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... think about this: We Conservatives are 10 times tougher than these mentally-pink-panty wearing liberals, moderates, and RINOs, and we can survive better in severe hard times than they can, and besides that Spartan times produces a Spartan citizenry ...the same hot boiling sun that melts the butter also hardens the clay (soft warm butter is a good metaphore for liberals/moderates/RINOs don't ya think ? ), and steel is made inside a hot furnace not inside Disney World.
I'm not a kamikaze, but if worse come to worse, we Conservatives can play ( and WIN ) the "Wreck The Country" game better than these American Liberal-Socialists-Commies ( And RINOs) can play it. I will not play the old game of "Chicken" if I can get out of it...you know where they get their cars up to about 80 miles per hour and head straight into each other to see who will turn aside first, but if I find myself in a situation where I must play that game then the other driver will turn aside first or we will find out what happens when two cars going 80 miles per hour crash into each other. The moral of that story is this: If it ever does work out where the soft weak girlie-men Socialists - Commie - Liberals get really hungry as in no food the last week while they are living in unheated houses in the dead of winter, etc ...it will be THEY not we Conservatives who "turn aside first."

There is a huge Old Guard of true Bible believing Christian Family Men in America that are making a sincere effort to be good Christian husbands and fathers and to raise their children in the fear of the Lord and teach them to do what is right and they are in the three main Tribes of America: the White European Americans, Black Americans, and Hispanic Americans, and we number in the tens of millions. The Sovereign God will not forsake His people, His Church, in hard times (if hard times does come) and we Christians can endure hard times better than these soft snot-nosed Liberal - Socialists - Commies can endure hard times **BigGrin**.

JackHectorman, republicanoperative.com/forums 86 Comments [10/23/2011 5:05:10 AM]
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When Yellowstone blows up or some other major disaster happens, it won't be bubba and his stock of ammo that will survive. It'll be the Stuck With Hackett types who know 20 ways to generate electricity. It'll be all those hippies who've been reading Mother Earth News for 20 years and can set up cooperatives, turn SUVs into hen houses, and make solar ovens. 'Cause a geek boy can survive.

10/23/2011 9:22:59 AM


Unrevised version:
Raaaaaah! Me tough! Me bash liberals and fake Republicans! Me compare meself to Sparta because dey tough warriors who didn't have sex with each other.

Me blow meself up to kill liberals and kill meself to destroy them if needbe.

Me fear god, unlike deh pussy liberals! I hate LIBERALS! RAAAAAAAA! *skin turns green* HULK ANGRY! HULK WANT EAT!

10/23/2011 9:45:07 AM


I am not a conservative, a moderate, nor a RINO, so I can only conclude that my "mentally-pink-panties" must have gotten lost in the wash. What the heck are "mentally-pink-panties" anyway?

That "winning" is so important to you that you would be willing to wreck the country, speaks volumes about your intelligence and patriotism. Equally so for your willingness to starve and freeze fellow Americans because they don't agree with your politics.

P.S. Liberal or conservative, we all have snot in our noses.

10/23/2011 9:49:42 AM

Yes, we get it, you have a small dick

10/23/2011 10:04:35 AM


"think about this: We Conservatives are 10 times tougher than these mentally-pink-panty wearing liberals, moderates, and RINOs"

Yet you lot seem to have conveniently forgotten this: Fact: before the previous elections, you Religious Right, Neocunts etc considered John McCain the worst RINO out there.

So no double-standards or hypocrisy on your part, nosiree. [/OVER 9000-levels of sarcasm]

Your argument - and the rest of your tl;dr - is invalid.

10/23/2011 10:07:15 AM



'Cause a geek boy can survive.<<

Best. Comment. Ever.

10/23/2011 10:34:38 AM


So you want to ruin the country? You fail.

Oh yeah, you conservatives are so tough. So tough that you're afraid of homosexuals, dark skinned people (unless they're rich and ultraconservative like Herman Cain), those who follow other religions, powerful women, and anyone who doesn't suscribe to your narrow worldview. Yup, you're the tough guys. Hey Jack Hectorman, get out from behind your keyboard in your mom's basement and act on your tough guy ideas. Come at me, bro. Come at all of us.

@Comrade Potatovich: lol.

10/23/2011 10:41:50 AM


Oh, and one more thing, Jack: you can bitch all you want. You can throw an Internet tantrum and slander anyone who disagrees with you all fucking day long. But guess what? Like everyone else said, you're going to be on the wrong side of history. Progress always wins out. One day in the future kids are going to be learning about what's going on right now in History class, and guess who's going to be remembered as bigoted assfucks who wanted to restrict civil rights, and basically said "let them eat cake" to 30 million impoverished people? That's right, YOU. The oh-so tough conservatives. You're going to be remembered like the Tories, the aristocrats in the French Revolution, the people who lynched blacks. So go on, spew your typed diarrhea all over the Interwebs. I'm not stopping you. Because history will prove you wrong, and it will validate us. And, once again, your bigoted, narrow views will be remembered for what they are: reactionary and sickening.

10/23/2011 10:47:28 AM


The point is to not wreck the country in the first place, you segregationist caveman. And seriously, you are not very tough when you get a swift kick to the crotch.

10/23/2011 10:55:36 AM


Here is a picture I found of Jack Hectorman:

10/23/2011 10:56:46 AM

Quantum Mechanic

My what a simple, little world we live in.

10/23/2011 10:58:17 AM


Hell of a lot of bullshit right there.

10/23/2011 10:59:55 AM


I'll make you an offer, Jack. Let's go camping for two weeks. You may choose whether you want to go to Canada or Alaska in January or Death Valley in July. Then we'll compare notes.

Better yet. Why don't you try to survive two weeks in any rain forest or desert on the planet. Oh yeah, before I forget, you can't bring food or a gun.

Now that I think about it more; I would be willing to bet that you wouldn't be able to survive in any environment or culture not your own because you are a colossal idiot.

10/23/2011 11:01:41 AM

"we Christians* can endure hard times better"

Bull; you people freak out about every god damned thing in this country. You believe it's noble to live your lives in ignorance and paranoia. If someone presents anything that contradicts your world view, you get highly defensive.

*He means Good True Christians™

10/23/2011 11:07:38 AM

J. James

Fact check, bitch:

1: Spartans were homosexual liberals. There was hardly any society that was more progressive than them.

2: Democrats and liberals are not "pussies" or "girly men". Sure, a small amount are granola-munching, gardening hippies, but a huge majority is cityfolk, Northerners, Hispanics, Union members, Blacks, the working poor, and other minorities. Hardly wimpy, these are! You'd know this... If you'd ever actually SEEN Democrats instead of just hearing about them.

3: While a ton of gays are Democrats, they aren't all "girly". A lot of them had to hide their homosexuality in order to perform "manly" tasks- like joining the military. Not any longer. As for their percieved manhood, funfact: the prenatal hormone imbalance that likely led to their homosexuality also makes their penises larger on average. And that's just the men! I bet lesbians would kick your face in with steel toed boots!

4: Conservatives ain't exactly hot shit either. Their main claim to masculinity and survivalism is gun ownership. That's it. Take the guns away and they're jut rich people with their hired trailer park hick-voters. Face it, your average conservative is likely a poor 65-year-old overweight dude that cruises McDonald's 5 times a week and chugs beer like water. They don't know shit about survival or sustainable living off the land. Meanwhile, in the liberal agricultural powerhouse California, there'll be food. And that shit'll be ORGANIC, motherfucker. We'll have Hydroelectricity. Irrigation. Solar power. We'll do quite well here. Appalachia... Not so much.

5: Blacks and Hispanics are not "Great Tribes of America", and they're overwhelmingly liberal.

6: Conservatives and Liberals have battled before, remember? A bigass war between the rural South and the urban North? DIDN'T EXACTLY END WELL FOR CONSERVATIVES. So as for that game of chicken... Well, good luck with that.

10/23/2011 11:12:20 AM


"must play that game"

There lies the road to madness, that and every fuckin other sentence you just shat out.

10/23/2011 11:46:48 AM

Old Viking

Calm yourself, Jack. Have a nice watercress sandwich and a sip of chablis.

10/23/2011 11:55:10 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Suicidal overconfidence, ladies and gentlemen. This is not a good trait for someone who has the fate of a country in their hands.

10/23/2011 12:01:22 PM



Yet another term I had to google.

10/23/2011 12:11:45 PM

D Laurier

My girlfreind is a liberal. She can identify edible roots found in the wild. She can start a fire using a flint she keeps in her purse and the lock back knife she keeps beside it.
She can gut a salmon, and truss a deer for a cooking pit.
She had lived in a rural cottage without hydro, and done quite well
She can out walk, and out survive better than your heroine Ann Coulter ever could.
Also, those "soft weak girlie-men" beat your inspirational "supermen" at Stalingrad.
Liberals beat the bible believing Nazis into the dirt.

10/23/2011 1:17:55 PM


My extremely conservative Republican grandparents would stare at this whargarbl in disbelief and horror that their political party had turned into a lunatic asylum. I'm actually kinda glad they didn't live to see it.

10/23/2011 1:28:48 PM


Internet tough guy wargarble with the usual mix of fundie Bible-thumping horseshit and right-wing anti-lib nonsense.
Congratulations, you're a moron.

10/23/2011 1:45:36 PM


I'm going out on a limb here and say that you've never served in the military......ever. I bet you like to dress up in camo though.
People like yourself are cowards, you don't even have the courage of your forebearers who started the Civil War and fought in it for 4 years.
Knowing what I know about you republican'ts, I know that everything you said can easily be applied to yourself and others like you. You people are a mass of projection and always will be.

10/23/2011 2:14:37 PM

J. James


All reactionaries are projectionists, not just Republicans. It goes with the territory. They want to go back into history, it's utterly inevitable that they'll repeat it. Projection is their way of deferring guilt away from themselves when that inevitably happens.

10/23/2011 2:36:01 PM


I'll go Che guevara on his ass.

10/23/2011 3:59:50 PM

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