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Iconic singer, actor and WND columnist Pat Boone is unconvinced by President Obama's release of an image of a Hawaiian "Certificate of Life Birth" in support of his claim to be constitutionally eligible for the presidency.

"I was in Kenya about a year and a half ago, and everyone there says, you know, your president was born here," he told an interviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Boone described the image released April 27 by the White House – an image that numerous experts in documents, computers and imaging have described as a fake – as a "Photoshopped fraud."

The Chronicle confronted Boone at a GOP event in California recently.

He said he had heard the tape recording of Obama's grandmother claiming to have been present in Mombasa when Obama was born.

"Some say she didn't understand the question. One thing for sure," Boone said, "She understood to say I was there. Where it was, it wasn't Hawaii."

He said the documentation released by Obama isn't real.

"Definitely," he said, "Why else would he be hiding all his records? He's spending millions of dollars so that we do not have his records.

"Experts have already looked at and been able to verify that this long form document is a fraud," he continued "It was photoshopped."

Pat Boone, World Net Daily 36 Comments [9/24/2011 5:06:36 AM]
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Whatever, dude. You lost. Get over it.

9/24/2011 5:46:15 AM

Actually, the REAL experts have concluded it's real. The ones that have said is a fake have been show to either have been fruads; or to have manipulated the pdf file.

9/24/2011 6:12:52 AM

Brendan Rizzo

You realize, Mr. Boone, that the average Kenyan doesn't know that much about Obama. Most of them are probably completely unaware of the natural-born citizen clause of the Constitution, so it's kind of natural for them to claim the president as one of their own. Remember, Kenya is a country in Africa, and like all African countries wishes to have lots of famous people because the opportunity was denied them for about a hundred years. Why would you believe them over people who know what they're talking about?

9/24/2011 6:52:26 AM


Ah, Pat Boone, whose head was so far up his own ass that he didn't notice one of his daughters was anorexic.

9/24/2011 7:27:10 AM

Sure, because, when they have time to solve their tribal differences, to survive and fight corruption, they have a moment to tell you, for whatever reason, what you wanna hear. Whatever.

9/24/2011 7:34:34 AM


This post is one stop shopping for every bullshit birther claim yet made.

9/24/2011 7:39:43 AM

Greater Good

This $hit again?

9/24/2011 8:11:40 AM


Who's Pat Boone?

9/24/2011 8:57:43 AM

J. James

Okay, let's forget the fact that Kenya is a patriarchal society and Obama's father was a Kenyan of importance, which in their minds makes him rightfully one of their own. Let's forget that his mother was a white American citizen. Let's forget that there are newspaper clippings announcing his birth in Hawaii. Let's forget that his grandmother never said he wasn't an American citizen. Let's forget that Obama has presented not one, but TWO different birth certificates, both evaluated and determined to be legitimate. Let's forget that the only hard evidence the birthers have produced was a badly forged birth certificate that even got the name of Kenya wrong.

Even if you forget ALL OF THAT, you still have to explain why a poor mulatto boy born in Hawaii and raised by a single parent in the SIXTIES would be groomed to be President someday by a bunch of spooks.

9/24/2011 9:04:57 AM


Yep he is totally not born in the right country, no really he wasn't. Those Republicans are just too scared to show the evidence they have to get rid of him, they really want him gone but it is so much work.

No really you are an idiot, if there was any real truth behind this Obama would have been out on his ear in moments. He had to get a special ruling to even let people see his long form, even though his short form should have been enough for any sane man. Still you go on about this, get a life do something worthwhile. Are you really that worked up that your side lost?

9/24/2011 9:06:00 AM

D Laurier

Pat Boone;
A long forgotten, '50s era, media generated, pop star, who became a fundie preacher when fans stopped caring about his lame singing.

He also briefly made a fool of himself in the 1980s by trying to be a heavy metal rocker... and failing miserably.

Boone never sang a note untill a record company executive decided his pasty white complexion would appeal to a white audience.

9/24/2011 9:41:09 AM

Last I checked a child born to an american citizen is also an american citizen regardless of where they were born. Not to mention before he could even run for president he has to prove that he qualifies for the job.

9/24/2011 10:33:59 AM

Raised by Horses

Good ol' Pat Boone. Showing us once again that celebrities can be just as stupid as everyone else, (if not more so).

@D Laurier
"He also briefly made a fool of himself in the 1980s by trying to be a heavy metal rocker... and failing miserably."

You mean this?

You know, I actually kinda liked his cover of 'Enter Sandman', in all its horrendous wrongness.

9/24/2011 11:09:04 AM

I keep waiting for this claim that he's spending "millions"...

If Birthers are so sure of themselves, maybe they should all move to hawaii and try to break into the records building...

Hopefully the police will shoot to kill.

9/24/2011 2:39:06 PM


A lie can travel around the world before the truth has the time to put on its pants.

9/24/2011 7:26:02 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Hey, lookin' good, Pat!

And my sense of decency prevents me from posting this notorious pic. Please be mindful that the link below shows the obscene side of Mr. Boone.


9/24/2011 8:43:38 PM


So, here's an intriguing question; how hard would it be to acquire proof that Obama's mother left the country before his birth, and didn't return until after?

9/25/2011 10:20:18 AM


To hold any position requiring access to classified information (such as Senator from Illinois) an individual must complete Form 86, Questionaire for National Security Positions.

Note that completing this form is just the beginning. Federal investigative agents will attempt to verify every item, every name, place, and date you have provided. They will use these leads to develop more leads, including people you have forgotten you ever knew.
So who do you think does a better investigative job? Some asshole in an armchair, or people who knock on doors and dig up dirt for a living?

9/25/2011 11:29:19 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Boone described the image released April 27 by the White House – an image that numerous experts in documents, computers and imaging have described as a fake – as a "Photoshopped fraud."

Really? How come I was not made aware of this?

Oh..I get it....if an expert says the document is fake, then he is a "true" expert. If another Expert says that it is legitimate, then they were never a "true" expert to begin with and are in on the conspiracy.

Is anyone on this sight suprised that WND pushes conspiracy theories?

9/25/2011 12:00:15 PM


I can't wait for the day when you assholes move on to something that isn't half as retarded as this nonsense.

9/26/2011 1:50:47 AM

Raised by Horses


Don't hold your breath.

Hell, if Obama gets re-elected, the already toxic levels of crazy in America are going to shoot right through the roof.

9/26/2011 3:47:30 AM


"Iconic singer, actor and WND columnist Pat Boone"

Don't be too humble, Pat.

9/26/2011 5:13:11 AM


I think we all realized that there would be a lunatic fringe segment of America that was going to call "fake" on Obama's long-form birth certificate. It didn't matter....which makes me wonder why they even asked for it in the first place.

9/26/2011 7:57:11 AM


I beleive that's a typo. It should read:

Ironic "singer"/"actor" and WND columnist Pat Boone...

9/26/2011 9:57:16 AM


Beating a skeletal horse with a broken stick.

9/26/2011 10:04:04 AM

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