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Science doesn’t requires faith? Are you KIDDING ME???

We are supposed to believe that evolution is scientific fact? Or how about Man-Made global warming?

Atheists like you are arrogant jerks who think no one but you is allowed to have an opinion. It would be MUCH easier for me to make a case that you are mentally unstable.

StanInTexas, Moonbattery 78 Comments [9/21/2011 3:33:21 AM]
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Sweet Fancy Moses

Evidence != faith. Nothing new here.

9/21/2011 3:46:51 AM

David B.

You don't need to take either on faith, you can ask to see the evidence.

The problems start when you refuse to accept the evidence because it contradicts your faith.

9/21/2011 3:51:45 AM

Ken's cell hates passwords

Sparkle, sparkle, shiny mirror...

9/21/2011 4:06:04 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Please make the world a better place, by killing yourself. Immediately.

Thank you.

9/21/2011 4:06:21 AM


I am going to be honest with you. You are allowed to have your opinion but we will call you out on your shitty opinions. So, pipe down and let the adults do the work that keeps you and your entire family alive, you little luddite bitch.

9/21/2011 4:06:28 AM

No, we're not kidding you.

9/21/2011 4:11:21 AM


You are entitled to your own opinion.

You are not entitled your own FACTS.

And when you decide to air an opinion that's verifiably factually wrong, be prepared to get called on it.

9/21/2011 4:25:07 AM

The Watcher

"It would be MUCH easier for me to make a case that you are mentally unstable."

Okay, so try. Tell us all how following the evidence makes you mentally unstable. And tell us how pointing out you bad logic and bad science equates to telling you you're not allowed to have an opinion.

9/21/2011 4:27:07 AM

Dr. Razark

"Atheists like you are arrogant jerks who think no one but you is allowed to have an opinion."

A. It's not a difference of opinion. It's your refusal to even look at the evidence and consider the fact that you might be wrong.

B. "Arrogant jerks"? We're not the ones claiming that we know better than the scientific community, members of which spent years studying in their respective fields to get to the point where they can conduct the research that is then reviewed by their peers before it can gain acceptance.

9/21/2011 4:28:29 AM


Okay, then. Make your case that I'm mentally unstable. Meanwhile, I'll compile the hard evidence behind manmade global warming and evolution.

See, the thing is, you're entitled to your opinion, certainly. But when said opinion flies in the face of bald fact, you have to expect a certain amount of scorn and ridicule from that segment of the population that DOESN'T intentionally distance itself from reality and hide behind 'Goddidit' because they can't be assed to learn cause-and-effect.

9/21/2011 4:39:19 AM


>We are supposed to believe that evolution is scientific fact?

But much of it is.

9/21/2011 4:40:24 AM

Raised by Horses

A rock is a rock and your opinion or belief that it is, in fact, a sponge does not magically change it into one. That's just how the world (and science) works.

9/21/2011 4:46:19 AM

Mister Spak

"It would be MUCH easier for me to make a case that you are mentally unstable."

That case would be a little more credible if you had not put this post on the internet.

As it is, your mirror is rather shiney.

9/21/2011 4:58:36 AM


It's not faith if it's based on evidence fool.

9/21/2011 5:20:08 AM

D Laurier

Well StanInTexas. It's like this.
Science requires evidence.
It requires facts that can be observed, studied, and cross referenced.
With these facts, scientists can build a fairly good portrayal of reality.

Evolution is an observed process that has been verified repeatedly by millions of independant observers.

Radical climate change has been observed by BILLIONS of people.

Your own towering arrogance may preclude you from considering any fact that refutes your comfortable little fantasy of superiority... but reality still exists.

9/21/2011 5:20:28 AM


No faith required, Stan my man. It's the Christians who discard objective data, not scientists.

9/21/2011 5:35:00 AM


Why would it require faith to believe something that is actually observable, measurable, and proofable!? Faith is something you have in things you can not prove!

Faith = Religion! Prove = Science!

9/21/2011 6:00:16 AM

No you're not supposed to believe evolution is a scientific fact. You are supposed to accept it because all of the evidence points to it. A great deal of evidence points to AGW also. There are quibbles over details and effects, but the general gist is shown to be true time and time again. If you think science requires faith then you simply do not understand what science is. You might well have a contrary opinion that you are most certainly entitled to. However, opinions about verifiable facts can easily be proven wrong. It is not arrogance to point that out. It's just honest.

9/21/2011 6:01:24 AM


You know what? I don't care anymore. You morons want to live in your own bizarro reality where your opinions count for as much as painstaking research and evidence? Fine with me. I'm sick of wasting my time explaining things to people that just refuse to learn. We should have let the South secede from the union so all of the fundies and racists could live there and see firsthand how bad their ideas are.

9/21/2011 6:02:01 AM

N. De Plume

Where is faith required in either of those?

9/21/2011 6:05:48 AM


Science requires skepticism

9/21/2011 6:06:02 AM

Doubting Thomas

That's right sparky. Just because you don't want to believe it's real doesn't mean that scientists around the world are just making up theories to believe in based on no evidence.

And careful what you say about not allowing others to have an opinion, because it's normally Christian fundies who don't allow differing viewpoints (not to mention being mentally unstable).

9/21/2011 6:06:09 AM

Brendan Rizzo

We are not supposed to "believe" that evolution and man-made global warming are scientific facts. We are supposed to look at the evidence and accept them. If the evidence turns up something completely different, then we drop our old assumptions and accept the new evidence. It's not that difficult to understand how this is nothing like blind faith in religious dogma.

9/21/2011 6:13:14 AM


That's one goddamn shiny mirror you have there sir.

9/21/2011 6:20:38 AM

Zeus Almighty

So, where's your peer-reviewed evidence that proves there was a talking snake?
Also, please demonstrate how multiple stars can fall to the Earth, without, you know, the first one obliterating it.

9/21/2011 6:26:09 AM

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