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(On the difference between secular BDSM and "Christian BDSM")

They are different since there is a specific spiritual component to their relationship. The Master and submissive/slave worship, pray and grow together as Christians. The Master is head of the wife. She submits to Him. Christ is the head of the church. Master and submissive are both in submission to Christ. A Christian submissive’s first responsibility is to God and His commandments. Unlike her secular sister, a Christian submissive should not participate in something against God’s teaching, even if ordered by her Dominant/Master.

Sir Gardener, Christians & BDSM 82 Comments [9/29/2011 5:34:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

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J. James

That makes you blissfully ignorant.

Ugh. Flagellation has never seemed so dirty.

Although it would explain those positively rapturous expressions they wear when they see Jesus suffering on the cross...

Ick. My brain needs to shut off now.

9/29/2011 4:15:26 PM

Raised by Horses

@J. James

Beware the ones that are taking notes during screenings of 'The Passion of the Christ'.

9/29/2011 4:52:15 PM


is Christian BDSM just adding more rope?

hey if that's your gig, just don't give me the details

9/29/2011 5:44:33 PM


Why are people surprised?

I'm sure this guy fap'ed insanely to the Passion of the Christ and I am sure he has tons of pictures like this:

Religion is both mental and physical torture and needs to be abolished!

9/29/2011 5:45:12 PM


@J. James:

I don't think I much care for your tone. You seem to be implying that BDSM in general is depraved or something; who said anything about 'torture fetishes?' We're not talking about flaying fingers or the rack here.

9/29/2011 6:00:04 PM


I did not know this was a thing.

9/29/2011 6:31:32 PM


But what if the Christian wife's the Dominatrix?

....How can you christianize BDSM? A lot of things can get christianized: Comic Books, Popular Music, Kid Shows, Subculture Movements, Horror Novels, Action Figures, etc. But how the heck do you put the ChristoSpin on certain sex acts? Add prayers? Shout "The Power Of Christ Compels You"? Role-play Christ's flogging?

9/29/2011 7:35:42 PM

J. James


And what else would you call it, o Politicaly Correct One?

And by the way, I never said it was depraved, I just called it what it is.

Do you have a problem with being frank?

9/29/2011 9:13:54 PM


@ J. James

No, we don't.

We have a problem with people that, in another life, would be homophobes.

Look up "Safe, Sane, & Consensual". If you don't like it, screw you and your high horse.

9/29/2011 9:34:39 PM

J. James


Excuse me? Me, in another life, a homophobe?! That's as rich as it is grossly inaccurate. I'm about as pro-gay as they come.

You know, for someone who claims not to have a problem with calling a spade a spade, you shure do get offended mighty quick for no good reason. My target was THEM, you dumbass, not the entire torture-kink community or whatever acronym you're calling yourselves now. I really couldn't care less. I was mocking THEIR colossal hypocrisy and THEIR neurotic little misogynistic sexual fantasies. You don't seem to be branding the fetish with the hearty ol' Christian Seal of ApprovalTM, so it really doesn't even apply to you.

Pack up your little strawmen, I ain't letting that slide. At NO POINT did I try to conflate torture porn with RAPE. It's not rape, and stop accusing me of saying it is.

9/29/2011 9:45:49 PM


@ J. James

Your automatic response to a sexual tendency that you don't happen to share is disgusted condescension. My goodness, how could anyone possibly have drawn a parallel between that and homophobia?

9/29/2011 9:54:31 PM

J. James


Again, that condescension was directed at the so-called "Christian" fetishists for being creepy-ass hypocritical mysogynists.

To run with the whole gay analogy, remember Ted Haggard? We didn't mock him because he was homosexual, we mocked him because he was a fucking hypocrite asshole. Same thing here. It's not that they're sadomasochistic or whatever, it's that they're being colossal pricks about it. And again, more than a little creepy.

Do NOT call me homophobic or compare me to a homophobe again. It is completely untrue and hardly even applies to the topic anyway, aside from being under the rather nebulous topic of "sex".

And I still don't see how calling torture fetishes, well, 'torture fetishes' is in any way hateful to those that partake in them.

As for disgust, well, I don't find gay sex to be wildly exciting but that doesn't mean I hold it against the people that are into that kind of thing. Nor is that the case with sadomasochism. In fact, it's even less so, at least in concept, because it at least could align with my sexual preference. But I wouldn't call it "disgust" so much as "disinterest."

9/29/2011 10:43:23 PM

Felis >:3


9/30/2011 2:10:30 AM

Felis >:3


Gor jihad!

BTW, yes I think bondage is depraved, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it if that's what your into.

Likewise if someone isn't into it then they might find it disgusting on a personal level. That's normal. It doesn't mean they want it outlawed, or are judgemental of the people who like it. Reacting to bondage like that doesn't mean he thinks you should be locked up in a padded cell or anything - we aren't talking about furries here.

He was only directing the piss-taking towards the hypocrites, like those Christian BDSM sorts who have a thing for getting tied to a crucifix. Honestly, if you're someone wih a crucifixion fetish, please feel free to disagree, but don't get cross. Heh, cross.

Don't whip me too hard for my opinion (oo-er). I'm not bound to like it (oo-er) so please be gentle (OO-ER).

9/30/2011 2:34:34 AM

Number 6

Wonderful. It's not enough that they ruin rock music and heavy metal, the have to do this as well.

If its anything like the other "moral substitutes" out there, all the fun parts will have been surgically excised and replaced with scriptural nonsense.

9/30/2011 7:06:15 AM


Makes sense, since christianity is a brutal patriarchal system. There's no more effective way to keep a woman in bondage than to fuck with her mind so completely she believes her god wants her to do everything you demand of her, no matter how painful, humiliating or dehumanizing it is.

9/30/2011 7:22:42 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

I guess anything can be christianized;

Murder, pedophilia, BDSM, theft, assault, battery, terrorism, rape, war...

9/30/2011 7:47:43 AM




'They shall know we are Christians by our kinks, by our kinks...

Yes, they shall know we are Christians by our kinks.'

My girlfriend humping me senseless, whilst she wears only seamed stockings & 6-inch heels is nothing compared to this! Besides, what, pray, is wrong with the woman taking the dominant position? (as per the above; she loves the feeling of power she has over me, as she stands before me - while I'm sitting down - wearing said stockings & high heels. Then astride me, she has greater control over the pleasure she gets from humping me; also it's the perfect position for my playing with her breasts, which she loves).

Yes, o Mistress Eclair. Hurt me! Degrade me! I am as mere dirt under your exquisite stiletto heel! X3


Matthew 7:1 ring any bells, Sir Gardener?

9/30/2011 8:58:24 AM


@ Anon-e-moose

Why did you have to post that 'sexinchrist' link? I feel dirty now. And squicked.

9/30/2011 1:51:40 PM


No thanks bro, that's fucked!

9/30/2011 1:54:03 PM

J. James


Submit that shit. RIGHT NOW. That's awesome, and "Fundies Say The Darnedest Things" fits that PERFECTLY.

Also, pretty damn close to TMI, there. But I have to admit, I am attracted to the confident type as well... But mostly they turn out to be lesbians. Ay de mi. The only problem I have with homosexuality is that it takes some truly spectacular girls out of the running.

I think we can all agree, however, that submissive, bland, obedient women like those in the post are supremely unattractive. Ick. It makes you wonder whether these Christchun wimmins really like it or are just trying to submit to their husband's sadism. /shiver

9/30/2011 4:45:44 PM

Raised by Horses

@Number 6

And this is what happens when Christians get their hands on rap music.

9/30/2011 5:48:27 PM


Wait, ignore this comment. There is something here that shouldn't be.

9/30/2011 6:54:34 PM


lol wtf? whipping for jebus

9/30/2011 11:36:31 PM


Didnt realize Jesus was into menage trios. Perhaps christians should loosen up their sexual repressive act then.......

10/1/2011 8:29:39 AM

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