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Alright...let me start of by providing to you my main point with this thread. Humans and dinosaurs did live together on this earth...plain and simple. I've come to this conclusion through much research and personal reflection.[!?] I have come to except that modern science is not simply wrong about this fact...but actively covering it up and feeding the lie to protect their holy grail..aka...evolution. I'm going to go through and give you a few examples of some cases where ancient peoples had excellent evidence of "prehistoric" creatures in their lives...as well as some evidence to show how modern science is trying to cover up this fact.

Nyk537, ATS 26 Comments [8/21/2011 7:48:08 AM]
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Submitted By: J. James

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Doubting Thomas

Yes, humans and dinosaurs did live together on this earth... separated by some 60 million years.

And mention of a "behemoth" in the bible is not evidence that humans and dinosaurs coexisted.

8/21/2011 8:18:42 AM


Its amazing how so many people refuse to accept any form of proof except for those in their mind

8/21/2011 8:32:04 AM

Raised by Horses

"I've come to this conclusion through much research and personal reflection.."

...none of which I am going to share with you here today, because, like, sharing research? Now that's just crazy talk.

8/21/2011 8:33:29 AM


Aw, sweetie. Learn the difference between "except" and "accept." It won't make us take you seriously, but it might make you sound like you have a working brain cell.

8/21/2011 8:34:00 AM


Where the fuck do these idiots come from anyway?

8/21/2011 9:04:52 AM


8/21/2011 10:03:48 AM

Brendan Rizzo

So... you claim that humans and non-avian dinosaurs lived at the same time... with absolutely nothing to back it up and no evidence whatsoever... and expect people to believe you just because you assert it?! Who do you think you are, God?!

8/21/2011 10:18:21 AM

Personal reflection?, data is an objective item to be comprehended, not personal opinion.

8/21/2011 10:42:34 AM

J. James

@Brendan Rizzo

Actually, he DOES try to support his position with, uh, "proof."

He copypasted a carving of something that could be Sauropods. Maybe. And he said that dragon myths were actually true stories describing relict dinosaurs. And of course he mentions the reconstituted T-Rex callogenous proteins at the center of the thickest thigh fossil. Except he makes the claim that they found actual CELLS.

Which, of course, is BULLSHIT. The cells only left imprints in the nonorganic stone of the fossil, the DNA degraded millions of years ago, and a node of fossilized callogenous protiens that had to be reconstituted with a chemical bath=/= SOFT TISSUE.

But even though he's wrong on so many levels, at least he didn't just make a blind assertion of his Flintstones claim, right?


8/21/2011 11:14:57 AM


'Avian dinosaurs' exist right now, they are called birds.

P.S Your 'personal reflection' is meaningless to science and everyone else on the planet.

Their stupidity continues on with gems like
"Why is that funny?

Why is it any easier to accept the results of tests that are obviously inaccurate? What gives evolutionary scientists any more credibility that creationist scientists?"

8/21/2011 12:41:32 PM


Ya...even if dinosaurs did exist alongside humans, that alone wouldn't disprove evolution so there would be no need for a cover up.

8/21/2011 6:22:46 PM

J. James


That's... I actually never thought of it that way.

But if Dinosaurs would disprove Evilution, then what about SHARKS? Or the Nautilus, Sea Star, and the Coelacanth! Or fuckin' BUGS, for that matter! All coexisted with dinosaurs or predated them by hundreds of millions of years, yet still are alive in more or less the same form today!

Well, that fucks over that particular argument...

8/21/2011 6:39:26 PM


@ J. James:

The argumentum ad dinosauria (yes, I know it's Greek, sue me) doesn't quite work that way. The idea (and I use the word loosely) is that 'Science says Dinosaurs died 65mya, well, if human folks lived alongside them they didn't live 65mya but only 6kya, so that proves the Bible (read: Bishop Ussher) is right about the age of the Earth, so there!'.

I didn't say it was a good argument. Interestingly, Ed C*nrad uses an exactly opposite argument, i.e. that humans and dinosaurs co-existing is proof that humans lived 65mya, which proves ... something or other.

8/22/2011 8:15:24 AM

Confirmation bias. It makes your conclusions very shaky.

8/22/2011 9:28:08 AM


I'm sorry, but as dumb as you are, you do not count as "evidence of a prehistoric creature."

8/22/2011 11:31:54 AM

Poor thing. You just don't understand that scientists, who work with facts, don't turn gymnastics to make facts support beliefs formed through "personal reflection" the way fundies do.

8/22/2011 2:11:00 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

I find that interesting..through personal reflection I have come to the conclusion that Nyk537 should be thrown in jail.

That truthy feeling in your gut can obviously never be wrong..can it?

My gut says you need to be jailed. Im sure you will agree, seeing as we are fellow personal reflectors.

8/22/2011 3:23:12 PM

Joe Mama

@J. James

And of course he mentions the reconstituted T-Rex callogenous proteins at the center of the thickest thigh fossil. Except he makes the claim that they found actual CELLS.

Thanks for clueing me in as to where the creationists keep coming up with that "soft tissue found inside dinosaur bones" claim.

8/22/2011 3:24:28 PM

J. James

@Joe Mama

The process itself(not the bastardized bullshit creationists claim it to be) is actually pretty fascinating. The bone around the node fossilizes and serves as like an amber casing for the petrified node of proteins, which can later be slowly reconstituted from stone in a chemical bath, but it only works with the thickest of bones.

The creationists, however, completely butcher it and say that mummified marrow jerky(for the lack of a better term) was found in these fossilized bones.

8/22/2011 4:35:11 PM

Head of the conspiracy

Even if there were evidence that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, that wouldn't destroy evolution.

It'd force a pretty thorough reevaluation of our understanding of prehistory, but evolution as a concept would be A-OK.

8/23/2011 3:36:55 AM


The Flintstones was not a documentary.

8/23/2011 8:52:37 AM

J. James


Ah. That is actually even funnier. The fossil record doesn't exactly mix ammonites and people.

Oh, how creationists LOATHE the neat little evolutionary columns fossils so conviniently form.

Little do they know that it's really a Illuminati conspiracy and we atheists have been completely fabricating that "evidence" for over 200 years! Muahahahahaha!!

8/23/2011 4:51:49 PM


Scientists, unlike fundies, don't have a personal stake in what the truth is, and therefore have no reason to cover things up. They believe in evolution for no reason other than the evidence for it.

8/24/2011 6:44:54 AM


And I would believe you once you show me your Nobel Prize in Biology. Barring that, I'd ask to review your research. You can keep your reflections to yourself.

8/24/2011 11:49:12 PM


Did you perhaps mean "no research and personal delusion?"

8/26/2011 1:17:57 PM

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