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There are numerous evidences of and for creation. Take the Bible for instance. Take creation itself for instance.
If evolution were true, vampires, werewolves would exist. They don't. How do you account for that?

Knightmare, Topix: Evolution vs. Creation 130 Comments [8/28/2011 5:21:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Kong

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I think Edgar Allan thinks this guy is a Poe... call it instinct. I'm hoping this guy is a Poe, but I've read the top 100, so I know there's a chance this guy could be serious.

8/29/2011 3:07:36 AM

If this isn't a poe, I will massacre the world.

8/29/2011 3:31:28 AM


cannot tell if troll

8/29/2011 4:47:25 AM


@The troll on this thread-

Okay, so you copy-pasted a bunch of free porn and some obsessive crap about Obama by using multiple sock puppets on a thread that'll be completely forgotten within a week at most and that seems like an accomplishment to you. Congratulations, you've demonstrated that you're an obsessive, psychotic weirdo with no life. Thanks for the free porn though.

8/29/2011 5:22:30 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Well, if this looneytune is providing free porn, he could at least present something attractive. The woman he is obsessed with looks rather vampiric. But not in a nice way.

8/29/2011 5:43:36 AM


This is a weird one....

Knightmare better be a Poe because the alternative is scarier than those monsters!

8/29/2011 5:52:34 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Thats AMAZING..I was about to say the same thing for Islam and also Asatru (the nordic religion)

They BOTH lay the say claim as you do (our religion is right because look at our writings and look at the world, and look at all the stupid things I can make up that they other guy cant explain)

8/29/2011 6:20:49 AM


If you don't like the young lady, Ad-block is your friend.

8/29/2011 7:28:00 AM

J. James


I checked. He isn't a Poe(he actually didn't even know what a Poe is, but I swear HE LEGITIMATELY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A POE IS). He's just an extremely dedicated moron.

He's got it in his head that somehow evolution=defeating death=ZOMBIES ALIENS WEREWOLVES VAMPIRES etc.=evolution is false.

8/29/2011 7:32:24 AM

Word and concept salad at its best.

8/29/2011 7:40:27 AM


There are numerous instances of vampires and werewolves in fiction. Take the Bible for instance. If Creation were true, unicorns and dragons would exist. They don't.

How do you account for that?

PROTIP: The only reptile that has the word 'Dragon' in it's name is the Komodo. Nope, no wings, nor biomechanical flame-emission facility. Oh, and Narwhal tusks.

How's that for a (k)nightmare for you? Three words: Kitzmiller versus Dover.

8/29/2011 8:21:18 AM

Oh well, as long as the bridge guardian is here the littlest goat can cross to greener pastures without fear.

8/29/2011 8:48:26 AM

Much as I hate to feed any troll, but really...

"Various atheist gods"

What a moron.

8/29/2011 10:38:53 AM

Steven Mading

The really disturbing thing about the lying troll is that the posts are a few seconds apart - just long enough for it to be possible to post by cut&paste&click rather than it being done by a program, AND the delay times between posts are slightly different - not what I'd expect from a program submitting with, say, a 5 second speed limiter in it. In other words, this isn't just automatic spam. It's manual spamming. The liar is just going paste, paste, click click, wait for page to refresh, paste, paste, click, click, wait for page to refresh, etc ad nauseum.

If basic decency isn't enough to stop him from trolling his lies you'd think at least wanting to have a life of some sort would.

8/29/2011 10:45:56 AM


"there are numerous evidences of and for creation. Take the babble for instance"

No, there is about one bit of evidence for creation. The babble. (at least the christinsane version of creation). And that is a very lousy, pathetic bit of evidence. Full of contridictions, nonsense, etc.

"Take creation itself for instance".
Greeeaaattt. Another logical idiot. The only thing that "creation itself" proves is that we exist. That is all. It doesnt prove how we got here, just that we are here.

"If evolution were tru, vampires, werewolves would exist".
If the babble were true, then there would be dragons and unicorns. Besides, nothing in evolution would demand vampires and werewolves.
"how do you account for that"?
Easy, vampires are mythical magical creatures. With special magical powers. Nothing in evolution would require that. Werewolves are magical shape shifters. Changing form magically. Once again....magic is for Puff the magic dragon....and fundies.....

8/29/2011 11:48:29 AM

Greater Good

Can someone slay this troll already? Jebus, it's not even a very good one.

8/29/2011 11:55:52 AM


I thought Dennis Markuze was under psychiatric observation. Did someone slip him a PC with internet? Is this part of the therapy?

8/29/2011 12:00:41 PM

Rapax Pringer

Hello, troll! Nice pictures of your slutty mother you have there!


8/29/2011 12:23:00 PM


Hewly crap that was a lot of spam.

8/29/2011 1:06:28 PM


@Edgar Allan

Saying Poe once will suffice, thank you.

8/29/2011 2:23:14 PM

J. James


I thought for a minute he WAS Markuze. But then I remembered, oh yeah, thy guy's in jail! Good riddance.

8/29/2011 2:25:34 PM


Quote the raven "Poe!"

8/29/2011 3:37:00 PM


So bad it isn't even wrong.

8/29/2011 4:02:17 PM


Why the fuck would vampires and werewolves exist?

Oh the stupid, it hurts.

8/29/2011 4:17:20 PM


Equally valid argument: If creation were true then we should expect to see pies rain from the sky in Ethiopia every second Tuesday of the month. We don't. How can you account for that?

8/29/2011 4:24:33 PM

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