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You had a picture of buttons with sayings on them......
One said........Pro-family, pro-children, pro-choice.

This is laughable. You can't be pro-choice and say that you are pro-children. The fact that you are a pro-abort...based on choice....says that you want abortion LEGAL SO THAT SOME WOMEN HAVE THE CHOICE TO KILL.

You are not pro-life...pro-children.....you are pro-abortion.

It is sad to know to think that you would be pro-abortion even until natural delivery. So so sad. You say no woman should be forced to go through a pregnancy that she does not want to continue....this would also mean you would condone a late term abortion. I mean playin devils adovacate here....you would not want to enslave someone who does not want to be pregnant...right? It would be hypocritical to say your pro-choice and deny any woman the right to kill......throughout the entire nine months.
How sad, especially because you say you are a Christian.

Would you mind showing me scripture and making Gods case for abortion.

mdancin4theLord, Christian Forums 63 Comments [9/1/2011 3:52:39 AM]
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The Jamo

Ahem, let me see if i can put it in terms that you can comprehend. A woman's body is her own and she should be able to decide what happens to it. This is not about killing children; it's about allowing women the coice to terminate a dangerous or unwanted pregnancy. This does not mean that they will exercise this right every time they're pregnant... in fact most women probably won't, and no one will be forced to do anything. The only thing that will change is that a woman, any woman, will be allowed to LEGALLY choose what happens to her own body. You can most definitely be pro-children and pro-choice, as being pro-choice says nothing about how you feel about children and much about how you feel about women's rights.

Nobody is forcing you to do anything or to have or abort your children. All that we're asking is that you respect people's right to choose.

9/1/2011 4:00:28 AM


Make sure that they come to term but deny them health care, educational opportunities, and their parents the ability to have a living wage. The "pro-life" agenda.

9/1/2011 4:00:32 AM


Show me the scripture opposing abortion. And 'thou shalt not kill' doesn't count.

9/1/2011 4:19:35 AM


Pro-choice is "liberal talk" for - it's none of my fucking business!

Pro-choice =/= pro-abortion.

9/1/2011 4:23:43 AM


Would you mind showing me scripture and making Gods case for abortion.

At your service:

- According to the Bible, abortion is not murder. A fetus is not considered a human life. When an assault on a woman causes a miscarriage, the assaulter is only punished for the effect of the attack on the woman:

If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life. -- Exodus 21:22-23

- The Bible places no value on fetuses or infants less than one month old:

And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver. -- Leviticus 27:6

- Fetuses and infants less than one month old are not considered persons as of the Bible:

Number the children of Levi after the house of their fathers, by their families: every male from a month old and upward shalt thou number them. And Moses numbered them according to the word of the LORD. -- Numbers 3:15-16

9/1/2011 4:24:02 AM

From the frozen north, Death cometh

Pffft. Anon2 got to it first... No point quoting the same stuff twice. Move along, people.

9/1/2011 4:33:54 AM

Mister Spak

"You are not pro-life...pro-children.....you are pro-abortion. "

You are not pro-life...prochildren...you are anti-choice. You believe life begins at conception and ends at birth. after they're born they can get off their lazy asses and work if they want to eat. They're not getting any of your tax money.

"Would you mind showing me scripture and making Gods case for abortion."

How about you show me scripture* and making Allahs case for christianity?

*The koran scriptures of course, lying infidel scriptures don't count for shit.

9/1/2011 5:04:44 AM

Raised by Horses

"You are not pro-life."

I, on the other hand, have respect for all life, everywhere. Now, off to the electric chair with all our criminal scum!

9/1/2011 5:34:11 AM


Pregnancy is not a "miracle of life", nor is a fetus a "precious gift" from "god". Fertilization of an ova is a science. The fetus is parasitic as it cannot subsist on its own without the host. The fetus is unable to have thought processes, feel pain, and be aware of its surroundings. It is impossible. A baby is parasitic until it is able to do things for his or her own benefit. Raising a child is more than an 18 year commitment. It is a lifetime commitment. There are thousands of unwanted children circulating through the foster care system in America with no families to permanently accept them as their own because abortion is wrong. If your cared about children and their quality of life, you would be able to see that the pro-life stance isn't pro-life or pro-family at all.

9/1/2011 5:50:05 AM


You can't be pro-choice and say that you are pro-children.

Sure you can. In fact, pro-choice people are more pro-children than pro-life people. Pro-choice people tend to want to raise any children that ARE born in the best of conditions possible and help them if their parents can't take care of them. They also support contraception as a better alternative to the necessary evil of abortion. Meanwhile for pro-lifers, once a child is born it and its mother are pretty much told to go fuck themselves. People only matter to pro-lifers when they're in the womb and when they're in the (same) church.

9/1/2011 6:02:18 AM

Table Rock

Obviously this is hard for you to grasp but you can have children and be pro-choice. Pro-choice doesn't mean that someone wants to end every pregnancy in the world.

9/1/2011 6:19:21 AM


I am pro-choice. Why? Because when my mother found out she was pregnant every doctor she talked to said 'get an abortion'. She had been in a bad accident when she was a teen and had an aneurism in the back of her brain. She survived, but that vessel is now a ticking time bomb.

You know what she did? She *chose* to keep me and my sister and lived through both of us. Though we likely shaved several years off her life.

Choice isn't just about abortion. It's about not letting anyone else say what you can or can't do with your body when it comes to having children. Not doctors and not religious leaders either.

9/1/2011 6:43:26 AM


"The Biblical God is NOT pro-life, he advocates child murder, infanticide, child abuse and abortion"

Numbers 5:11-21 contains the description of a bizarre, brutal and abusive ritual to be performed on a woman suspected of adultery, a means to terminate the fetus.

Numbers 31:17 says to kill all the men, and any woman who had slept with a man.

Hosea 13:16 "The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open."

Psalms 135:8 Yahweh is praised for killing the first born of Egypt.

9/1/2011 6:46:21 AM


Typical fundie conservatard...not able to see nuance in any position.

I am pro-abortion...not pro-choice...pro abortion. However, being a rational human being I do understand that a womans rights are not absolute until the moment of birth. At conception the woman can do whatever she wants but as the pregnancy progresses it is my opinion that the developing fetus begins to acquire rights. But to say that pro-choice people are all in favor of allowing abortions on the 29th day of the 8th month of pregnancy is ludicrous.

You are an asshole.

9/1/2011 6:52:46 AM


"You had a picture of buttons with sayings on them......"

"You can't be pro-choice and say that you are pro-children."

As far as you lot are concerned, it's 'Save the unborn child!'. But once the cord's cut, and said child is a separate, living, breathing individual, it's all bets off. So no hypocrisy on your part, nosiree. [/hyper-sarcasm]

Besides, I thought the 'Pro-Life' stance was purely Catholic doctrine? You lot are Protestants who are supposed to oppose Popery in all it's vile forms, are you not?

So why are you Protestant fundies trying to out-Catholicise the Catholic Church?

"Would you mind showing me scripture and making Gods case for abortion."

Okay (emphasis added):

Hosea 13:16: 'Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open.'

The phrase 'Be careful what you wish for' exists for a reason. You lot always bang on about 'God's 'truth'. Well, if the 'truth' hurts, that little titbit of Scripture is more than infinite pain, inflicted in the most unimaginably hideous ways, by the Cenobites in the "Hellraiser" films.

'We have eternity to know your flesh.'

-Pinhead (Doug Bradley), "Hellraiser"

9/1/2011 6:56:13 AM


Pro-choice means we also support a woman's right to keep her baby, even when circumstances recommend otherwise. I've stood by many a friend and family member through difficult pregnancies, and helped them out in every way I could. And I've never judged anyone for choosing to terminate, or to keep their baby, even when age, health or finances were an issue.

Bottom line-the final decision should always lie with the one carrying the fetus.

9/1/2011 7:08:39 AM


I'll bet a chocolate chip cookie that mdancin4theLord is horrified by the thought that "Obamacare" might cover breast pumps.

9/1/2011 7:11:54 AM


Your own Buy Bull is rife with passages about ripping children from the womb.

9/1/2011 7:13:07 AM


I don't think many persons are "pro-abortion." I am pro-your-right-to-an-abortion.

Pro-children would be caring and acting in ways which promote the welfare of actual, living children. A blastocyst or an embryo doesn't have the same rights as a child.

Pro-life? I would say that I am pro-life except that you nutjobs hijacked that term years ago. I am in favor of programs which make the lives of actual, living people better.

P.S. Would you mind showing me the Bible passages where "God" makes the case for blastocysts and embryos being equal to living, breathing human beings?

9/1/2011 8:04:48 AM

Dr. Razark

"Would you mind showing me scripture and making Gods case for abortion."

I believe the scripture has been shown. Here, then, is God's case for abortion:
The majority of fertilized eggs are lost before implantation, or shortly afterwards, to the point that the woman never even finds out she was pregnant. As God is omniscient and omnipotent, he knows and is ok with these cases. He, in fact, controls all things, and is the cause of all things, therefore God is not only fine with abortion, he is the world's leading abortionist.

9/1/2011 8:10:50 AM


No one is "pro-death" or even "pro-abortion," not even pro-choice people, you dumbfuck. (Well, okay, I'm sure there's at least a couple of sick and demented folks who are "pro-abortion," but they're irrelevant and just as fundie as you, as are any people who are "pro-death.")

I am 100% pro-choice, but I will also shamelessly admit that I think abortion is a tragedy, and it should be used—at least ideally—only as measure of last resort. That said, the consequences of not having abortion rights are even more tragic than abortion itself, so abortion rights are ultimately a "lesser of two evils" kind of thing. Still, I would honestly love to see the day when abortion is unnecessary except in cases of rape and danger to the mother's health.

However, most of you "pro-life" people seem less interested in that idea. Specifically, abortion can be easily kept at a bare minimum with lots of sex education and free, easy access to contraceptives for everyone, but most of you "pro-lifers" are dead-set against that, even though a lack of access to sex education and contraceptives naturally results in more abortions. This also goes to show that most of you don't really care about preventing abortion as much as you care about making sure that women (and, to a lesser extent, men) "pay the price" for "spreading their legs" and being "sluts." For that very reason, most of you loathe the mere idea of consequence-free sex, apparently more than you like the idea of greatly reducing the current number of abortions.

9/1/2011 9:14:46 AM

It's not killing if it is a clump of cells.


9/1/2011 9:20:29 AM


"You can't be pro-choice and say that you are pro-children."

Yes I can.
I fully support the ability to let women choose whether they want to carry a child or not
I also fully support having help available for those that cannot afford to give their child everything he/she deserves to become a healthy, happy member of society.

See, that's how it works. Unlike you freaks that demand people carry children, demean them and treat them like shit if they choose not to and take away any aid what so ever to the child or its parents because they should just pull on their bootstraps some more.

9/1/2011 9:26:17 AM


Would you mind showing me scripture and making Gods case for abortion.

Somebody has already beaten me to Hosea 13:16.
I will merely ask you the same thing, justify your stand against abortion by using Biblical scripture. There aren't any.
Also, can you call yourself "pro-life" if you are against free health care for the mother and her children once they are born, and pro-death penalty?
Hypocrites come in all shapes and sizes.

9/1/2011 9:32:52 AM

Following your logic, you should be against death penalty. If you're pro life, you're all along. Ah, and you should be against abstinence, following that assasine logic as well

9/1/2011 9:54:13 AM

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