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Barack Hussein Obama, our president, is a traitor. Finally, his hatred for our nation and his plan to destroy it are crystal clear. He must be forced from office — legally — before our entire country goes down the drain for the final count!

Much has gone on in the last three years to show Obama's true colors, sympathetic not to Judeo-Christians values and culture, but Islam and its surrogate-controlled states.

First there was his canceling the White House National Day of Prayer and instead feasting the Muslim holiday of Ramadan — using the latter as an occasion to to endorse the building of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City. Then he refused to allow Jewish and Christian clergy to speak and give prayer at the 10th anniversary of September 11! He did this with the help of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who I believe is a self-hating Jew who also endorsed the mosque at Ground Zero and its terrorist-linked Imam Feisal Rauf.

Then, and second, there was Obama's disrespect and disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu, when BHO abruptly left a meeting in the White House to have dinner with Michelle Obama, his socialist and far-leftist wife. If this were not bad enough, Obama has done everything he can to harm Israel, the home of Jesus and Moses and our only ally in the Middle East. Notwithstanding the spirituality of the Holy Land is the simple fact that Israel safeguards the West's oil supply. If this oil falls into the wrong hands, our economy — however bad it is — will tank and go right through the floor along with the rest of the free world.

Third, Obama and his socialist if not communist comrades in the administration, coupled with anti- Christian and anti-Semitic atheists, undermined pro-American governments in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Now the Middle East, save for Israel, is controlled almost exclusively by radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, which not only want to destroy the Jewish state, kill all Jews and Christians eventually, but also take over the world with their inhuman brand of Shariah law. The Middle East now looks like a small version of the Roman empire, only the Romans are not in charge; radical Islam is.

Fourth, Obama is literally in bed with the neo-Nazi radical Islamic mullahs in Iran, who are close to developing nuclear weapons not only to destroy Israel, but us as well. He and his corrupt secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, have sold our beloved nation out to these mullahs and have not taken any meaningful action to either remove them or stop their nuclear march to our annihilation. To the contrary, Obama and Clinton have rocked back and allowed Iran to soon get nuclear weapons. And, as you probably know, Iran is the head of the snake when it comes to terrorism. It financially supports nearly every terrorist group and even put a bounty on the heads of our brave servicemen fighting for us in Iraq and Afghanistan. For each American GI killed, Iran pays over $1,000 dollars for their heads. And, all the while Obama and Clinton sit back and say and do nothing to stop this "genocide."

If this were not enough, the latest outrage and atrocity, severely compromising our national security, is the final straw, and it shows to the nation exactly who Obama is. In the last days, our most secret warplane was electronically lured into Iranian airspace when it was flying over Afghanistan to locate and kill terrorists bent on destroying us. This was our most secret and prized military possession, a stealth drone, which had proven very effective in fighting terrorists. Iran, with the likely help of communist China and Russia, who want to compromise our national security as well, caused the plane to land in Iran. When this happened, what did Obama do? Nothing! He could and should have sent our warplanes into Iran to destroy the drone, before Iranians, Chinese and Russians could get their hands on it. Now, these enemies of freedom have our highest technology to use against us, and soon they will have stealth drones just like ours to use against us and Israel!

Barack Hussein Obama was complicit in this treasonous act. By allowing the radical Islamic mullahs in Iran, China and Russia to have our highest technology when he simply could have ordered the destruction of the drone once it went down, Obama cemented my strong belief that he is a traitor.

Larry Klayman, Renew America 29 Comments [12/27/2011 4:15:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 28
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Percy Q. Shunn

Wow, there is so much fail in this pile of stupidity, that I don't even know where to begin.

12/27/2011 4:35:43 AM


I am so sorry sir. I do not usually respond to nonsense in this way but you are an unbelievable fucking moron. Stop watching Fox news and start caring about the truth and reality.

12/27/2011 5:27:30 AM


Your "strong belief that [Obama] is a traitor" would also have been "cemented" if you had seen him drink a cup of tea or ride a golf cart.

12/27/2011 5:39:24 AM

Traitor is the person who blatantly disregards the interests of his group in favour of another one,in detriment of the former. Since Israel is not United States and America has been buying petrol from Arabic countries since...........ever, your tirade sound stupid.

12/27/2011 6:10:13 AM

mad the swine

"Barack Hussein Obama, our president, is a traitor... second, there was Obama's disrespect and disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu"

I'm pretty sure that anything Obama does with respect to Israel cannot, by definition, be treason against the United States.

"Fourth, Obama is literally in bed with the neo-Nazi radical Islamic mullahs in Iran"


12/27/2011 6:10:45 AM

There are as many mullahs in Russia and in China as there are Hindu worshippers of Vishnu in New York. Do a little research.

12/27/2011 6:10:56 AM

"Radical Islamic mullahs" don't fare well in China.

12/27/2011 8:17:02 AM

Doubting Thomas

I said it before, and I'll say it again: It must be truly frightening to imagine the world these nutjobs think they live in.

Israel safeguards the West's oil supply.

What??? Just fucking what??? Our oil comes from those dirty brown people practicing sharia law whom you hate so much. You think a bunch of Muslim states are going to let a tiny Jewish country control their oil?

I won't even comment about neo-Nazi mullahs.

12/27/2011 8:25:24 AM


I should point out that, even according to your own book, Israel was never home to Moses. He wasn't allowed in, remember? Because he hit a rock with a stick?

12/27/2011 8:26:32 AM

Brendan Rizzo

I'd get into such things about how the National Day of Prayer was started by Bush the Lesser and thus hardly a tradition, and that the mosque was nowhere near Ground Zero, and that the Arab Spring was a democratic movement against tyranny, but one thing in this libelous screed stands out. Larry thinks there are mullahs running China and Russia?! Is he fucking serious?

12/27/2011 9:21:52 AM


"Fourth, Obama is literally in bed with the neo-Nazi radical Islamic mullahs in Iran, who are close to developing nuclear weapons not only to destroy Israel, but us as well."

Literally. Obama is literally in bed with neo-Nazi radical Islamic mullahs in Iran. So right now, in Iran, there is a bed with Obama LITERALLY lying in it alongside radical Islamic mullahs who also subscribe to the ideals of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Literally.

12/27/2011 9:31:35 AM


Wait, I thought the U.S. was going to collapse five minutes after Obama was elected. And again five minutes after his inauguration. And at five-minute intervals ever since. So why should anyone believe you now?

12/27/2011 9:59:18 AM


This man's name is actually Larry Kraykray.

12/27/2011 10:49:24 AM

J. James

Neo-Nazi mullahs? Uh...

Huh. Thank you, Internet.

12/27/2011 11:17:50 AM

Jeff Weskamp

Wow. This is the biggest collection of brain droppings I have ever seen.

12/27/2011 12:20:40 PM

Giardano Bruno

"Michelle Obama, his socialist and far-leftist wife".

Our queen very clearly likes Michelle. She is very good at never showing what her politics are, but I would be rather surprised if they were left wing.

12/27/2011 5:34:38 PM

Giardano Bruno

I am a Catholic and I celebrate Diwali and Eid and Hanukka with friends.

12/27/2011 5:53:29 PM

Giardano Bruno

Sorry should also have said that Bibi is <don't even want to say>. But you can read Haaretz to get opinions that I am shy of saying.

12/27/2011 5:56:44 PM


Klayman is nothing but a Republican attack dog. Like many pit bulls, he just doesn't know when to stop attacking.

He filed scores of nuisance lawsuits against the Clinton administration. Now Obama's the target.

He had his 15 minutes of fame hounding Clinton. He misses the limelight and will say anything in a pitiful attempt to get coverage and money.

12/27/2011 6:47:11 PM


This is simply a catalogue of all the vilest insults and accusations that this man can hurl to vent his rage over a man who dares to be President while black. The problem is that he didn't make them up himself. They were handed to him ready-made, manufactured by someone, somewhere, who is just waiting for a susceptible member of the audience to engage in an act of stochastic terrorism. We've already had a Congresswoman shot after having virtual crosshairs placed on her by a smarmy little half-baked Alaskan. How far is this going to go?

12/27/2011 7:40:51 PM

Greater Good

...where's that WHARRGARBLE picture of the dog? Or the LOLWUT pear? Surely one or both of those macros would be appropriate here.

12/27/2011 9:14:52 PM


I love Obama's presidency. Because it's forcing all the frothing lunatics out of the woodwork in droves.

12/28/2011 7:17:25 AM


So far, President Obama has proven himself to be a doormat for the GOP and only slightly left of Bush. Even by American standards, he is a centrist at best, and he is downright conservative by more worldly standards. I'd hate to see how unhinged these people would become if we had a president who was legitimately left of center.

@Shax: Me too. Like someone else said on an earlier post, Obama's presidency has been like a shot of Raid under the roach-infested political sink, sending all the nasty and vile creatures scurrying out into the light for all to see. He may be a pretty mediocre president, but this alone has ultimately made his stay in the White House worthwhile to me.

12/28/2011 4:13:03 PM


The fuck are you on about now?

12/28/2011 4:37:37 PM


Tell me why you insist being a plagiarist?

12/29/2011 10:51:43 AM

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