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This is a story I knew whould be coming sooner or later. It's easy to understand and it is real.The story starts,,

If you did not enjoy "traditional" chemtrails raining down on you, you are not going to like the new version, which the United States Air Force promises will feature aerial dumps of programmable "smart" molecules tens of thousands of times smaller than the particles already landing people in emergency rooms with respiratory, heart and gastrointestinal complaints.

Under development since 1995, the military's goal is to install microprocessors incorporating gigaflops computer capability into "smart particles" the size of a single molecule.
Invisible except under the magnification of powerful microscopes, these nano-size radio-controlled chips are now being made out of mono-atomic gold particles. Networked together on the ground or assembling in the air, thousands of sensors will link into a single supercomputer no larger than a grain of sand

Acomputer, no larger than a grain of sand !!! Networking on the ground or assembling in the air !!

Brought to you by the same military-corporate-banking complex that runs America's permanent wars, Raytheon Corp is already profiting from new weather warfare technologies. The world's fourth largest military weapons maker bought E-Systems in 1995, just one year after that military contractor bought APTI, holder of Bernard Eastlund's HAARP patents.

CherubBaby, ATS 28 Comments [11/16/2011 4:20:41 AM]
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Submitted By: J. James

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Okay I'll ask, What's a mono-atomic gold particle?

11/16/2011 4:43:06 AM

The only effect of dropping gold particles into the atmosphere would be to kill Cybermen ( Dr Who ).

11/16/2011 4:48:57 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

11/16/2011 5:21:27 AM

Raised by Horses


"Okay I'll ask, What's a mono-atomic gold particle?"


11/16/2011 5:47:24 AM


Sure CherubBaby now if you would please just get back into the padded room we made ready for you all your worries will fly away.

11/16/2011 5:50:02 AM


it's weird how they all keep mispelling "contrails" [/snark]

and that may be the transhumanist in me, but what's so bad about having a computer in your head? come on! internet around the clock, anywhere!

11/16/2011 8:34:02 AM


Permanent war, nanobots, big brother watching you...

So, Metal Gear Solid 4?

11/16/2011 8:43:14 AM

Doubting Thomas

OK, please explain to me how you can build a computer the size of a single gold molecule. I'm guessing that GerubBaby doesn't grasp how extremely tiny molecules are, especially since you can't see single molecules under microscopes.

11/16/2011 8:57:22 AM

I can say words longer than 3 syllables! What I say must be true!

11/16/2011 9:21:26 AM

11/16/2011 10:17:17 AM


Gigaflops worth of processing on a molecule?

Hey everyone! Look at the tin-foil-hat-wearing guy who has no idea of basic physics or computer theory!

11/16/2011 12:25:01 PM

Comrade Potatovich

I am starting to think that conspiracy theorists are actually involved in a forum-transcending, constantly in-character roleplaying thing, and the rest of the world still hasn't realised they are just acting.

11/16/2011 1:10:03 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA!

You cannot honestly believe this. There is simply no way. A machine the size of a single molecule is impossible. What would the machine be made of? It cannot be made of molecules, because it is only the size of one molecule. So what are its internal workings? Even if this were possible from a mechanical standpoint (and it's not) said impossible machine would run into quantum-mechanical interference. Have you ever heard of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? (And lest you say that that's part of the conspiracy, without quantum mechanics, electronics would be impossible. Now, what did you type this on?)

I blame this on all those TV shows that have "nanomachines" as a hand-wave for an impossibility required by the plot. Every single physicist can tell you a million ways why that's impossible, but no one ever listens. I hate the general public, I won't lie. They're so incurably scientifically-illiterate.

11/16/2011 3:47:55 PM


@Potatovich: But, that is an insane conspiracy. You'd have to be in on it, too.

11/16/2011 3:47:59 PM


I wonder if you actually read what you say.

11/16/2011 4:12:46 PM

J. James

Chemtrails? Meh. Crazy mind-control? Yawn. Mixing up molecules and atoms!!? EGREGIOUS!!

11/16/2011 5:03:23 PM

Is it bad that in all this huge pile of demonstrably wrong raving, the part I really took exception to was the "particles training down on ER patients? Don't hospitals usually, as a matter of course, and for fairly good medical reasons, have roofs?

11/16/2011 6:46:45 PM


Wait a sec, aren't computer chips made out of semiconductors?

Gold isn't a semiconductor last time I checked.

11/16/2011 11:01:29 PM


What I want to know is, where do ideas like this start? They're so clearly entirely divorced from reality that they seem like vaguely remembered dreams. Does some preankster just sit there and write bad sci-fi synopses and then reveal them to these websites so that lunatics will believe them and repeat them? Or do they genuinely believe that the random products of their warped imaginations somehow become true when they write them down?

11/17/2011 7:40:56 AM

Joe Mama

Gigaflop computer capability in a single molecule. What will those evil scientists think of next?

BTW, I'm still waiting for my F'ing jetpack.

11/17/2011 7:48:17 AM

Brendan Rizzo

@ gravematter:

The originators of conspiracy theories are mentally ill. They always are. Somehow, they manage to sucker in some people who do not suffer from any mental illness... probably in the same way that people who are not mentally ill wind up joining religious cults if they live in Bible Belt. We must investigate this link further.

11/17/2011 9:55:47 AM

Jeff Weskamp

@Joe Mama:

And where's my vacation on the moon?

Where's my alien love slave?

11/17/2011 5:57:09 PM


Nano-computing? Cool! Bring it on!

I'm having trouble seeing the downside here.

11/17/2011 8:04:45 PM

Citizen Justin

The detail in the photo accompanying this post appears to be of pollen.

11/18/2011 3:01:39 AM


these nano-size radio-controlled chips are now being made out of mono-atomic gold particles.

This is not just impossible, it's unpossible.

You cannot make an circuit with just 1 atom. Fucking idiot.

11/18/2011 8:47:08 AM

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