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[A machine that dissolves human bodies as a green alternative to cremation is announced]

Notice where this is leading to? Watch Richard Fleischer's 1973 Hollywood movie called 'Soylent Green' for a clue to your future junk food which no doubt will be controlled by Monsanto unless that company is merged into SERCO the final mega corporation of the future as in OCP in Paul Verhoeven's 1987 Hollywood movie called 'Robocop.' Notice how the one method strips your body of the minerals and metals before your family gets you? Where are these going? Imagine all those gold fillings etc going into the slimy hands of the Crown Maltese. They'll always try to feed off you even when you die. Remember they're feeding off your death whilst your relatives continue to buy flowers etc for your grave site and don't forget those costly funerals.

Craig Oxley, The Unhived Mind 27 Comments [9/9/2011 3:21:14 AM]
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Percy Q. Shunn

9/9/2011 4:07:48 AM

Professor Cold Heart

Fiction, Craig. Fiction. The thing about fiction is that it is not fact. Got that, Craig? Fiction. Not fact.

9/9/2011 4:15:59 AM


Crown Maltese? WTF?

9/9/2011 4:31:45 AM


i'm a psychotic, and even i say it should be "the unnerving mind" and not "the unhived mind"

9/9/2011 5:04:22 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Soylent Green IS PEOPLE!

... Sorry, I just had to say it.

9/9/2011 6:03:42 AM

Brendan Rizzo

But seriously, would these corporations have any reason for making people unwittingly commit cannibalism? Besides just doing it for the evulz? I know that most if not all CEOs of large corporations are sociopaths, but the very fact that those people haven't gone on wild killing sprees suggests that they aren't Stupid Evil.

9/9/2011 6:05:58 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um, this is just a tip, do with it what you will, but if you're going to promote a conspiracy theory, it sounds less crazy if you don't base it on old movies.

Oh and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Sp-VFBbjpE

9/9/2011 6:13:59 AM

Table Rock

So they are going to feed our dead to us until they have dissolved enough minerals and metals to build Robocop?

9/9/2011 6:55:53 AM

It's an awful lot more dignified than rotting in the ground after a burial and more efficient than cremation. That's a good thing really. Though I wonder if it destroys enough evidence to be abused for genocide.

9/9/2011 8:01:41 AM

Meh, its not like I'd care by that point. Though it does sound almost like missing the point to be "green" by mechanically rendered down when last I heard there's a natural process that does this anyway (albeit without the recovery of useful minerals).

9/9/2011 8:10:00 AM


What a waste, let's harvest organs first, and eat the rest.

9/9/2011 8:17:31 AM


So, the "Crown Maltese" has a sinister plan to dissolve themselves some dead folks just so they can harvest readily available organic compounds and fake-ass teeth? How do you fruitcakes come up with this stuff?

But whatever. If they really want my unnaturally white porcelain laminates after I die, I honestly don't care.

...the "Unhived" mind, eh? More like The Unhinged Mind.

9/9/2011 9:47:45 AM

It strips your body of metals such as implants and some fillings because IIRC the "remains" are actually washed away down the drain. Most water boards prefer you not to put chunks of metal into the water treatment system.

9/9/2011 9:50:28 AM

Argle Bargle

Hmm, a somewhat intriguing invention. How can I fit this into my idiotic and paranoid worldview?

--Craig's thought process

9/9/2011 1:46:41 PM


You make some good points, Craig.
You forgot to mention, however, that the aluminum foil is getting more expensive as the chemtrail onslaught goes unabated.

9/9/2011 6:28:18 PM


I think someone has been writing their own script for a dystopian scifi movie...

9/9/2011 7:34:49 PM

J. James

I just watched Soylent Green. :)

It was so friggin' awful. But also great.

I can safely say that it does not reflect the real world whatsoever.

9/9/2011 8:12:12 PM



9/9/2011 10:15:57 PM

That's what happens when you get your ideas from the movies.

9/10/2011 3:07:39 AM


So what if someone takes my gold fillings? I'm dead, it's not like I need them. And why would my family need my minerals and metals? Honestly?

9/10/2011 3:32:35 AM


Behold the Crown Maltese

9/10/2011 10:10:49 AM

I still like the one where the body's carbon is used to make a diamond.

9/10/2011 11:43:23 AM


@nazani14: Who knew such bundles of cuteness could be pure evil?

9/10/2011 1:59:55 PM

Greasetrap The Viking

Personally, I'd like my body to be eaten or recycled for minerals or what-have-you. Seems a lot greener and less wasteful than being dissolved; or slowly composting in a wooden box for that matter.

9/11/2011 5:33:36 PM


"your future junk food which no doubt will be controlled by Monsanto unless that company is merged into SERCO the final mega corporation of the future as in OCP in Paul Verhoeven's 1987 Hollywood movie called 'Robocop.'"

I'd buy that for a dollar!

9/12/2011 12:28:43 AM

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