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[on Anders Breivik]

Me, I don't believe it. And I don't care what "authorities" say. They said about OK City, too, and I kind of thought to till I read "The Third Terrorist," by Jayna Davis.

I would not put it past a jihadist group to either recruit and frame a Norwegian or for some other story to shake out. It's just too neat, isn't it? "Well, he was one of those anti-muslim racists, y' know." Would make things ever so much easier for the elites, including the media, wouldn't it?

vladdy, Jihad Watch 18 Comments [7/27/2011 3:24:44 AM]
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Doctor Fishcake

It's not just a river in Egypt, you know.

7/27/2011 3:51:20 AM


Hundreds of witnesses to the crime and you're convinced that he was framed?

7/27/2011 3:55:15 AM


Kindly die in an active volcano, you deluded piece of scheming moral-less shit.

7/27/2011 4:15:38 AM

Raised by Horses

Yes, because "the elites" and the media are just dying to import more of Islam.

You really don't think these things through now, do you?

7/27/2011 4:57:50 AM


294 planned or executed terrorist acts in Europe in 2009. 1 of which was by Islamists.

Of course, you don't believe that, either. But we don't care what you believe; we only need to stop you from killing people.

7/27/2011 4:59:59 AM


Please. Hurl yourself in front of a freight train, you putrid shithead.

7/27/2011 6:21:33 AM


7/27/2011 7:40:32 AM

Doubting Thomas

Because nothing ever happens like it's reported in the media. Typical example of paranoid conspiracy theorist thinking: Never believe the official account, any alternative idea no matter how far out in left field or how likely impossible is a better explanation. Conspiracy theory thinking is the total opposite from Occam's Razor.

7/27/2011 7:43:45 AM

J. James

Yes, look at the face! It's handsome, white, blond-haired and blue-eyed! That's all you need to prove he's the victim here!

CLEARLY he was set up by those evil brown people and their liberal co-conspirators!

7/27/2011 1:20:44 PM


The media and the elites don't have to bother working to divide us. We do that ourselves as one can see from your post.

7/27/2011 2:47:42 PM

What is this I don't even

When a Muslim kills someone, its because he's a Muslim and his religion tells him to do that. And there is NO WAY he could have been coerced by secular movements wishing to marginalise Islam (not that I think that for a second, you understand).

When a Christian (or a nationalist of any creed) kills someone, he was put up to it by Muslims, and there is NO WAY he could have just been a nutter on a misguided mission.

Basically, whatever happens, its the fault of Islam. Its interesting yet very, very disturbing to see inside your mind, Vladdy.

7/27/2011 3:30:00 PM

Brendan Rizzo

But, but... Breivik not only took credit for the attacks, but he also admitted to being a fundamentalist Christian! He wrote a manifesto and everything!

It just goes to show that you can present these people with irrefutable evidence that they are wrong, and they will still not accept it. Utter reprobates, they are.

7/27/2011 5:30:32 PM

Raised by Horses

@Brendan Rizzo

You can lead a fundie to evidence, but you can't make him think.

7/27/2011 5:52:14 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Nothing good is going to come from a christian who pops his shirt collar.

7/27/2011 7:52:18 PM


If the terrorist had been a Muslim, would your mind still automoatically jump to "conspiracy!"? No, because you're pre-programmed to look for supposed conspiracies that support your cretinous agenda.

7/28/2011 8:38:11 AM

Ok, how did they "framed" the guy?, he was very collaborative.

8/1/2011 4:56:34 AM

And how can you frame a Norwegian into doing something when, you know, it would be even cheaper TO DO IT YOURSELF?

8/28/2013 12:22:30 PM

Well, many people were convinced that it was the act of Islamic terrorism.................you know, now they have to look for a plausible explanation.

8/28/2013 12:24:51 PM

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