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The world stands at the brink – the Progressive/Muslim Axis vs. Natural Law/Christianity. Indeed, developments in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan may indeed be that fateful domino that causes civilizations to collide into global catastrophe. Muslims want to invite apocalypse to set the stage for the so-called Twelfth Imam. Since the 1880s, progressives have provoked societal chaos through a litany of diabolical ideas and welfare policies designed to plunge America and the West into utopian socialism as a pretext to destroy Christianity, Natural Law and the Constitution while forcing society into a globalist Marxist state.

Heads the Progressive-Muslim Axis wins – tails Western civilization, Christianity and Israel lose.

Ellis Washington, World Net Daily 87 Comments [9/20/2011 3:39:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

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Nothing in either Christianity or the Constitution forbids socialism. Besides, most people aren't actually opposed to socialism; they're just opposed to the government spending money on "someone else instead of ME".

9/20/2011 7:00:00 AM


I knew this and the other were by the same person before looking, because of the word "diabolical".

9/20/2011 7:01:22 AM


WorldNetDaily's posters enjoy capitalist suffering so much that the idea of utopia practically gives them an allergic reaction.

9/20/2011 8:02:46 AM


The Muslim Axis is not really in tune with the progressive axis. If anything it'd side with the Christian axis. Not the progressive axis. Maybe moderate Muslims would side with the progressive one just as moderate Christians might

9/20/2011 8:17:24 AM


Keep in mind that to Washington, there need only be one point of overlap for potential alliance--in this case, the (perceived) hatred of Christianity. And, as is usual for this sort of thing, the motivation for this hatred is imputed to be a desire to cast off the "shackles" of morality, since humanity's deepest desire in its sin-addled state is supposed to be plunging into an eternal, infinite morass of lust, violence, and madness. You know, the sort of thing that Cthulhu is said to bring about if he ever un-imprisons R'Lyeh.

9/20/2011 8:31:06 AM


Oh noes! Its the Nazi-islamo-pagan-satanic-atheist-hippy-commie-gay-lesbian-unemployed-immigrant-black-forgive me if I've missed anyone out-apocalypse already!

9/20/2011 8:38:24 AM


Your argument fell to pieces the moment you mentioned "Natural Law" since there ain't no such thing.
As for equating progressives (read liberals) with Muslims your own head must be up your ass as the two are poles apart. Christians such as yourself have more in common with Muslims. You both want some form of religious rule. For Islam its Shariah, for you twits it has a different name depending on who you talk to. The end result is the same, people like me get our rights trampled on.
Separation of Church and State, motherfucker. It's there to protect you as well as me.

9/20/2011 9:21:03 AM


Wingnuts confusing liberalism/progressivism with socialism and communism seriously gets old... and stupid.

9/20/2011 9:23:38 AM

Raised by Horses


Only if you cherry-pick your holy texts.

Verse 2:221 of the Koran proscribes intermarriage. Verse 3:118 claims that one must not befriend non-Muslims and that they cannot be trusted. Verse 4:74 claims that Allah will reward those who fight in religious wars. 4:89 claims that one should kill non-believers wherever one meets them. Other verses make charming claims including the ones that "menstruation is a filthy disease" (2:222) and that men "are entitled by Allah to reign over women and should beat them into submission if they disobey" (4:34). Oh, and it also lays claim that the Earth "is fixed and does not move".

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Sound progressive to you?

Oh, and in case you'd like to make any claims of Christianity being more progressive than Islam, don't bother. Have a read through the Epistles sometime. If anything, Western / historically Christian societies are moral and progressive despite religion, not because of it, largely because Enlightenment values and moral progress have tempered it over the years.

9/20/2011 9:34:46 AM


Ah, your fantasy world is so beautifully simple. Unfortunately, reality disagrees.

9/20/2011 9:52:12 AM


Socialism is good. If socialism is good and it destroys Christianity, wouldn't it follow that Christianity is bad, otherwise it would totally go hand in hand with socialism, which, believe it or not, it totally does. Stupidly a lot of American Christian despise and don't even really understand socialism, so I'm going to have to say, that you're just slowing down progress for all of us. All of you religious people are. Isn't it about time to join us in the 21st century? Where we don't need sky ghosts to guide us, because they never fucking answer any fucking way and no one seems to notice that ever so small but ever so important fucking fact.

9/20/2011 9:56:11 AM

Joe Mama

Muslims are progressives? Yeah, that's why Islamic theocracies have such wonderful and exemplary records of human rights. Their women just choose to be covered from head to toe while in public, not drive cars, and have a male chaperone.

And in Iran, it's totally progressive to execute criminals by having a stone wall fall onto them.

9/20/2011 10:07:17 AM


The fundie Christian vs fundie Muslim dichotomy is a brilliant case of starring into the abyss, and the abyss staring back at you.

9/20/2011 10:14:51 AM


Oh and christians aren't looking forward to the apocalypse which will herald the second coming of christ? Same shit, still no evidence.

9/20/2011 10:25:59 AM


There are plenty of Christians just creamin' their jeans as they "invite apocalypse."

Welfare policies are "designed to plunge America and the West into utopian socialism as a pretext to destroy Christianity, Natural Law and the Constitution while forcing society into a globalist Marxist state?" Are you sure you don't want a utopia? Do you know what "utopia" means?

P.S. If we progessives are intent upon destroying the constitution, why is it that the right-wing are the ones so often doing or proposing unconstitutional acts?

9/20/2011 10:35:36 AM

Ellis doesn't understand how a coin toss works. Ellis doesn't understand much of anything.

9/20/2011 10:57:37 AM


please plunge me into utopian socialism.

9/20/2011 11:02:29 AM

Old Viking

Gee, I don't know, Ellis, it all sounds so complicated.

9/20/2011 12:24:31 PM

David B.

"the Progressive/Muslim Axis vs. Natural Law/Christianity."

Wait, does he mean these guys?!

9/20/2011 12:52:20 PM

1. You think Saudi Arabia is progressive?
2. What you say here about Muslims could just as well be said about you guys.
3. Socialism and Christianity are certainly not incompatible.
4. Not all the non-WASPs in the world are part of some huge conspiracy. I can't imagine how progressives could conspire with Muslim fundies about anything.

9/20/2011 12:57:58 PM



9/20/2011 1:15:13 PM


Actually, Marxism would be awesome, if somebody could do it properly. But greed and lust for power make it nearly impossible to create immediately from scratch. It would have to be a very slow slide, or else we'd have some kind of totalitarian state on our hands, and nobody wants that shit.

9/20/2011 1:20:55 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

As I get older, I find myself feeling that WND, Oreily, Fox news, Glenn Beck, people like that..

..deserve to have the free speech rights revoked.

This man puts a bunch of "ists" and "isms" together and makes word salad with it, trying to seem intelligent, but merely proving to people who are actually educated and understanding of politics that this man either doesnt know a god damn thing about what he is saying, or he knows EXACTLY what he is saying, as is bullshitting on purpose in order to make money off of the boobs who frequent that intellect trap known as WND.

9/20/2011 2:10:49 PM

= POPE =

@ Osiris

"The fundie Christian vs fundie Muslim dichotomy is a brilliant case of starring into the abyss, and the abyss staring back at you."

To quote the Principia Discordia, "This book is a mirror. When a monkey looks in, no apostle looks out." - Georg C. Lichtenberg (paraphrase)

Works that way in everyday life, too.

9/20/2011 2:12:02 PM


"... designed to plunge America and the West into utopian socialism as a pretext to destroy Christianity"

Dude ... Jesus was a total socialist. "Give all ye have to the poor and follow me."

9/20/2011 2:26:03 PM

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