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[Rush Limbaugh and a caller discuss a video of black students beating up a white student on a schoolbus.]

RUSH: Worse than the obvious verbal taunts, we all know the racism that was in the kid's mind. I mean Newsweek magazine says he was born a racist. So you know the white kid is sitting there thinking N-word and all kinds of things being surrounded by these black students. They knew that. They knew that and so they just descended on the kid and beat him up. We've seen the videotape. What did the police chief investigate?

CALLER: He did not comment on anything other than he said more investigations shows that it was not racially motivated.

RUSH: I think the guy is wrong I think not only was it racism, it's justifiable racism.


RUSH: I mean, that's the lesson that we're being taught here today. Kid shouldn't have been on the bus anyway.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We need segregated buses. It was invading of space and so forth. This is Obama's America.

Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show 31 Comments [11/27/2011 9:53:01 AM]
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The fuck.

You want us to go back to the sixties?

Oh, right, this is Rush Limbaugh.

11/27/2011 10:20:21 AM

Doubting Thomas

In all fairness, I don't think he was being serious here. Doesn't mean he's not a total douchebag, though.

But then again, you never know with Rush. Even if he's joking, he probably really does believe it.

11/27/2011 10:23:39 AM


You may hear a slight buzzing sound when you hear the recording. That is not electronic interference. It's the sound or Rosa Parks spinning in her grave.

11/27/2011 10:27:34 AM

Brendan Rizzo

What is he even talking about here?

11/27/2011 10:30:02 AM

D Laurier

"You want us to go back to the sixties?"
The 1660s at that

11/27/2011 11:20:58 AM


Yes, we need segregation. Rush Limbaugh and his "dittoheads" need to be locked up where they won't be able to hurt themselves or others.

11/27/2011 12:05:15 PM



Rush, you somehow got even worse ever since your Lord's Resistance Army stunt. Justifiable racism?!? You should go to Chicago and take a bus. Full of black people. But SO FUCKING WHAT?

I still believe what those kids did was wrong, but that is no excuse for your racial bull.

BTW, the caller's one word responses made it seem like the caller was uncomfortable, rather than agreeing with Rush. I could be wrong, but just "True" and "Right" seem to be a bit... empty.

11/27/2011 2:40:38 PM


Segregation... how quaint.

11/27/2011 3:45:06 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

11/27/2011 4:02:24 PM

J. James

Rush, you are so full of bullshit I'm afraid that the buoyant methane gas will build up in that gasbag you call a head and cause you to float away into the clouds, never to be seen again.

Segregation? Really? Fuck off. FUCK. OFF. And blaming it on Obama! The hell? Kids beat up another kid and it's OBAMA'S FAULT. Do you even listen to yourself!?

What if a bunch of skinhead assholes beat up a black kid, not an uncommon occurrence? Would THAT also be Obama's fault? Or would it not even be mentioned on that shithole you call a show?

Keep digging, Rush. Just keep digging.

P.S. Percy Q. Shunn, god DAMMIT, what's with all the shemales? What the hell is wrong with you? First you boiled everyone's retinas with that naked, bare-boob mustachioed woman(?) on the last Savagesuzie quote, now this! Take it off!

11/27/2011 4:58:46 PM


Tell me why this shitbag has more popularity than most people with actual skill/talent.

11/27/2011 10:46:52 PM

Balthazar The Wise

Wow...Rush isn't hiding it anymore?

11/28/2011 1:47:22 AM


He's being sarcastic, you retards. He playing devil's advocate.

11/28/2011 2:04:00 AM


^ How can you tell?

11/28/2011 2:15:41 AM


Rush seems to be sucking down oxycontin again, so much for the power of Jesus healing addictions.

11/28/2011 4:59:41 AM


Fair enough, but you can see why people might struggle. Certainly you can't imagine the same conversation happening if it was a gang of white kids beating up a black one.

11/28/2011 5:03:15 AM

J. James


Maybe he was playing Devil's Advocate, or at least that's his excuse. But "This is Obama's America"? That's a true sentiment. He's actualy blaming Obama for that schoolkid fight.

11/28/2011 8:54:24 AM


Justified racism? Back to segregated busses?

Seriously, Rush? *facepalm*

11/28/2011 1:01:07 PM



That's not how I read this quote. How I read it was that Rush, while not realistically calling for segregation, is telling his (face it, mostly white) audience that in "Obama's America" racism against white people is the norm. Anti-white racism is viewed as justified because the "Mainstream Media", anti-racist activists and the Obama Administration are all expressing the idea that all white people are racist and, therefore, acceptable targets. In "Obama's America" white people are no longer safe and, as such, he jokingly made a passing reference to the possible necessity of segregation. Now, considering the ethicity and collective IQ of his listening audience they're going to hear this as, "Obama's in the White House and now black people have a green light to attack us! We'd better do something!" He may not have been serious in suggesting segregation, but it's a contemptable piece of race-baiting nonetheless, you retard*.

*Not that I actually think you're "retarded" in any sense of the phrase but if you dish it out, well, you know...

11/28/2011 1:21:13 PM


Blame everything on Obama why don't you? Cancer? Obama's fault! Car crash? Obama's fault!

11/28/2011 1:38:27 PM


Missing socks...OBAMA'S FAULT!
Soggy Cornflakes...OBAMA'S FAULT!

I swear, if these weirdos got ingrown toenails, bad gas or a charley-horse, they'd blame it on Obama!

And what in heaven's name is it with Percy Q Shun's penchant for posting odd & squicky pictures? Fat guys in diapers, fat guys in drag, deformed people, etc. Either Percy's just got a weird posting style or he/she is a troll.

11/28/2011 3:11:04 PM



Rush seems to be sucking down oxycontin again, so much for the power of Jesus healing addictions.

I went to the same rehab -Sierra Tucson - that Rush did, and I can tell you he's not following the program.

11/28/2011 3:42:32 PM

J. James


I know! It's awful! I still haven't mustered up the courage to see if that holy terror he posted on the last Savagesuzie quote has been taken down!

Good God... It was completely naked, but I still couldn't tell if it was male or female... Just a great, bloated blob of androgynous horror! MY EYEEEEES!!...

11/28/2011 8:45:48 PM


I gotta chime in here on our friend Percy. I've noticed that he seems to post pics that ridicule. Like the slob he posted above; to me, he's mocking rush limbaugh, & not trying to shock anyone here. Then again, maybe I'm wrong.

11/28/2011 9:59:09 PM

Raised by Horses

"Justifiable racism."

Just in case anyone was starting to think that Limbaugh might not be the rotund scum of the earth that everyone has previously suspected him to be, well, I think he's finally laid those fears to rest.


11/29/2011 6:03:10 AM

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