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[in response to a gay soldier asking the candidates at a presidential debate if they "intend to circumvent the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military"]

I’ll try to translate the homo speak...”can I, as a gay person, prance around in tight pink shirts, while marching with my partner and a gun and those who oppose my fabulous lifestyle should be punished?”

max americana, Free Republic 90 Comments [9/24/2011 5:13:35 AM]
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Submitted By: recon_etc

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Well, I kind of hoped that once the bigots died off we could finally move forward. However, considering that there are always new ones - thanks to bigotted parents (and that there are still racists in 2011) - it's not looking very good.

Can we nuke the entire planet and start over?

9/24/2011 8:13:20 PM


I'll try to translate the idiot speak "A GAY PERSON!!! HOW DARE THOSE LIBERALS CUT MY RIGHTS TO BEAT HIM UP!!"

9/24/2011 8:44:12 PM

Raised by Horses

I’ll try to translate the fundie speak: "I, as a fundie person, can only think in clichés and see the world in black and white."

9/24/2011 9:15:39 PM


Ah, support the troops!*

*unless they're un-Christian, gay, or have thoughts and morals different than my own

9/24/2011 10:09:23 PM


It must be such a burden to always think in stereotypes.

9/24/2011 10:31:45 PM


It's clear that max isn't a professional translator because he really messed that one up completely.

9/25/2011 5:08:39 AM


@ J James and D Laurier: bravo and well said.

As a gay man who served in the US Navy in the years before DADT, I can tell you that there were none of your imagined stereotypes running around the base.

You basement dwelling troll - let me see your service record. If you haven't served, then STFU.

9/25/2011 5:46:09 AM


I think the gay soldier should kick this Internet Tough Guy's ass around the block.

9/25/2011 6:47:17 AM

I would dare you to say that in the face of a fahbulous military person with training in the army, marine corps or god forbid, special forces.

First one, might let you go with a healthy punch in the face, marines will kick your sorry hide and make you beg for more and with special forces, you should be thankful that they didn't outrightright skin you alive.

9/25/2011 6:57:15 AM

J. James


Thank you for your service to us and our nation.

...See, "max americana"? That's how it's done.

9/25/2011 7:46:40 AM


I'm sure it has nothing to do with wanting a fair shake, and all to do with prancing in pink skirts.

9/25/2011 7:48:32 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

..and I will try to translate the delusional biblegod gunnut right wing blabber...

"I want to be able to hurt gays, and do whatever I want to them...anything less than that is persecution on me. Gays should be harshly punished."

9/25/2011 8:42:16 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Look at the keywords.

Right wingers suck so much ass. I am SO glad that I am intelligent enough to pull myself from the likes of this base party of ignorance and hatred.

Look at the keywords:
deathofthemilitary; debate; doaskdotell; gay; homonaziagenda; homonazism; homopsychoagenda; homosexualagenda; homosexualism; military; republican; ricksantorum; santorum; sourcetitlenoturl;


But that is typical. Nazi's were mostly considered right wing and they gladly tossed gay people into the camps with the jews.

Now gays are equated with their murderers, and Nazis from the 40's would gladly thumbs up the "free republic" post in agreement.

Free republic my ass.

9/25/2011 8:57:03 AM


Gay people don't prance. They mince. Get your facts right before you start talking a load of shite.

9/25/2011 8:57:16 AM

Think or GTFO

Some people think about this stuff a little too often.

9/25/2011 11:27:14 AM

Argle Bargle

I'm guessing that all this DADT hubbub is a consequence of fundies refusing to acknowledge that people belonging to a group they despise have more courage and military experience than their sorry keyboard general asses. It's a lot easier to spout ridiculous stereotypes than doing some soul searching and realizing what a contemptible fuck you've been.

9/25/2011 3:22:58 PM


Ahem...tight pink shirt and gun:

9/25/2011 4:43:49 PM

TB Tabby

The repeal of DADT means one thing: gay soldiers can admit that they're gay without being thrown out of the military for it. That's it. They're not demanding to be allowed to dress in drag and prance around instead of march (mostly because they don't actually want to do those things, quit using stereotypes as your source), and they're not allowed to rape their fellow soldiers and get away with it (even though straight soldiers have done that). If gay men were the Liberace clones you imagine them to be, they wouldn't be caught dead within a hundred miles of a training camp, let alone demanding equality in the military.

9/25/2011 9:34:05 PM

i suspect this is what the homophobes actually think. once 'teh gays' are allowed into the military, suddenly the uniforms will all become hot pink, lots of all male orgies, and nobody will know how to shoot a gun.

9/26/2011 5:18:02 AM

Burning Stake

Wow, why don't you say that to the soldier's face who asked that question, Internet Tough Guy?

9/26/2011 6:09:46 AM


Because every single gay person ever is a flaming queen. There's certainly no such thing as a macho homosexual, no siree.

But even if every homosexual in the world looked like this:

The fact remains that gay soldiers are fighting for our country and chickenhawks like you aren't. They have earned the right to prance all they like if they want to by being willing to defend this nation and defend even pricks like you that are subverting them even as they defend you.

9/26/2011 6:11:58 AM


I say we have a battle:

Anti Gay Fundies one side - "prancing pink leotard wearing" gay soldier on the other side! Both sides are equally equiped with arms and protective gear! Ready! Set! Go!

9/26/2011 7:16:36 AM



Jesse Ventura. Ex-politician, ex-actor, ex-wrestler...:

...and ex-Navy SEAL.

Okay. now try and punish him for being 'fabulous', max american'ta.

Free Repubic. Impotent & gutless Keyboard Warriors all.

9/26/2011 7:23:41 AM

Doubting Thomas

With the current shifting of the Republican party even further to the right with Tea Party candidates as serious contenders for president, I think the question is vitally important for gay people.

But why stop at the prancing around in tight pink shirts stereotype? Why not suggest that after they storm a beach, they'll mix up some mai tais and have a big ol' gay beach party?

9/26/2011 8:03:10 AM


...Of course, that's not what gay soldiers actually do, but don't let that stop you. </sarcasm>

9/26/2011 9:34:38 AM

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