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   WARNING! We have no idea of knowing whether or not people who contact you are FBI, ATF, Interpol, or perhaps worst of all, some media schmuck. We don't care if they come to our meetings, and you shouldn't, either. We don't do anything illegal, and you shouldn't, either. Assume that somebody there is some sort of infiltrator or agent, and act accordingly. We get visits on our website from ".mil" and ".gov" domains all the time (Hi, Jeff!). We hope they are learning something. We wish they would donate some more, since we are furnishing them with a cushy detail job. Seriously, there is so much legal training, including marksmanship, medical training, tactics, communications, field craft and other stuff, that we should all be doing, that illegal stuff is not worth sweating over. No gun conversions, no bomb making, no lists of judges to assassinate. Don't do it, don't talk about it, and don't ask about it. If the local fed infiltrator asks you about it, just tell him, "We don't do that," and be done with it.

Michigan Militia, How To Start a Local Militia Unit 16 Comments [12/7/2011 4:21:11 AM]
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Percy Q. Shunn

Your tin-foil chapeau is lovely!

12/7/2011 4:58:09 AM

Raised by Horses

I hate to break this to you, but your little knitting club isn't that important. Your attitude is cute and all, but you've little reason to be paranoid. The alphabet agencies have real threats to worry about.

"No gun conversions, no bomb making, no lists of judges to assassinate. Don't do it, don't talk about it, and don't ask about it."

And by the way, today is NOT opposite day.

12/7/2011 5:08:40 AM


"We get visits on our website from ".mil" and ".gov" domains all the time (Hi, Jeff!)."


12/7/2011 5:40:39 AM

Doubting Thomas

Yeah, only keep that gun conversion, bomb making, and judge assassination stuff among your inner circle of trusted friends.

We get visits on our website from ".mil" and ".gov" domains all the time

Reminds me of a chemtrail nut who maintained a website "documenting" supposed chemtrail spraying. He logged each & every different government or military domain which visited the site as "proof" that the evil government was behind the conspiracy and watching them. After he and other chemtrail nuts sent numerous emails to every government agency they could think of demanding information on chemtrail spraying, it's not surprising that some guy in a government office would be like, "WTF?" and visit that website to see what it was all about. I mean, when you're claiming that the USDA is part of the conspiracy and spying on you, you've got serious problems.

12/7/2011 8:09:17 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Why would the media be a bigger problem than the FBI?

/completely missing the point

In all seriousness, if you aren't doing anything illegal, good for you. But do keep in mind that the rest of the world does not believe you, because your idea of "not illegal" is "declare yourself a sovereign citizen and go on a shooting spree".

12/7/2011 8:29:46 AM


Yeah, this brilliant disclaimer on What Not To Talk About is sure to throw them off your trail.

12/7/2011 9:34:55 AM


I find it quite doubtful that anyone would take these words seriously.

12/7/2011 10:25:04 AM


@ Brendan Rizzo:
They aren't doing anything illegal, and nor will they, because it's all empty rhetoric, not one word of it has translated into any actual action, they're like kids playing Army in the back garden, it's not real.

12/7/2011 10:25:50 AM


A bunch of grown-up boys like to dress up like soldiers and play with guns in the woods. A bunch of grown-up, paranoid, ill-informed boors have formed an army even though they have no natural enemies because they live in a country where an enormous amount of money is spent on the military. A bunch of grown-up boys like to fantasise that they're actually doing something worthwhile with their lives.

12/7/2011 11:14:36 AM


So, what's your militia unit for, then?

12/7/2011 1:18:48 PM


Gotta go with "meh." I grant you that a militia member is more likely a conspiracy theorist than not, but this isn't paranoid in and of itself. Fact is the FBI does keep an eye on these groups. And no bad thing it is.

12/7/2011 8:20:16 PM

Doubting Thomas


Except for Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph.

12/8/2011 7:10:11 AM


@ Doubting Thomas:
Neither Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph were members of this "Michigan Militia" McVeigh was probably sympathetic to militia movements, but wasn't part of one, and Rudolph was a Christian Fundamentalist who thought he was murdering people to fight abortion.
A Google search comes up with no violent acts attributed to the "Michigan Militia", although it does come up with a few about a group called "Hutaree" apparently also in the Michigan area, but seemingly distinct.
So no evidence for this "Michigan Militia" actually doing anything yet, they're just children playing with toys.

12/8/2011 11:11:47 AM


@ Anon

I'm pretty sure McVeigh associated himself with the Michigan Militia for a little bit. However, he quit them because he didn't like how "passive" they were so he set out on his own.

12/9/2011 5:05:03 AM

So, you're doing something illegal, eh buddy?. Make up your mind.

12/10/2011 4:55:36 AM



You know some marine recon guys are sooo sneaky they can creep up on you and watch you piss in the woods! No joke!


12/25/2011 11:36:24 PM

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