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In this teaching we will start out by first discussing many of the occult details and facts regarding both J.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ books/movies and then C.S. Lewis’s ‘Narnia’ books/movies.

During the 1930's to 1940's both Tolkien and Lewis were part of an informal literary discussion group associated with the ‘University of Oxford’ & known as the “Inklings”. C. S. Lewis called Charles Williams (Fellow “Inkling”, specialist in Tarot and Kabbalah & a man whose mind was steeped in occult rituals and demonic forces) ‘his dearest friend.’ This close friendship made a large impact on Lewis and his writings. C. S. Lewis wrote of Williams poems: ‘They seem to me… for their profound wisdom, to be among the two or three most valuable books of verse produced in the century.’ Charles Williams was also a member of the ‘Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’.

There are many that assert that both Tolkien and Lewis were closet members of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a amalgamation of Freemasonry (Babylonian mystery religions), Theosophy (An Satanic/occult religious philosophy combined with metaphysics, started by a high level witch named H. P. Blavatsky), Eliphas Levi’s Teachings (A high level black magic occultist), Enochian Magic (an elaborate system of advanced, Satanic, ceremonial magic), The Kabbalah (The highest level of Jewish witchcraft) and medieval grimoire (a manual of black magic for invoking spirits and demons). Regarding the Order of the Golden Dawn, among its first initiates was a coroner who allegedly performed necromantic rites, while another early member was black magician Aleister Crowley, the self styled Great Beast/666.

Part 1

Dr. Scott Johnson, Contending for Truth 21 Comments [12/11/2011 6:07:14 AM]
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Pule Thamex

Not sure what this verbiage means but is it supposed to be some sort of evidence for the existence of Satan? Or, like the post above from Gail, is it evidence of mental illness? Whatever, it makes Satan seem just as real as God, just as ethereal, just as invisible, just as ineffectual, just as imaginary and of a similar temperament (ie. nasty, petulant and childish), though admittedly, nowhere near as destructive nor as evil.

12/11/2011 8:30:06 AM

Let me see. Tolkien was Catholic, for starters, and CS Lewis atheist first and Anglican second. Seems that your "research" never began in the first place or you're pulling our leg.

12/11/2011 9:20:20 AM


What are you a doctor of, bullshit? (Some degree mill handed out the paper, I don't doubt). If you think Ronald Tolkien and Jack Lewis dabbled in the occult, or ever joined the Golden Dawn, you are barking mad. (Tolkien didn't even like Williams much).

I'm getting to feel sorry for Lewis, even thought I cordially dislike the man and his writings. Poor old sod gets jumped on by all sides, by fundies trying to enlist him as a flag-bearer for their simple-minded version of Christianity, and by nutters like this one.

And why, FFS, is Oxford University in scare quotes?

12/11/2011 10:29:29 AM


You're just not ready to accept a hairy-footed hobbit as a savior.

Read an actual biography of Tolkien. He spent a lot more time studying the ancient lore and religions of the UK and Germanic/Nordic nations than he did with modern woo.

12/11/2011 11:36:08 AM


Tolkein and C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams were all Christians.

12/11/2011 11:51:45 AM

Yeah, that all sounds very impressive, but even if magic were real you still don't know half as much about it as you think you do. You're parroting the big fancy names without knowing any of the history. You prove this the moment you spout off "medieval grimoire" as if it's a separate school of magic or a specific singular volume.

12/11/2011 11:52:17 AM

Brendan Rizzo

I know somebody named Scott Johnson. It sucks that he has to share a name with this guy.

Can "Dr." Johnson explain to us how Messrs. Tolkien and Lewis could have been in the occult when Tolkien was a devout Catholic who worked on a translation of the Bible and Lewis was a Christian apologists whose arguments are used to this day by Young Earth Creationists? So if Johnson ever, EVER uses the Trilemma or any other apologetic developed by Lewis, we will know that he is a Grade-A hypocrite.

12/11/2011 1:43:04 PM


I like how Oxford University is in suspicious quotes.

12/11/2011 2:38:53 PM


Wait isn't Enochian the language of the angels and thus magic used with it would be holy?

The rest is good old fashioned crazy, but I had to hone in on that because I sort of know it.

12/11/2011 7:44:52 PM


What is with crazy people and their need to declare themselves as doctors?

12/12/2011 2:25:52 AM

Dr. Razark


What is with crazy people and their need to declare themselves as doctors?

Hey... not all of us who get doctorates from shady sources are crazy.

12/12/2011 7:41:30 AM

Comrade Potatovich

You are triple wrong
Layer 1: Apparently non-Christian magical mumbo jumbo is OF TEH DEBBIL by default
Layer 2: Apparently non-Christian magical mumbo jumbo actually does anything
Layer 3: Apparently creativity can not be explained without involving TEH DEBBIL

Bonus points: Narnia is, in reality, a cunning Christian plot to get kids interested in Christianity.Don't look for gateway drugs in weed, there's one corrupting our youth for 60 years now and its name is Aslan.

12/12/2011 11:26:29 AM


I think Scott Johnson gives away his ignorance by putting the University of Oxford in quotation marks.

12/12/2011 1:03:27 PM

Umberto Eco's " Foucalt's Pendulum " is a work of fiction. Just FYI, "Dr." Johnson.

12/12/2011 1:08:44 PM


Drat, he forgot the Necronomicon!!!

12/12/2011 5:18:13 PM


Someone started a museum in Dawnstar honoring the Order of the Mystic Dawn. I just received a message inviting me to visit.

12/14/2011 9:35:47 PM

Gimpo Pop Eyes

Wow! What a lot of contending you're going to be doing before you even get anywhere near to the truth. Though I presume that as you get closer to C.S.Lewis's belief in a magic god-man-ghost, a sort of high-level wizard of the supernatural realm and the slaughterer of millions of innocents, the truth part will be more apparent?

12/15/2011 8:10:20 AM

Jasper Spotty-Butt

Incredible! I must say these assertions and allegations are absolutely mind blowing. What depths you must have delved in order bring such arcane knowledge to the world's attention. How sage and scholarly of you to present such staggering and little known, er, truths about, er, something or the other. Surely you have gone way beyond a mere doctorate, surely you must be accorded the rare honour of receiving a distinguished seerage.

12/15/2011 8:25:48 AM

No one of importance

Williams briefly belonged to a Rosicrucian group, not a Golden Dawn society. Furthermore there is no way he could have a member in the true sense, as the original Dawn had splintered into several factions and dissolved itself by 1903, and I am doubtful that they allowed 16 year-olds to participate.

Regardless I really would like to hear this guy's answer for who 'they' are when he says "There are many that assert that both Tolkien and Lewis were closet members of the Golden Dawn." If he had the slightest level of knowledge about the Inklings, and the early British occult scene in the 1900's he would understand why I started laughing hysterically when I read this.

12/17/2011 7:17:29 PM

Sagan's Ghost

Dr. in this situation obviously refers to:
Piled Higher & Deeper.

Or you can now get PhD.'s at mallwart

12/17/2011 8:06:02 PM

JoJo the Apeman

I think someone's mad lib got out of hand

12/18/2011 3:19:07 PM

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