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I don't believe I could recommend this as a strategy for most men, but it is surely educational to learn that raping and killing a woman is demonstrably more attractive to women than behaving like a gentleman. And women, before all the inevitable snowflaking commences, please note that there is absolutely nothing to argue about here. It is an established empirical fact.

I would go so far to argue that if you are being introduced to a woman you find attractive, she will be more attracted to you if you slap her in the face without warning and walk away without explanation than if you smile and tell her that you are very pleased to meet her. Now this, being a mere hypothesis, can be argued. And tested, if you're feeling especially scientific this weekend.

[Emphasis added]

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 202 Comments [10/3/2011 3:02:57 PM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

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Philbert McAdamia

"Did you ever kick a woman in the stomach who was wearing a corset? Why, I almost broke my great toe!"__________W.C. Fields

------------------------------- having said that ---------------------------------

You know how whenever you see a good looking babe hanging with a total jerk - a dweeb - a slob - somebody with no visible means of being liked by anybody let alone someone who could obviously do a whole lot better...
maybe you even know the guy, and yes, he is a mean son-of-a-bitch worthless pile of excrement - still, he gets the chicks. I've known a few like that and they do have the best looking women fawning over them; following them around like a puppy, with a mattress on their backs, and even fighting over the bastard amongst themselves for his attention. I wouldnt be surprised if this ashole, who doesn't even know his name should be spelled "dei", has goddamned TENS in his harem.

The prick.

I don't get it. Not my style. But my Mr. Nice Guy routine doesn't work for shit. I get twos and threes.

Ladies, what the fucking fuckity FUCK? I'll be damned if I'm going to punch any of you in the face when we meet, just to make you like me.

10/4/2011 7:03:58 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Oopsy - double dip.

10/4/2011 7:07:04 AM

J. James

@Philbert McAcademia

...Really? I don't know a single couple like that.

At any rate, that's the vanishingly tiny minority, so don't get you precious little buns in a twist.

And stop blaming the women for that negligibly tiny problem!!

10/4/2011 7:08:06 AM

Philbert Mc

J.Jim -

Not so "tiny" - heh heh...

10/4/2011 7:10:48 AM

Just because some serial killers, like Richard Ramirez (also known as the Night Stalker) have some disturbed female admirers while you have none does not qualify your statement as "established empirical fact".

10/4/2011 7:11:22 AM


This is past fundie comedy. Threatening and encouraging rape is a public threat. The cops might want to ask this guy a few questions.

10/4/2011 7:24:23 AM


Excuse me, what? Why would someone be more attracted to being raped and killed than... say, almost anything else?

10/4/2011 7:37:06 AM

Vermicious Knid

@Philbert McAdamia:

Depends. Are you a nice guy, or a Nice Guy(TM)? To be blunt, you sound a lot like the latter.

10/4/2011 7:53:22 AM


...This guy isn't joking, is he?


10/4/2011 7:54:54 AM


file that 'test' under :

don't try this at home if you don't want to go to jail

10/4/2011 8:31:40 AM


Did you just say raping and killing is more attractive to a woman? You are fucking sick. The women I know what a man who is good to them not going to hurt them.

10/4/2011 8:42:10 AM

Safe, sane and consensual.

If it doesn't fulfill all three criteria, it's abuse.

10/4/2011 9:13:15 AM


He's never going to actually try this and face the assault charges, because he's an Internet Tough Guy.

Oh so many things wrong with this. Just as an example: it's impossible to want to be raped, because rape is unwanted by definition.

10/4/2011 9:15:40 AM


I would like to congratulate Vox Day on his insightful comment, but note that this only really applies in feminist countries because it is feminism that warps women's characters and turns them into monsters. For more on the nature of women in feminist culture, see:


10/4/2011 9:57:34 AM


Put on a wig, Vox Day and I'll slap you from here to the moon and back!

10/4/2011 10:03:17 AM

Joe Mama

I really, really hope the FBI or some other law enforcement agency is keeping an eye on this idiot. I could see this post being Exhibit A in a future trial.

10/4/2011 10:07:53 AM


I am always amazed that people such as Theodore here can be simultaneously so smart and so stupid.

10/4/2011 10:18:24 AM

Night Jaguar

" I wouldnt be surprised if this ashole, who doesn't even know his name should be spelled "dei", has goddamned TENS in his harem."

Vox Day? Doubt it very much. He's a "Christian science-fiction author" and misogynist. He's always whining about women on his little blog. More typical of someone who can't get any. Even if he did, you wouldn't want girls attracted to this asshole.

Also, he posed for this picture:

Does that really look like someone who gets any?

10/4/2011 10:43:17 AM


Dear idiot who wrote this, women are not some incredibly different type of alien species. Would YOU like someone if they slapped you in the face and walked away?

10/4/2011 10:58:23 AM


This is one of those moments where only a flurry of gifs can provide my reaction:

10/4/2011 11:14:22 AM


I think this guy would benefit from a meeting with law enforcement officials. I also know some real ladies who would delight in beating the crap out of him.

10/4/2011 12:59:15 PM


Were you raised in a motherfucking cave motherfucker?

10/4/2011 1:15:17 PM

Night Jaguar

While being a "Nice Guy®" is better than being a violent misogynistic asshole, it's not a great thing to be:

"Ah, the Nice Guy®. Pity the Nice Guy®. No, please, pity him. He desperately wants you to. And while you're pitying him, would it kill you to give him a mercy fuck? Whether or not he ever asks for it? Because, if not, he's going to become an angry, embittered Nice Guy®, and that...well, that's just pathetic."

"First of all, that Nice Guy®, who was willing to be a friend to a woman? He wasn't nice, and he wasn't her friend. He was choosing to feign niceness in the hopes of getting sex."


10/4/2011 1:33:34 PM

10/4/2011 1:54:19 PM


@Philbert McAdamia
Well, one problem you have is this whole, assigning women a value based solely on apperance thing.

Dating a guy who looks at me like a piece of meat is just not that appealing, sorry to say.

10/4/2011 2:27:11 PM

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