of brain circulation or something?

7/24/2011 1:36:41 PM


Oh good, I missed the old fashioned batshit conspiracies. Seriously, I'm getting sick and tired about all these birther "anti-Zionist" conspiracies clogging up the good shit like good ol' fashioned chemtrails and reptoids.
The sad thing is, I'm not being sarcastic. That's how fucking sick of teabaggers and randroids I am. I actually would rather read about reptoids and Flat Earth "Theory" than read another parroting of Glen Beck.

7/24/2011 2:59:36 PM

J. James

Well, I hunted around a bit and made several submissions, from multiple sites, this being the first. I was sick of the Glenn Beck nonsense too, and I think you'll enjoy the beautiful stupidity of the batshit I unearthed. ;-)

7/24/2011 6:30:32 PM


Help me, Mr. Wizard.

7/24/2011 9:10:49 PM


*cut off

Stupid typos (I've been sick lately and it seems like I've been making a lot of typos since it started).

7/25/2011 4:03:47 AM


They have to ask permission from Paralda first.

7/25/2011 6:09:49 AM

Doubting Thomas

I realize this is hard to believe by the average person

By "average" you mean those who are not totally batshit insane.

but the evidence can be seen right over your head if you know what to look for...

And it helps if you're totally batshit insane.

7/25/2011 6:22:56 AM

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