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[On the subject of U.S. troops leaving Iraq by the end of the year.]

Getting kicked out of Iraq is what it is. The proper way to exit would have been taking oil equal to the amount of $ spent trying to civilize the impossible. Our soldiers’ blood spilt for a useless cause so now we take what’s owed and the heathens can go on eating each other. Shouldn’t you be playing drums somewhere and sharing a tent with a dreadlocked dope dealer? Wash your armpits.

IslandLifer, Moonbattery 74 Comments [10/30/2011 4:46:26 AM]
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aaa wrote
Tell me how you would react if the most well-funded military power in the world came to your country for some old-fashioned loot and pillage.

Well funded? The US military is paid for with money the country doesn't have (which is why it needs to loot asnd pillage).

10/31/2011 12:28:53 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

So you are agreeing with the hippie that it was all a waste of time? How wonderfully ironic!

10/31/2011 12:57:32 AM

Raised by Horses


Well, 1.4 trillion dollars per year is nothing to sneeze at, even if it is fiat currency.

10/31/2011 1:57:25 AM

>Wash your armpits

How this is related to personal hygeine?

10/31/2011 2:46:37 AM


1345219: Well see, when do YOUR armpits smell the most? Obviously there's when it's really hotter than usual, but that's the same for everyone so lets disregard that. What else? After sports? After working hard in a good, long day of honest labour? Well sir, these are things that BasementLifer here has never known.

10/31/2011 4:14:08 AM



Well funded? The US military is paid for with money the country doesn't have (which is why it needs to loot asnd pillage).

The United States military receives more funding than the military forces of every other country combined. That's not a propaganda point Americans tell themselves to feel good -- it's an indisputable fact. That is the very definition of "the most well-funded military power in the world", as aaa originally said. In fact, part of the reason why many other countries are able to keep their military spending low is that their policies count on a US presence in any engagement in which they might find themselves. Furthermore, the US does in fact HAVE the money -- what it doesn't have are the levels of government income necessary to maintain its spending over the long haul due to high income disparities and a lack of willingness to raise taxes on those who possess of the wealth.

All nations borrow money and all nations engage in deficit spending -- spending money they do not have. Governments can do this because government budgets do not work like household budgets. Governments have assured sources of revenue through their powers of taxation. The problem is that you gauge safe levels of debt by comparing the deficit to the overall GDP and American levels are getting uncomfortably high.

And the United States military does not "loot and pillage." What the US military does is prop up governments that are agreeable to engaging in free trade using the US dollar. The Iraq War was never about "stealing" oil in the vulgar sense -- the idea was to set up a friendly government that would be willing to trade in dollars, allowing Americans to buy up oil cheaply. In the wake of a war, the dollar would be much stronger than Iraqi currency translating into cheaper commodities. The main reason US forces are complying with the Iraqi government's request to leave rather than staying is that the US government sees this as the most cost-effective means to achieve such an end. The Iraqi government absolutely lacks the means to actually force the US to leave.

Creating conditions for economic exploitation, albeit in a sometimes heavy-handed matter. No actual "looting and pillaging."

10/31/2011 8:09:40 AM


Let me get this straight.

To make up for, what will likely turn out to be the worst strategic mistake in US history, we should start outright stealing?

Then have the nerve to question the character of anyone who questions such a colossal failure?

Can you understand why you no longer have any credibility?

10/31/2011 8:48:38 AM


Ah, so it was for oil, way to destroy the other claims

10/31/2011 9:05:12 AM

CohibaMan (Forgot to put my name to this post... I take credit for everything I write, especially the stuff that I'm sure others will find disagreeable.)

@Raised by Horses

"Fiat money" is sort of a misnomer, at least as many people seem to understand it... the only thing that's determined by fiat is that the currency has to be used as a medium of trade.

Once that is in place, however, dollars do have value. It's just that the value is relative to the entire market rather than pegged to any particular commodity. The value of a dollar is actually determined by the marketplace -- the total number of dollars in circulation vs. the total value of goods for which those dollars can be exchanged. Supply of dollars can be contracted and expanded but that holds true for any commodity.

Incidentally, that "fiat" part is what America's efforts throughout the world have always really been about. Having total control over a currency used for trade in other countries confers innumerable advantages. Any "theft" of oil in Iraq was always going to be done through the dollar being a stronger currency than the Iraqi dinar and not through actual plundering...

10/31/2011 9:08:02 AM


Why stop at Iraqi oil? Lots of countries have mineral wealth that they just don't deserve to have and God wants America to have. Here's a small list to get you started.

Brazil = iron ore
South Africa = diamonds
Russia = natural gas
China = coal

I'm sure the "unbeatable" US armed forces will soon subdue those puny countries and then you can help yourselves

10/31/2011 10:52:28 AM

Think or GTFO

You arrogant piece of shit. They didn't ask to have you liberate and civilise them, and they have paid enough through countless of civilian deaths.

Someone breaks into my home and kills me, then take my stuff as payment for the trouble he went through. Really?

Why don't you civilise your own country by abolishing death penalty and introduce universal healthcare?

10/31/2011 1:06:35 PM


@CohibaMan: I never said that the US military is doing any looting/pillaging, i said that it would most certainly satisfy these bloodthirsty asshats. From what i recall, the whole ordeal was to be an easy war to win so that you would have a loyal puppet government in the most volatile area of the planet, good approval ratings amongst the republican voters and to make sure that all that crazy big defense money is being spent. Oil is just a handy bonus, considering that the middle east doesn't import that much oil to the US.

10/31/2011 4:32:51 PM


the heathens can go on eating each other.

Thank God we finally brought some civilisation, decency, discipline, and christian love and culture to those godless heathens and apes.

Makes you so proud to be an American.

10/31/2011 4:45:25 PM



My response there was to solomongrundy, who did make that claim -- I realize that you said no such thing and apologize if I wasn't entirely clear about whom I was addressing. My mention of you had to do with your comment that the US military is the most well-funded military power in the world, which I agreed with and was defending.

As far as I'm concerned, it's that very fact that has made what the US has done so particularly heinous. That President Obama has decided to respect the wishes of the Iraqi government is a GOOD thing... too many people don't seem to realize that, while nation building itself has been a flop, the US military itself is not getting massacred by any stretch (to the contrary, they are arresting and killing innocent civilians, which is part of the problem!). The Iraqi government itself lacks the means to force the United States to leave. A leader like Bush would have put all sorts of pressure on the country to let Americans stay, much to the detriment of both nations.

My country will be far better off once we've put this whole sordid affair behind us and start spending on things to repair our dire economic disparities here at home. It's stupid to try to fix the world when we can't even get our own house in order, for Christ's sake.

11/1/2011 5:31:27 PM


I'll bet IslandLifer thought it was a real good idea when we went into Iraq.

11/1/2011 6:54:07 PM


"Our soldiers’ blood spilt for a useless cause so now we take what’s owed and the heathens can go on eating each other."

We could call the program "Yes, Blood for Oil."

11/1/2011 7:06:44 PM


if I understand the situation correclty, the plan to draw troups out of Iraq was set in motion by the Bush administration!?

11/2/2011 1:15:21 PM


@CohibaMan: In order to change the USA for the better, you need substantial overhauls to the fundamental structures of the entire country. In it's current state, it is far too vulnerable for every form of ratfuckery you can think of. And USA is not going to leave the middle east alone due to having some of the most well-funded and well-connected lobbies being very passionate about fucking up the middle east.

11/2/2011 2:38:26 PM


Were you planning on having us stay in Iraq forever?

11/2/2011 8:05:25 PM

Mister Spak

"Our soldiers’ blood spilt for a useless cause so now we take what’s owed and the heathens can go on eating each other. "

See what happens when you let conservatim run your country?

11/3/2011 10:25:52 AM



Absolutely 100% agreed. Well said.

11/5/2011 10:17:00 AM

rubber chicken

There is a considerable argument that one of the primary purposes of the Iraq Invasion was to secure facilities with which to threaten Saudi Arabia. A country whose strategic value to the USA is incomparable and also a fundamental source of Anti-American feeling within the Muslim world.

11/5/2011 10:45:53 AM


"Shouldn’t you be playing drums somewhere and sharing a tent with a dreadlocked dope dealer? Wash your armpits."

(*Switches to Doug Piranha mode*)

So sayeth the keyboard general in his parents' basement, with Faux News on the TV; mouse in one hand, and piece of wet string in the other.

...oh, so sorry IslandLifer, I forgot. You're Tweeting this as you're in the queue outside that US Armed Forces recruitment office, along with the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of loyal, patriotic right-wingers, eagerly wanting to get shot to shit by the insurgents/Taliban... er, I mean serve their country & the cause of Freedom & Democracy:

...aren't you, IslandLifer?!

11/5/2011 11:56:18 AM

Quantum Mechanic


9/9/2013 3:03:50 PM

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