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You wanna know the real reason we see so many pyramids as symbols and so many pictures of the Eye of Horus? Remember the roman empire and how it supposedly collapsed? Guess what, it didn't. It just ceased to be a state and became a religious institution. It still had massive amounts of authority over the kings and tyrants all throughout the middle ages and still has a large amount of power. The same thing happened with the Egyptian empire, except it continued on as very secretive cults instead of a religious institution out in the open. The cooperation between Egypt and Rome didn't end when Rome became christian, it just went underground, and as Rome still has power as the catholic church so too does Egypt still have power through secret societies, and they communicate to each other not through spoken or written word but through symbols as they did through out their empire with hieroglyphics and structures. If you look at architecture, carvings and paintings in the Vatican you can see the All Seeing Eye of Horus everywhere, even behind the pope's throne (which also has an upside down cross on it lol)

SM0K3 B4N4N4, Facepunch Forums 19 Comments [11/13/2011 4:55:29 PM]
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I like how the people in this thread just jumped on the guy, comparing him to David Icke and what not.

Also, that Knufflebeer guy in the thread at one point says he thinks the Knights Templar 'found the Kabbalah'. He doesn't realize that Kabbalah is a type of Jewish mysticism, not an object...

11/13/2011 5:05:07 PM


The upside-down cross is a symbol of St. Peter, the first pope. He asked to be crucified upside down so he wouldn't be martyred the same way as the J-man. The fact that being upside down probably would have led to him getting a stroke before too long, thus cutting the torture short, may or may not have been a coincidence. And knowing is half the battle!

So no, not lol. Not lol at all.

11/13/2011 5:24:12 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Jack T. Chick, is that you?

@ Mech610:

More likely, he confused it with the Ka'abah or something.

11/13/2011 5:27:55 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

11/13/2011 8:16:19 PM

J. James

And you know this how?

Seriously, these "secret" societies just don't give a shit about actual secrecy, eh? People who have retarded-ass web user names in leetspeak can see through their super advanced code system.

Or, you know, he could just be full of shit.

11/14/2011 12:00:15 AM

Raised by Horses

Or the designers were just too lazy to come up with any new architectural designs.

11/14/2011 12:50:15 AM


I'd lay off smoking bananas, if I was you.

11/14/2011 1:55:16 AM


...and they communicate to each other not through spoken or written word but through symbols as they did through out their empire with hieroglyphics and structures.

That's a pretty inefficient way to communicate.

And hieroglyphs are a form of written word, you twit.

11/14/2011 7:20:53 AM

Doubting Thomas

You wanna know the real reason we see so many pyramids as symbols and so many pictures of the Eye of Horus?

Because the Egyptian pyramids are really fucking big, and to this day most people are in awe of the fact that a bunch of humans without modern technology could have built them? That's why so many new age people think that aliens must have really built them and they must have some kind of cosmic power. If you don't believe me just google "pyramid power."

11/14/2011 8:06:07 AM


Who knew that smoking bananas (of all things) could make you this loopy?

Or maybe “B4N4N4” is just a euphemism for some other hard drug.

11/14/2011 9:19:47 AM

Honestly the picture on the first page is great.
He highlights the fact that 1776 was the date the Illuminati was founded and this is the reason it's on the dollar.
The US dollar.
That country founded in 1776.

11/14/2011 9:39:20 AM


Oh, i have got to bring this quote up in the next conference.

11/14/2011 11:36:17 AM


This is one outcome I suppose of the old Protestant mistrust of iconography; an objection to ALL symbolism and seeing it all as somehow sinister and inter-connected. That impulse to whitewash everything is also found in radical Islam; they end up detonating beautiful old statues of Buddha. The same iconoclasm is at the root.

11/14/2011 2:42:52 PM


@ Mech610:

He's probably thinking of the Casbah.

11/14/2011 4:47:18 PM


Great Jupiter...

Just yesterday, I made a humorous post on another site suggesting that the Roman Empire never fell, and was secretly controlling the world.

11/15/2011 3:40:23 PM

I think he got punched in the face once too often....

11/16/2011 11:57:35 AM

Let me guess, since Egypt was a part of the Roman Empire when Christianism arrived, was Christian before Rome and, in fact, was the introductor of Christianism and remained so until the arrival of Islam.................what bullshit is that?

11/19/2011 10:44:05 AM


What the flying fuck are you talking about?

11/24/2011 10:20:30 AM

Anon E Mouse

The Empire never ended.

One could actually make the case that the Roman Empire didn't end until 1917. The western part of the Roman Empire fell in 395 (depending on how define things), but the eastern part - the Byzantine Empire - still existed. It would eventually fall completely to the Ottoman Empire in 1461. However, the the heiress to the Byzantine Empire, or at least the only one left alive, had been married to Ivan III of Russian. He then took up the title of tsar/czar, which comes from Caesar (in the same way that the German kaiser does). The tsars ran Russia until 1917 with the Russiann Revolution, when the communists forced Nicholas II to abdicate. The Roman Empire was finally destroyed a year later, in 1918, when Nicholas and his family were killed by Bolsheviks.

Anyways, if you're going to make a Rome/Egyptian/Catholic conspiracy, at least throw in some references to the Coptics. You could probably throw in some conspiracy about how the Catholic church and the Orthodox church never really schismed and how they're just fucking with everybody.

2/16/2012 1:30:00 AM

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