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If look at history from the mid-1960s, we’ve gone from a request for toleration to an imposition of intolerance. We’ve gone from a request to understand others to a determination to close down those who hold traditional values.
I think that we need to be very aggressive and very direct. The degree to which the left is prepared to impose intolerance and to drive out of existence traditional religion is a mortal threat to our civilization and deserves to be taken head on and described as what it is which the use of government to repress the American people against their own values.

Newt Gingrich, TPM.com 65 Comments [11/22/2011 6:31:50 AM]
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N. De Plume

Translation: “They won’t tolerate our intolerance! Boo-hoo!”

11/22/2011 10:54:08 AM


You served your wife divorce papers while she was being treated for cancer so you could be happy with your younger mistress. You have nothing even remotely resembling a conscience. You wanna know what kind of tolerance is legitimately destructive to this country? Tolerating opportunistic scum devoid of any moral character like you in politics.

You are literally a sociopath, Newt, though I'd love it if you'd show me otherwise by sincerely doing something to fix the ridiculous social and economic injustice in this country.

11/22/2011 10:56:54 AM

I have no problem with traditional values. But your traditional values shouldn't require you to be intolerant of others.

11/22/2011 11:24:23 AM


"We’ve gone from a request to understand others to a determination to close down those who hold traditional values."

Y'know what used to be a completely understood traditional value, Salamander, m'boy?

The buying & selling - as property & chattel - of other human beings.

So, you want to say that the likes of Abraham Lincoln (and William Wilberforce* here in the UK) were wrong to close down the slave trade...?

There are some things in life that will never be tolerated: and that's intolerance & bigotry. Such attitudes have absolutely no right to exist, and if it takes legislation - hyper-draconian, if necessary - to eliminate such unjustifiable thoughts from peoples' mindsets, then there can never be enough of it. Forced tolerance. Good.

Times change. Attitudes change. Therefore 'traditions' must change.

After all, it's not just blacks & Jews that have been - and still are - the targets of intolerance...

*- And William Wilberforce was a Christian.

11/22/2011 11:35:09 AM


Stop being a whiny baby about how people might have different opinions than you.

11/22/2011 11:48:06 AM

Okay. So just how exactly does your serial adultery and abandonment of two seriously ill wives comport with tradition religion and values, and how in the hell would the American people be shoring up those values by voting for you?

11/22/2011 12:13:47 PM


And when that mistress came down with MS, he cheated and then dumped HER for the wife he now has.

11/22/2011 12:17:58 PM


This is just electioneering rhetoric. It's them government in washington. Them wants to take away our religion and impose intolerance. Them wants to destroy America. We need to take our country back, we need to vote Republican so the rich can stay rich. Fuel for tea party paranoia fantasies.

11/22/2011 12:20:56 PM

= POPE =

Traditional Religion: "Heretics!/Infidels!/Blasphmers! Burn/Stone/Kill them!

Forgive us for needing a better reason to fight your battles for you.

"I think that we need to be very aggressive and very direct."

I'm sorry. I thought that was your stock in trade. Did I blink when you stopped and miss it?

11/22/2011 12:49:54 PM


Am I missing something here?

Has it been the left trying to dictate what a women does with her body, forcing Christianity down everyone's throat and ostracizing gays all along and Newt, and his right wing allies, standing up for their rights?

To conservatives, tolerance consists of acting like they act, living like they live, looking like they look and thinking like they think. If you do those things, they'll be glad to tolerate you.

I guess having the American government uphold the Constitution is, to Newt & co., unAmerican.

11/22/2011 12:56:07 PM


I love persecution complexes.

11/22/2011 1:04:31 PM


So, we should go back to the good ol' '50s, when blacks were sprayed with fire hoses? Or back to when religion had such a stranglehold that anyone hold what could be considered an opposing opinion was burned at the stake?

11/22/2011 1:14:49 PM

Creedence Leonore Gielgud

Hey Newt, would you say that leaving your dying wife, for your mistress is a good, old fashioned, wholesome American value?

Also were your parents as fucktarded as you, and that's why they named you Newt?

11/22/2011 2:02:52 PM

Joe Mama

Newt, asking for tolerance for gay people is not the same thing as banning traditional religion. But if traditional religion means being a bigot, then I'm all for getting rid of it.

11/22/2011 2:40:14 PM


to drive out of existence traditional religion

Listen up you dirty Protestant.

Catholicism was around for 1500 years before the fucking uppity heretics decided to "drive out of existence traditional religion" by opposing his Holiness the Pope and contradicting traditional religious values.

If you don't like somebody disagreeing with you, then go complain to Martin Luther about it. In Hell.


See how easy it is to think up stupid crappy arguments?

Beside that fact that you're actually a Catholic.

11/22/2011 2:41:29 PM

Old Viking

Whenever I'm troubled by a sticky moral problem, I always turn to Newt.

11/22/2011 3:24:48 PM

I don't know what disgusts me more, the fact that he's dressing up bigotry and hatred as "traditional values", or the fact that he thinks he has the right to speak about any kind of values after he cheated on two of his wives while they were on their death beds. What a disgusting POS.

11/22/2011 4:17:55 PM

It's disturbing that this man is the current Republican frontrunner and possible presidential candidate.

It seems that the Republican candidates are trying to out-crazy each other: the more insane their rhetoric, the higher their poll numbers.

When did the American electoral system change from selecting the most capable leader to voting for the most entertaining freak-show?

11/22/2011 6:01:14 PM


[We’ve gone from a request to understand others to a determination to close down those who hold traditional values.]

You relize your version of "traditional values" have only existed since the sixties? Right?
Also, traditional values isn't marrying and divorcing as many women as you can.

11/22/2011 6:53:29 PM


Shorter Salamander: "I hate niggers/dykes/fags/Jews/spics/etc and you can't make me treat them like human beings!!"

11/22/2011 7:20:23 PM


Yes, clearly Christians have it so hard. By all means, go to your TV shows...and channels...and radio shows, and rally your political special interests groups around it. Make sure the whole world knows how mightily oppressed you are.

11/22/2011 10:18:46 PM


@#1351249: Around the time we invented reality TV. This is not a joke, I'm dead serious.

11/22/2011 11:03:38 PM


I love it, Brendan, thanks for showing us that he really IS just repeating himself.

Sercond verse, a lie like the first!

11/23/2011 12:06:04 AM

Dan Onymous

"How dare you refuse to tolerate our intolerance!"

11/23/2011 3:20:23 AM

Raised by Horses

Republicans sure love their euphemisms, don't they? 'Enchanced interrogation' (torture), 'jobs creators' (fat cats who send jobs offshore and contribute nothing to the economy, whether their own nation's or any other's), 'traditional values' (bigotry)..

11/23/2011 3:22:11 AM

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