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I am an atheist of Jewish decent with no connection to Judaism. I just read the Old Testament (Holman Christian Standard Bible translation), which I guess you call the Torah. I loved the book, it is my favorite book now. But now I have a question about what I read.

The second half of the Old Testament is mostly about the fall of Israel to Babylon. This was certainly a holocaust. When I compare it to the recent (WW2) holocaust, I see them as very similar. My question is why Jews view them so differently?

The reason for the first holocaust was that Israel had become corrupt. Israel had absorbed the false beliefs of the surrounding cultures, and had lost all moral integrity. As a result, Israel was punished. This was in fact a good thing because Israel needed to be purified. A corrupt culture should be destroyed and one can hope that the remnant will become good. The Bible says that both the righteous and the wicked were punished in this holocaust, and this is inevitable when there is such violence.

I see the recent holocaust as being more or less the same story. The Jews absorbed and participated in the Liberal culture of Europe. Liberalism is no better than worshipping Baal. The vast majority of the Jews in Europe had absorbed Liberalism, just as most Jews before the fall to Babylon worshipped Baal. The Wiemar Republic was a particularly liberal society which incorporated many Jews. The liberal Jews lost all morality and were/are basically corrupt. The Nazis played the same role that Babylon had played in the earlier holocaust.

The main difference between these two holocausts in my mind is that modern Jews have misunderstood the recent holocaust. They portray themselves as victims without accepting any responsibility for their participation in Liberalism. While I bring up the issue of why there is this difference mostly for curiosity, there is a practical point here. If Jews don't learn the right lesson, then history will repeat itself soon and there will be yet another holocaust. I would prefer that that be avoided.

fschmidt, CoAlpha Brotherhood 89 Comments [10/2/2011 4:39:00 AM]
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Ew! The stupid! It's on me!

10/2/2011 4:44:45 AM

Wow, fschmidt, it's been a while. I see you're still the same ignorant, misguided, bigoted cunt you always were.

10/2/2011 4:56:19 AM


Is this the same fschmidt from love-shy?

10/2/2011 5:16:17 AM

If the Torah is your favorite book you should probably read more books.

10/2/2011 5:22:32 AM


Wow, it can be none other than love-shy fschmidt . . . that level of stupid/crazy/bigoted is unique (I hope I hope I hope).

10/2/2011 5:26:59 AM


I've read other posts from CoAlpha, and if it isn't the same fschmidt from Love-Shy, it's an incredible simulation.
It's all there, the references to his Mensa level intelligence, the misogyny, the intolerance for other viewpoints that differ from his, and the delusional notion that his arguments are logical.
It's got to be the same asshole.

10/2/2011 5:53:30 AM


Not sure about worshipping Baal, but you're certainly talking a load of Baals.

10/2/2011 6:03:15 AM


This shit is utterly amazing. It's like an onion of utter madness. Seriously, get help.

10/2/2011 6:12:05 AM


It's WTF country from the opening sentence. Just a few points:

1. The Old Testament does not = Torah. The word you are looking for is Tanakh.

2. Why are the two events viewed differently? Well, consider the difference between 'exiled to Babylon' and 'Dead'. That ought to give you a clue.

3. Most victims of the Shoah never even lived in the 'Weimar' Republic, being as they were mostly Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian and so forth. Very few of the shtetlach of Eastern Europe had much to do with liberalism of any sort, social or political.

4. Fuck you, arsehole.

10/2/2011 6:33:29 AM


Oh gdiaf before your stupidity spreads!

10/2/2011 6:50:31 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

10/2/2011 7:08:48 AM

D Laurier


10/2/2011 7:15:56 AM


If Jews don't learn the right lesson, then history will repeat itself soon and there will be yet another holocaust. I would prefer that that be avoided.

I disagree. I believe you'd go completely sexual over the thought and orgasmic over the event itself. You and the other fundies would LOVE for something like that to happen because then you could cry persecution to the sky and have yet another 'reason' to go off to war.

And just so you know, blaming the Jews for the holocaust, though a common practice for the religiously dimwitted such as yourself, is utterly despicable. It is also historically wrong. The OT is not a history book. Try cracking one open once or twice and you'll get a more accurate view of the world around you.

10/2/2011 7:19:52 AM

N. De Plume

So, Anti-Semite as well as misogynist. Nice.

10/2/2011 8:07:34 AM

First, confusing the Torah with the OT and second confusing two unrelated events. Man, you're in the UNRIGHT track.

10/2/2011 8:10:30 AM


Is anyone else seeing a bit of a disjunction between the claim of being an atheist in the first sentence, and the subtle threats of divine retribution in the rest of the post?

10/2/2011 8:31:11 AM

Atheist my arse!

10/2/2011 8:35:11 AM


If the OT is your favorite book, you are a sad, poorly-read, ignorant person. The OT is a poorly-written, misogynistic, homophobic, genocidal set of tales about an a**hole god and his human dupes. I don't imagine you've read many others books if you've pick that as your favorite.

P.S. The punishment for "Liberalism" is genocide? Good thinking, sh*thead.

10/2/2011 8:50:22 AM


Well, at least an atheist fundie is a nice change of pace, I reckon. The putrid stench of your victim-blaming and self-hatred is still just as rank, though.

Oh, it's fschmidt again. Go figure. For someone who hates women so much, he sure is a massive cunt.

10/2/2011 8:52:41 AM

Zeus Almighty

Jews for Hitler, eh?
I'm guessing a small utility closet would have more than sufficient space as a meeting place for that little fan club.

10/2/2011 9:06:15 AM


The fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians was certainly no holocaust. It was, however, a re-settlement of the people, and not all of them by any means. Many were left behind. Those that wnet to babylon were told to make new lives for themselves there...

Now where were all the dead bodies? Nebuchadnezzar didn't even have Zyklon B or crematoria. And guess what, when Cyrus conquered Babylon and told the Jews they could return home, they needed a kick in the arse to be made to move so comfortable and rich were they there.

Check your facts. Your errors make shite out of your basic argument.

10/2/2011 9:12:12 AM


There is nothing I could add that hasn't already been mentioned. This post fails on so many levels I literally don't know where to begin. It's like an insanity sewage plant, collecting all the bullshit idiots like fschmidt emit and processing it into one huge pile of "what is this i don't even".

Kindly go DIAF.

10/2/2011 9:35:33 AM


I have a hard time believing that an atheist thinks there can be such a thing as a pure culture, moral absolutes, Baal worship, and that liberalism is evil. These are all fundy Christian buzz words they like to throw around to give themselves something to fap to.

10/2/2011 10:11:36 AM


Oh yay, linguistic dysfunction, victim blaming /and/ a godwin. And a lot of it. There's got to be a prize for this right? Right?

10/2/2011 10:17:55 AM


It wasn't just the Jews who participated in "liberalism" in the Weimar Republic.

10/2/2011 10:25:14 AM

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