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The stories of Harry Potter and friends are a story channelled by JK Rowling from an alternate universe where a similar style of life happened, the only thing that has changed is the names. There are many writers and creaters who do this, take the Director James Cameron for example and his movie Avatar

Atheira, Indigo Society 39 Comments [11/3/2011 4:25:30 AM]
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If the characters are from an alternate universe, why change their names?

11/3/2011 4:35:39 AM


Alternate reality? Really? My brain is bleeding.

11/3/2011 5:25:39 AM

Doctor Fishcake

It's an alternate reality called imagination.

11/3/2011 5:41:36 AM


Kings Cross! All change for Middle-Earth, Westeros, Oz, and Discworld! Passengers for Narnia should proceed to fuck off, weaksauce place that it is.

11/3/2011 5:51:19 AM

Doubting Thomas

Um, yeah sure. Or it could be, you know, completely made up.

11/3/2011 6:37:39 AM

J. James

She's so wrong she's right. Almost all fiction accidentally describes something that has happened or will happen.


11/3/2011 7:58:09 AM


Lemme guess, you are in psychic contact with the real author and s/he wants you to sue for royalties.

11/3/2011 8:08:54 AM


Fictionkin? In MY CSTDT?

11/3/2011 8:26:04 AM

Jeff Weskamp

Atheira has definitely been reading the fifth and sixth books of the Dark Tower series....

11/3/2011 8:49:36 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Someone has been reading TV Tropes too much.

11/3/2011 9:21:47 AM


So um... Can you find out what universe Jim Butcher is channeling and send me there?

11/3/2011 9:38:57 AM

If you dont have a good grasp on reality you should not be viewing or reading fantasy material, are we going to have to put warning labels on this stuff too?

11/3/2011 10:10:08 AM

Are you on drugs or do you need to be on drugs?

11/3/2011 11:45:51 AM


Tell me, have you ever heard of this thing called "fiction"?

11/3/2011 12:48:14 PM


Wow. After reading some of the other comments from the article I have come to one conclusion:

I should be taking advantage of these people for personal gain.

11/3/2011 1:01:06 PM


judging by the examples listed (rowling and cameron) how can you learn to channel that alternate universe? i wants me some easy cash!!

11/3/2011 2:05:15 PM

Random Guy

If that's really the case, then why are you here telling us this nonsense and not in one of these far-more-interesting alternate universes, hmm?

11/3/2011 2:06:53 PM

Raised by Horses

So, these other universes get magic and space laser battles and we're stuck with televangelists and bureaucracy?

I want my money back.

11/3/2011 5:19:14 PM


Fuck, I wish. That'd be freaking awesome.

11/3/2011 6:16:22 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Odd how you chose to make examples of two people who have managed to reach the pinnacle of success in their individual crafts.

11/3/2011 8:25:43 PM


It's funny. People who make claims like this usually think it's a compliment, that their favourite authors are privileged to "see beyond the veil" or some such bullshit, but actually it is only a massive insult to people who devote so much time and effort to creating these stories and then some idiots think all they do is write down what happened and change the names.

11/3/2011 8:38:49 PM


Can I crossover into that alternate universe where Gene Roddenberry channeled Star Trek from?

11/4/2011 4:02:15 AM


Or she made the stories up?

11/5/2011 6:49:45 AM

And they change their names why? is there a kind of way to access to this universe?

11/5/2011 10:06:53 AM



11/5/2011 4:53:50 PM

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