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Eternal damnation or unemployment? A Georgia factory worker chose the latter.
Billy Hyatt was fired from a plastics factory job at Pliant Corp. after he refused to wear a sticker with 666, which boasted that the factory had been accident free for 666 days.
He believed the number would cause him to “accept the mark of the beast and be condemned to hell.”
He’s seeking punitive damages and back pay in a federal lawsuit.

Bill Hyatt, New York Post 80 Comments [11/28/2011 4:11:02 AM]
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Yeah, it sucks that he got fired, but lol at his superstition. Especially since 666 isn't even the mark of the beast. That makes it lulzier.

That being said, pretty shitty reason to fire the guy. Though I'm inclined to believe he was being a generally bad employee and this was just the final straw. The actual article is only like three sentences, so for an unabridged story you should probably google it. He's a fundie, but if he was just fired for not wearing the sticker he should get his day in court.

11/28/2011 2:36:07 PM

Joe Mama

Can't say that I feel too sorry for him. Religious organizations receiving funding from the government because of "faith-based initiatives" can legally hire & fire people based on their religion. Yet you never see anything in the media about people getting fired for being atheists.

11/28/2011 2:41:27 PM


Just read the full story and I have to say now, fundie or not it was really unfair that he got fired. Whoops.

Here's the link:


11/28/2011 2:43:28 PM


The Civil Rights Act of 1964 overrides the "at-will" rules. It prohibits religious discrimination in employment, and requires reasonable accommodation of sincerely-held beliefs when requested - even if based on whack-job personal interpretations of Revelation - unless accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the business. To win, the company would have to show either that not wearing a badge would impose more than a de minimis cost or burden on the company, or that he's faking his religious beliefs.

11/28/2011 2:44:26 PM


I guess this moron would be really upset to learn that in the oldest manuscripts the mark of the beast is 616.

Seriously though, what kind of dipshit outfit fires someone over something like this?

11/28/2011 6:20:08 PM

Dr. Razark


And as noted elsewhere in the comments, he had an option: take day #666 off.

He tried. They wouldn't give him the day off he requested.

11/28/2011 8:37:38 PM

Potentate Argyros

Oh for F sake

11/29/2011 12:20:28 AM

Argle Bargle

Fired for refusing to wear a sticker?

I think there's more to this story than is being reported.

11/29/2011 4:20:36 AM

Raised by Horses

Let's hope this poor sod doesn't take up numerology and start seeing the number 666 pop up everywhere. He'd pretty much end up catatonic or institutionalized.

11/29/2011 7:07:21 AM


Poor guy. I would imagine, there's more to this story, but until such details surface, firing someone for refusing to wear a sticker is low, and I hope his lawyers take 'em to the cleaners.

Do I feel that his reasons for not wanting to wear the sticker are silly? Yes. Do I feel it's grounds for a 3-Day suspension with a termination at the end of it? Not by a long shot.

11/29/2011 7:17:33 AM


Billy? I bet he's feeling more like Hyatt from the (ultra-surreal, and hyper-lulzy) anime series "Excel Saga":


PROTIP: The organisation Excel (and Hyatt) represents - ACROSS - who, as per their leader Ilpalazzo considers the world to be completely corrupt, and aims to change such, are just like the Religious Right today:



11/29/2011 9:16:17 AM


Now THAT'S funny.

11/29/2011 9:43:27 AM


This reminds me of the kind of ritualistic thinking I suffered from when I had a OCD episode. It's hard to imagine that mortal terror over something so small if you've never experienced it.

11/29/2011 9:57:22 AM

Jeff Weskamp

Uh, isn't the Mark of the Beast supposed to be placed on a person's forehead or right hand? Nothing in the book of Revelation implies that simply wearing something marked with "666" will condemn you to hell.

11/29/2011 11:37:27 AM


Fake. If he were serious, he would have killed himself, on June 5th, 2006.

11/29/2011 11:56:09 AM


There must be more to it, he would not get fired just for refusing to wear a sticker ...

11/29/2011 3:11:40 PM


buildings skip naming the 13th floor, but this factory fired someone over a stupid sticker?

11/29/2011 3:16:13 PM


This was admittedly one of the few times I've WTF'd a person and sympathized with them at the same time. Both parties to this lawsuit are being childish. It's also just plain frustrating, as it gives fundies more ammo to reinforce their delusions of persecution in this country...

11/29/2011 8:01:59 PM

Philbert McAdamia

@ checkmate
I can only guess that his refusal to wear that sticker for *one day* was only the last straw.

Home Depot "requires" us to wear all manner of silly stickers. pins and badges. Criminy, there are more of those things than an Eagle Scout could amass. Not everybody wears them. And while HD regularly gives people the axe for any and all goofy reasons, (they can always find something) I have yet to hear of this one happening. From the fundies I've known I'd guess this clown has been antagonistic for a long time, and on many issues.

Or not. Some bosses are genuine intolerable shitheads.

11/29/2011 9:25:14 PM


Up to what I see... this is a case of idiot vs idiots.

11/30/2011 12:35:55 AM

refuter of fundy vermin

Any idiot who belives this superstitious horseshit DESERVES to be canned. Fuck you Billy...good luck finding another job!

11/30/2011 10:33:02 PM

why didn't the guy just take the day off ? he knew for weeks that it was coming, and was only 1 day.

11/30/2011 11:56:57 PM


To be honest I think his boss would say something different about the reasons he was fired. Not sure why this is here though, fundie athiest for apparently firing him over something so trivial?

12/1/2011 12:08:15 AM


My paraphrasing this particular Ferengi Rule of Acquisition has never been so appropriate:

Pride and the sack is worth the sack.

Said Rules of Acquisition are the philosophy of the Ferengi, Billy-boy. I suggest you study the above. Especially the implications of the emphasised part.

12/1/2011 10:56:15 AM

The funny thing is that he is seeking punitive damages for something he did voluntarily. First year Law in Oxford.

12/3/2011 11:03:57 AM

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