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[On the Saudi woman who was sentenced to lashing for driving a car]

Two things I wanted to mention about women driving. First, the seat-belt between the breasts. Second, the stance you have to have when you park a car using reverse gear, it expands the woman's chest...

These are good reasons to dissuade any good Muslim woman from driving.

rainbow, Islamic Awakening 98 Comments [10/4/2011 3:44:06 AM]
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What the hell is wrong with these cavemen, horribly scared of tits, butts and everything feminine.

They are either very, very gay or misogynistic fuck that want to have the excuse to rape everything everywhere.

10/4/2011 3:49:47 AM

Raised by Horses

Heavens, no! That might instill... *gasp*... sexual lust in those nearby!* It's unnatural, I tells ya!

*which might help with that whole "be fruitful and multiply" thing, but never mind that.

10/4/2011 4:03:09 AM


Wow! They're even more afraid of their sexuality than our fundies.

10/4/2011 4:17:47 AM


Seriously? If seeing the vague outlines of a female body under the circus tents they make "good Muslim women" wear in Saudi Arabia is enough to put you in such a state, you need some urgent desensitization therapy! Off to Brazil with you!

That's the problem with these psychotically puritan religions (well, one of the problems): people grow up without learning to deal with even the most basic aspects of sexuality. And then, of course, somehow it's the women's fault that the men can't so much as catch a glimpse of an ankle without starting to foam at the mouth...

10/4/2011 4:19:26 AM


What about sitting in a car seat making your man junk all kind of squish up and bulge a little. Its unnatural, and when you operate the peddles you jiggle it about a little bit, and it rubs inside your undergarments?
You should ban men from cars too because their inability to control sexual desires is too much! What about the vibration too - apparently vibrations from moving vehicles can sometimes induce an erection.
You assholes that can't control yourselves should walk everywhere!

10/4/2011 4:22:17 AM

Ken loves movies

So quit staring at my chest!

10/4/2011 4:22:28 AM

@ Ken loves movies

But I want that phat lewt, now!

Now, someone throw aggro.

10/4/2011 4:34:35 AM


No, they're not. Pull that stick out of your ass and quit being such a prude.

10/4/2011 4:38:14 AM


Is this like the fundie version of Because Boobs?

10/4/2011 5:22:11 AM

Mister Spak

This post is a good reason to dissuade any good muslim man from posting on a computer.

10/4/2011 5:30:59 AM

Think or GTFO

Religion poisons everything.

10/4/2011 5:48:23 AM


Oh noes! The female body just as Allah made it! We can't be rational and dismiss that idea that every inevitable lustful thought "crime" is an infinite celestial offense!

10/4/2011 5:56:07 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um, shouldn't these be reasons FOR women driving?

10/4/2011 5:57:19 AM

Dan Onymous

Dear rainbow,

It appears that you forgot to give any good reasons for dissuading good Muslim women from driving.


p.s. I assume you're happy to look at non-Muslim sluts?

10/4/2011 6:17:36 AM


10/4/2011 6:32:11 AM


Aww, what's the matter, 'fraid you'll see a few wrinkles in her sheet and pop a boner like an Amish when he sees ankle?

I love these "boobs get in the way" arguments.

10/4/2011 6:37:37 AM

Somehow it doesn't seem too far outside the realm of possibility that we could one day be hearing about this guy becoming a serial rapist who says the "sluts" he attacked were asking for it by showing too much ankle or forehead.

10/4/2011 6:42:43 AM

Women have to expand and contract their chests in order to breathe. You'd better start cracking down on that, too.

The fact that you're obsessed with women's breasts is not a valid reason to prevent women from performing any function that requires them to move their torsos.

10/4/2011 6:49:56 AM


Boobs? *That's* your reasoning for why I shouldn't drive? At least some pigs around here focus on things like a perceived inability for females to commit to complicated tasks. But no.. you're focused on your own inability to just look away or effing *control* yourself when a chick wears a seat belt or goes into reverse.

What a douche.

10/4/2011 6:53:37 AM

N. De Plume

Just curious as to if the more flat-chested women of the world would have any effect on this argument.

Or how about the more tragic case of a woman who has had a double mastectomy?

10/4/2011 7:13:03 AM

Doctor Whom


Oh noes! The female body just as Allah made it! We can't be rational and dismiss that idea that every inevitable lustful thought "crime" is an infinite celestial offense!

That's what I thought upon reading the quote, too. Fundies do love to take offense at the supposed handiwork of their god or gods, without ever stopping to ask why the magic sky pixies did it that way in the first place.

10/4/2011 7:14:45 AM


Yes, because a natural part of the human body is so inherently evil. Fucking morons.

10/4/2011 7:15:12 AM


What the hell is wrong with these cavemen, horribly scared of tits, butts and everything feminine.

Bewildered ignorance probably plays a greater part than most would ever admit - I gather that in a lot of Islamic societies, sex education currently ranges from abysmally brief and condemnatory to literally non-existent. It's probably quite hard, if one is a young Islamic male, to get some perspective and say "they're just boobs" when said boobs, and that confusing, embarassing effect they produce in one's pants, are a total fucking mystery that nobody else likes to be asked questions about. The whole "always keep women separate and hidden under dark, baggy garments" thing probably only exacerbates the effect. There are a few societies where boobs go uncovered 24/7 and, from what I hear, the people there are refreshingly free of neuroses about the damn things.

Fucking boobs, how do they work?

10/4/2011 7:18:26 AM


mmm, breasts...

10/4/2011 7:18:28 AM

Zeus Almighty

I'm more of an ass man here, so womens' boobies are more of a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
So send your Muslim women with nice butts over here so I and Sir Mix-A-Lot can appreciate them.

10/4/2011 7:22:02 AM

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