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Why I Told Elton John He Must Die: Hebrews 9:27

Since the charges of issuing a terroristic threat against Elton John in the video above have officially been reopened and I am again facing 10 years in a Georgia State Prison, it is proper to state why I said what I said to him.

The word of God has no meaning without application. Unless Elton John heard that God was speaking to him personally, the preacher would have failed to preach the word of God to Elton John, like all the millions of preachers failed who heard him call the Lord Jesus Christ a homosexual and let the blasphemy pass as if it did not require a warning.

Every word in the Bible is just sounds without application, sounds that can mean anything any outlaw chooses for them to mean. But when applied by the Holy Ghost to an individual, those sounds become the Words of God, quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of joint and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. That's why people must hear how the word of God applies to them as individuals for them to actually hear the gospel. That's supposed to be why preachers preach and teachers teach.

Elton John was warned. Since he is a media icon who blasphemed my Lord in front of millions of people, it seemed fitting his warning should occur in front of that same audience to demonstrate a goal of my campaign for Governor which is to bring outlaws to the bar of justice.

Neal Horsley, Horsley For Governor 75 Comments [9/22/2011 3:15:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

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Someone should tell Neal that blasphemy is a victimless crime.

9/22/2011 3:24:20 AM


Congratz on losing the race for Governor.

9/22/2011 3:41:58 AM


Every word in the Bible is just sounds without application, sounds that can mean anything any outlaw chooses for them to mean.

Quoted for truth, although I would substitute a word like 'believer' for 'outlaw'.

Also, Hebrews 9:27 just says that you die and then face judgment. How does that verse specifically apply to anything Sir Elton John has or has not done?

9/22/2011 3:47:26 AM

Raised by Horses

A wee bit obsessed with Elton John, are we?

9/22/2011 3:48:49 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

You seem to be a tad overly concerned with Elton John...

9/22/2011 3:53:27 AM

Ken's phone hates passwords

Thor is bisexual. Horus is pan. Zeus's kids probably screw everything that moves.

9/22/2011 4:02:05 AM

Does Neal know that blasphemy is not a crime in the States? Does he know that it cannot be a crime unless the First Amendment is torn up and pissed on?

9/22/2011 4:15:54 AM


I'm no political analyst but serving 10 years in jail is probably gonna interfere with running for office.

9/22/2011 4:29:49 AM

Go fuck a mule, man.

9/22/2011 4:44:18 AM


Seems like ol' Mulefucker is a bit obsessed with Sir Elton John...

9/22/2011 4:52:03 AM


...When are you going to come down?
.....When are you going to land?
.......You should've stayed on the farm....

Words from Elton himself!

9/22/2011 5:17:04 AM

Mister Spak

Captain mule fucker is telling other people they shouldn't be perverts?

9/22/2011 5:18:27 AM

Arctic Knight

You must worship a very incompetent god when it can't even defend itself and requires you to stand in the street saying someone must die.

Whenever you see a rainbow, god is having gay sex.

9/22/2011 5:24:49 AM


"Every word in the Bible is just sounds without application, sounds that can mean anything any outlaw chooses for them to mean."

You started so well, Horsley. I was so proud, and then you descended into an incomprehensible word salad so dense I could feel one of my eyes shifting in another direction as I struggled to comprehend it.

Also, I never understood the idea of blasphemy. Not only is the supposedly all-powerful creator of the universe offended by the noise made by us insignificant little creatures, but also requires OTHER insignificant creatures to be offended FOR him? I don't think so.

9/22/2011 5:26:56 AM

N. De Plume

Hey, Mulefucker! Long time, no see! How’s it hanging’?

So, Mulefucker, what you been up to? Same ol’, same ol’? Oh, you be crazy, Mulefucker. You be crazy.

9/22/2011 5:47:08 AM


Being homosexual is not a crime in the US, nor is blasphemy. You have freedom of/from religion, and as long as the sex is with consenting adults, you can have whatever kind of sex you want.
Isn't it kind of necessary for a Governor to know basic things about the law and consitution of your country?

Ironically, Neal is the only outlaw here, as he's issued death threats, while Elton's homosexuality and blasphemy is completely legal.
Nealy-boy, have you brought yourself to the bar of justice yet?

9/22/2011 5:52:18 AM


I didn't even know Elton John said that. Further proof that homophobes:

a) Have too much time on their hands;
b) Spend more time than anyone else paying attention to gay people.

9/22/2011 5:59:12 AM


I wasn't aware that convicts could run for governor and I doubt Georgia is that desperate for one that people would vote for one. Although, given that you're a raging homophobe the bigoted and hyper-religious Tea Party members might vote for you in hopes of getting a Teaocracy. Although, even if you somehow managed to win, your laws would be shot down by the federal government faster than a mule can kick you.

9/22/2011 6:25:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

Neal, God has a new commandment that you'll need to remember: Thou shalt not droppeth thy soap in the shower.

@Arctic Knight

Whenever you see a rainbow, god is having gay sex.

If you see a double rainbow, then God is having a threeway.

9/22/2011 6:27:44 AM


Blasphemy's not illegal in the US. In fact, quite the opposite. There's this little thing called the First Amendment, remember?

9/22/2011 6:49:00 AM

Night Jaguar


If you type 'mule fucker' in Google Search about half of the first few hits are about Horsley.

9/22/2011 7:01:43 AM


So, your idea is that it is OK to threaten people as long as those threats are in sync with your delusion?

BTW, Tell someone he WILL die is much different from telling him he MUST die. One might be a warning, but the other is simply a threat.

9/22/2011 7:01:53 AM

Night Jaguar

BTW, here's more about Neal and that mule:

"A small mule?" I ask.

"No, a full grown mule," he says. "She loved me, though."

We both laugh, but I'm still trying to figure out the logistics. How big is this thing? The size of a horse, he says.

"All I had to do was give her an ear of corn." He laughs again. "She was a [prostitute] mule."

"How did you reach?"

"I don't know... I stood on something. The kicker is, as soon as I was done she pissed all over me. It was embarrassing. I never told anyone that before."

That's right, my friends. This is an Underground exclusive.

Not only that, but Horsley has had sex with men. He was in the Air Force, it was a cold night, yadda, yadda, yadda, he had sex with him, ahem, the way he did the mule. "It was gross," he says.

Really? He hadn't described the mule that way.

Enough said.

9/22/2011 7:05:52 AM


Elton John married David Furnish in a Civil Partnership ceremony. They now have a son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John.

Civil Partnerships are legal here in the UK. The US has no legal jurisdiction in my country.

Deal with it.

...all the while Bubba arserapes you every day of that ten-stretch. You know what your own 'Word of God' says about he who lieth with man as he would woman, don't you?! >:D

My Schadenfreude levels are OVER 9000!

Moral: Be a tolerant, left-wing Atheist. Your standing in society - and your arsehole - will feel the benefit in the long run.

9/22/2011 7:15:04 AM


Sure, whatever you say, Mr. Mule-Humper....At least Elton's loving other consenting human beings, unlike you who rape non-consenting, non-human, innocent, equine critters, you zoophiliac freak!

....Oh, and stalking & harrassing people is against the law. Enjoy your stay in The Can with Bubba & his goons, you white-trash, bigoted, animal-abusing, fundie goober. With Bubba, you'll now know how it feels to be that poor mule!

9/22/2011 7:23:57 AM

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