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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed the Occupy Wall Street protesters are going to commit a terrorist act, collapse the nation, and kill millions of Americans.


Beck warned his listeners to stock up on food and water because Van Jones, unions, the left and Occupy Wall Street are planning an attack next week on Wall Street. Beck claimed that this is verified information that came to him from credible sources. Left unanswered is exactly why anyone would tell Glenn Beck this information before they would tell the FBI or Homeland Security. Speaking of the FBI, they might want to pay Mr. Beck a visit if he continues to make up false terror threats against America.


Beck played a clip from Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show, and then said, “These people are not interested in creative destruction. They are only interested in destruction. That leads to gas chambers. That leads to guillotines. That leads to millions dead. That leads to Mao. That leads to totalitarianism, every single time.”

Glenn Beck continued by going into one of his elaborate collapse of America conspiracy theories where banks were closed, stores were looted, and eventually the Occupy Wall Street protesters broke into his listeners homes because they have more than the protesters.

Glenn Beck, PoliticusUSA 58 Comments [10/8/2011 2:54:27 AM]
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"Left unanswered is exactly why anyone would tell Glenn Beck this information before they would tell the FBI or Homeland Security"

Muhahahahaha !

And one more Godwin from the insane man.

10/8/2011 3:45:23 AM



"Look at me!!! Pay me attention!! I'm still relevant, dammit!!"

10/8/2011 3:53:07 AM


And how exactly does occupying the stock market kill millions of Americans? I myself get my groceries from a supermarket, but oh well...

10/8/2011 4:11:02 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Glenn is very passionate about his views...

10/8/2011 4:11:48 AM

Chest Rockwell

Gwenn Beck?

10/8/2011 4:13:26 AM


Why do they even let him have a radio show? Does he broadcast from a ham radio in a shack in his yard or something?

10/8/2011 4:19:01 AM


Glenn who?

10/8/2011 4:55:30 AM


This is definitely crazy, but shouldn't it be in CSTDT?

10/8/2011 5:00:25 AM


What a fucking drama queen!

10/8/2011 5:09:04 AM


Is there anyone left in the USA that takes anything this windbag says seriously anymore?
If there are, can we take any sharp objects away from those people? We wouldn't want them to hurt themselves.

10/8/2011 5:30:42 AM

Doubting Thomas

I'm surprised he didn't spout the typical right-wing militia conspiracy theory about how this will be the event which the government uses to finally install martial law in the country.

I love how "unnamed credible sources" are the backbone of any conspiracy theory. I could say anything I want as long as I say it came from "credible sources."

I'm really curious to know if Beck actually believes the effluvia which spews from his pie hole, or if he is just pandering to his nutjob listeners and telling them what they want to hear.

10/8/2011 6:09:56 AM


How can destruction lead to any of the things you've mentioned above? In every example you've given it was somebody trying to create something that lead to the gas chambers and the death marches etc. Hitler was trying to create his thousand year Reich, Mao was trying to engineer his Great Leap Forward. Quite how people breaking down a corrupt system is going to lead to more authoritarianism I don't know.

10/8/2011 6:28:12 AM


I've no idea why he thinks the protesters are terrorists. It's not as though they're waving guns around like the tea-baggers were.

10/8/2011 6:46:18 AM


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who the fuck is stupid enough to actually belive this shit? Oh wait, it's Beck. Nevermind.

10/8/2011 6:47:47 AM


I hope Glenn Beck lives forever, he's too hilarious keep from future generations.

10/8/2011 6:56:25 AM

Mister Spak

"On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed the Occupy Wall Street protesters are going to commit a terrorist act, collapse the nation, and kill millions of Americans. "

After he said that, did he cry or bark?

10/8/2011 7:33:50 AM


Actually, there is a rumor going around that Anonymous is going to take some sort of action against the NY Stock Exchange on the 10th.

However, this sounds like one of Beck's ploys to scare people into buying survival kits and gold. Because it's going to be so handy to swap gold for beans, antibiotics, and cloth diapers.

10/8/2011 7:39:51 AM


If they use violence to sway a people or nation you'd be right. Though I don't see that happening. Ever. And the status quo led far more to those things than Occupy Wall Street.

10/8/2011 7:55:41 AM

When I see those killed Americans, the colapse of the economy and all that jazz, maybe I will believe you. In the meanwhile, Non Sequitur.

10/8/2011 8:29:51 AM


Weren't there something like that scenario with banks closing a few years ago? Greed and playing irresponsibly with other people's money were the culprits then.

Now we have masses of people tired of corporates owning every part of their lives, people who wonder where that Freedom, which they have heard so much about, can be found, if you aren't born with a golden spoon or two in your mouth. They do not want to attack, they just want their country back, the country of We the People, not just We the Corporate Fat Cats.

10/8/2011 8:32:37 AM


You know the really depressing thing? In a few decades, people will probably consider Beck a moderate by comparison.

10/8/2011 8:32:39 AM


Mr. Beck, Please see a Psychiatric Professional. Thank you.

10/8/2011 8:42:40 AM


@Chest Rockwell

Sadly, "Lonesome Rhodes" isn't a lovely young lady in a teeny bikini doing handstands on a nice sunny beach.

10/8/2011 8:45:54 AM


Glenn. Buddy. I'm going to take you aside for a moment to share something important. You know those voices in your head that you listen to? Those are not generally considered to be "reliable sources". Those are called "paranoid delusions". I know that, sometimes, it's difficult to tell the difference. But it's important to do so, especially when people as certifiably insane as you hang on your every word.

10/8/2011 8:51:45 AM


And how many times have you predicted the immanent collapse of the nation the past 8 years or so Beck? Even the fabled boy who cried wolf didn't get away with this act as many times as you have.

10/8/2011 9:55:46 AM

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