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Today, it all changes. Everything we have known is being transformed. The Obama States of America is officially being established by the former Democrat and Republican parties. Today, we are all Obama-Stalinists and will now happily give everything we own over to the Obama government. In other words, we will embrace our slavery with smiles on our faces — or else.

Despite our efforts to stop it, both Republicans and Democrats voted to give Dictator-in-Chief Obama trillions of dollars more (which we no longer have) in this reality-show marking the end of the manufactured and phony "debt crisis." Note: There wouldn't be any crisis if Congress and the illegal POTUS would agree to stop spending and sending our money to their globalist friends overseas. But, they refuse.

The agreement to add additional trillions-of-dollars to our debt — which will now destroy and gut us completely — gives Obama the means to help his reelection campaign and does NOT provide any substantial cuts to spending...if any at all. Where did you think the Tyrant Obama planned to use a great deal of it?

The rumors that this was all a game between the Democrat and Republican parties to try to fool We-the-People into believing they are really working for us were and are true. Boehner and McConnell have just turned the country over to Obama, their planned super committee and Obama's dictatorship. Neither Establishment Republicans (RINOs...Democrat plants) or the now totally Marxist-Leninist Democrats are working for us or the country. They are working for themselves, against the United States of America and we now fully work for them.

Sher Zieve, Renew America 24 Comments [8/7/2011 2:41:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Honky McCracker

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J. James

Oh noes, it's a government takeover! Not.

Seriously, I WISH that Obama would stop pussy-footing around and start making executive orders. Those petulant children in Congress are being CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT with the country they supposedly represent. I mean, what the FUCK, people!?

Anyway, how the hell would a debt limit increase make Obama dictator-for-life!? It was raised, like, eight times or some shit under Bush!!

8/7/2011 2:47:22 PM


Okay, seriously. You really, REALLY need to look up exactly what Marxism/Stalinism is. The US is so far in the right wing camp in total that it is more in danger of becoming fascist, not communist.

And where were you when Shrub jacked up the debt limit during his term in office -- several times? Oh, right. Bush wasn't black and your party was in control.

8/7/2011 3:03:14 PM

Raised by Horses

Obama and Stalin in the same sentence again. I seriously think we need a new corollary to Godwin's law / Nazi references here.

8/7/2011 5:12:54 PM


In the 1980s some religious wackjob referred to the SALT talks as "America's surrender to the Soviet Union". Yes, Saint Ronnie of the Raygun sold out America to the Marxist-Leninists of the USSR. As we all know, the Soviets' power has only grown since that fateful ... oh, wait.

A few decades later, no doubt we'll all remember the debt deal as a shameful display of partisan politics and cowardice, one which I hope we will have recovered from. We will remember Obama as a mediocre president (at best) who was, incredibly, better than the alternatives, and the Tea Party as a temporary madness that boggles coming generations.

8/7/2011 6:00:45 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

8/7/2011 7:14:07 PM


You idiots really don't understand that all that debt is owed to ...wait for it.. US. Only 19.4% of the debt is owed to foreign interests. If the debt isn't paid, we are stiffing the federal reserve, lots of American contractors who have already provided goods and services, and social security. Where were you when the Bushies were handing out no-bid contracts?

If we had any kind of Marxist government, all the fossil fuel industries and telecommunications would have nationalized by now.

8/7/2011 8:18:08 PM


While I think the "Super Congress" is a terribly bad idea that will come back to bite us in the end, it is by no means the Omniscient Council of Vagueness come to take over the world.

8/7/2011 8:29:32 PM


Just another astroturfed little article.

8/8/2011 2:23:08 AM


Oh noes, it's The End of America! Again. Happens about every other week in wingnut land.

Call me when Obama expropriates every corporation in America, and then I might listen to how Marxist-Leninist he is.

8/8/2011 4:42:25 AM

Doubting Thomas

It was a budget deal, not total transference of power. You nutjobs sound like it's 1933 Germany.

All craziness aside, I do agree on one point. The agreement to add trillions of dollars to our debt will destroy us eventually.

8/8/2011 7:35:35 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Wow, Renew America has been active lately. These guys are completely delusional. How did they go from, "The debt ceiling crisis was averted in the nick of time" to "Obama is forming a one-party dictatorship ZOMG!!!1!!"? I don't like all this debt either, but it's the Republicans who were spending all that fictitious money, and the Democrats pretty much had no choice. The democratic process is far from dead. Despite some of my more recent rants, I don't think that even the Tea Party should have its civil liberties revoked. I just think that they are so demonstrably stupid that no one in their right mind should vote for them. After all, there is no organized equivalent of the Tea Party in Western European countries, and the democratic process is alive and well over there. I'm so jealous... :(

8/8/2011 9:23:50 AM


@ Brendan Rizzo:

Um, no. We got crazies too. Look up UKIP (for certain values of 'organised').

8/8/2011 12:42:22 PM


Again? God dammit, Obama, stop with the Socialist takeovers! That's the second one in a week!

8/8/2011 4:30:18 PM


Well, this person is right about one thing. The Republicans and Democrats don't give a fuck about the people, but not as part of some sort of Marxist-Stalinist plot. They are both in the pockets of the rich and are bending over backwards to please the financial sector.

8/9/2011 8:47:49 PM

If we had any responsible, non-right-wing-owned main-stream media left to explain to these fucking idiots that the raising of the debt ceiling is NOT an agreement to release funds for future spending but merely a matter of formality, in which we agree to continue to pay debts we ALREADY owe for money WE HAVE ALREADY SPENT, in budgets that were approved by Congress in years PAST (mostly under Bush), it might help calm some of the lunatics. But do you ever hear that on the local nightly news? Noooooo.

8/10/2011 8:16:22 AM

I read about the Afterlife

The fuck are you on about? Do they seem to think we have a center-left and left government?

Excuse me, while I laugh excessively to make a point about how absolutely wrong you are.

8/10/2011 12:23:38 PM


Typical teabagger bullshit

8/11/2011 10:58:56 PM

So many years after the fall of the Soviet Union, it´s clear that people have forgotten what it´s all about.

8/12/2011 10:40:51 AM

Please explain to us how a president who was elected by a landslide majority of the people but who is himself dictated to and whose every bill and appointment has been filibustered and extinguished by the minority in Congress is a "dictator".

8/13/2011 6:39:45 AM

STFU. That so-called Marxist-Leninist has already cut food stamps and home heating aid for the poor to pay for his own projects rather than demand desperately needed tax-increases, and proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare AFTER McConnell offered him a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling.

At any other time in this country, he'd have had to run as a Republican, because that's practically what he is.

8/13/2011 6:52:57 AM


Percy, sick. I didn't know George Bush was that far into the homosexual lifestyle, although I had rumors (he is part of the gay men's club called Bohemian Grove in San Francisco). Nothing much surprises me these days. Lord, come quickly. :-\

8/13/2011 12:53:15 PM


I don't think Obama is "practically a Republican." He repealed DADT, is pro-abortion, introduced a socialist health care policy that we can't afford to pay for and seized control of several private industries (i.e., GM and GE, McDonald's). I agree that republicans today are not much better - being liberals themselves in large part (Romney, Pawlenty, Rick Perry, and quite a few of the other big names being conservative in name only) - but Obama's policies are clearly far to the left of the average republican, except for perhaps Romney.

8/13/2011 12:55:51 PM


A tyrant Obama would be awesome, finally the corporatist and Republican traitors would get what they deserve for their lies and war on the American people.

But it won't happen, because for better or worse every American politician believes in democracy.

4/2/2012 2:34:04 PM

Oh yes, he won the elections and, therefore, IT'S a dictator. RIGHT!!!

5/12/2013 10:09:33 AM

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