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Assuming my brain to brain communications are accurate, you have informed me that the reason my links to One True Media weren't working is because Jesuits bombed One True Media with casualties. It appears they have restored my videos, because they had an online back-up. However, this has made me aware that I need to have an online back-up for my computers, and I have just purchased My PC Backup and am in the process of backing up my two computers online. This is the best way for me to back-up my files, because if my apartment was destroyed, with an online back-up, my files will still be safe.

It is wonderful to have my videos restored at One True Media, but am so sorry about what happened there. Jesuits are relentless. I've never had an online back-up before, but, after hearing what happened at One True Media, have decided to do so. I have to pay for it, but it's worth it, my life is on my computers. The back up is taking place right now. May take awhile. I chose My PC Backup because it's rated highly.

I have already informed you (via e-mail) about the hacking threat I got at YouTube. I'm sure the person is a Jesuit. I have removed the video he claims I stole from him from YouTube, as it's not a very important video and not worth all this. I thought that his material that I used for my video was okay, as it was offered at YouTube for video creation. But then Jesuits never play fair. They always play dirty. I have not responded to this person, as by responding to him, I may make it easier for him to hack my computers. I have also blocked him from contacting me at YouTube. I don't know how I'm getting all these messages at YouTube, as I've requested that only my contacts can contact me. It's pretty obvious that Jesuits invented the computer.

Assuming our brain to brain communications are accurate, so glad to hear you all are finally healing from those horrible Jesuit infections you got from those gay Jesuits who forced you to have oral sex with them. Jesuits are such monsters.

Gail, Church of Gail 30 Comments [12/24/2011 7:47:56 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

I know we're not supposed to ridicule obviously insane people on here, but most of the time there's no fine line between conspiracy theory and insanity.

12/24/2011 8:25:06 AM


Slight problem you need a brain first. What a load of crap. Why don't you switch the computer off and get a life

12/24/2011 9:58:37 AM

Or probably because either the site is crappy(most probable option, judging by the name of the site)or because nobody takes you seriously.

12/24/2011 10:03:38 AM


Now, what did we all say before about making fun of the genuinely deranged?....

12/24/2011 10:18:37 AM


If this is not a Poe, I would be genuinely surprised. Those last few sentences sound almost like, "So I herd u liek Jesuits so I put some Jesuits in your Jesuit so you can Jesuit while you Jesuit."

12/24/2011 10:29:01 AM


It kinda sounds like My PC Backup made up this online persona as an attempt to target the conspirationnist market.

12/24/2011 10:57:30 AM


Gail is not a Poe; she's most likely mentally ill.

12/24/2011 10:57:32 AM

J. James

Sad, sad creature.

12/24/2011 11:03:53 AM


Gail is 100% serious. She's mentally ill, and has a very warped worldview. This isn't funny. This is just sad.

12/24/2011 11:19:10 AM

Gail needs help... that is all.

12/24/2011 11:27:24 AM


12/24/2011 12:01:21 PM


I feel like a bad person for laughing at this. Sure, I can't really help laughing, and I am laughing at the sheer absurdity of what she said, not at her, but still. :(

This really shouldn't be here, guys. Please stop posting her stuff. Her first quote on here was already one too many.

ETA: Oh man, I've gotten sucked in. I'm reading her site now. I hate my trainwreck syndrome.

"Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin are on a supersonic jet trying to rescue my mother and Hugh Jackman, who are inside a very fortified Jesuit military compound with a very strong shield. Matthew McConaughey is flying drone airplanes, dropping off fighting robots into the Jesuit military compound. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is on our side and helping us to fight the Jesuits. He does not like the Jesuits. [...] Hugh Jackman and his robots, along with the men on my marriage list, Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler and Vladimir Putin, heroically saved my mother, whom the Jesuits transported to their most fortified military compound."

...what the fuck? I can't believe she isn't a Poe, yet she can't be a Poe (unless she's some kind of bizarre and extremely dedicated performance artist).

This woman needs help. Badly. Why isn't she getting it?

12/24/2011 1:21:10 PM

Creedence Leonore Gielgud

The Jesuits know Computer Science III I bet.

12/24/2011 1:21:55 PM


She needs help, medication or some serious therapy or something. The real question isn't how nutty she is, but why her family and/or friends haven't gotten her some professional help.

her entire site is like this, one crazy thing after another, but the worst part...

The very worst part...

Is that she could have chosen mosy for backup, it's so much more user friendly than most programs, and I don't think the Jesuits (or any shadowy Catholic secret organizations) have anything to do with it.

Mosy is totally the product of a rare illuminati-Masons team up to prepare the world for the rise of our reptilian overlords. No Jesuits there...

(Entertainment, am doing it right?)

12/24/2011 1:23:23 PM


"Assuming my brain to brain communications are accurate..."

OK, that's enough. You're a wacko.

12/24/2011 5:16:40 PM

Drunk swede

Mental illness is rarely funny, but when it is, it's hilarious.

12/24/2011 10:16:00 PM


I'd like to see what is inside your skull. Based on this, there is either a remarkably stupid alien or a very badly programmed robot.

12/25/2011 10:22:07 AM


My PC Backup should totally make this into a testimonial commercial.

12/25/2011 10:26:39 AM


@ shykid, Wastrel:

Under current law, a person can not be treated for mental illness against her will unless it can be shown that she's an imminent danger to herself or others. Otherwise, she's free to refuse any and all treatment.

12/25/2011 3:57:14 PM

Giardano Bruno

Please do not mock people who are ill.

12/25/2011 4:00:10 PM

Percy Q. Shunn


12/25/2011 6:12:49 PM

Brendan Rizzo

I'm not going to mock this because it is clear that Gail is mentally ill; I just have a question.

What's with all the Jesuit-hate? It's literally impossible for a conspiracy theorist not to think that the Jesuits are part of some sinister organization for world domination, but the real Jesuits are a bunch of priests who like to study things, mostly philosophy. I really do not know why they are so hated.

12/25/2011 7:35:01 PM


@ Brendan Rizzo:

The Jesuits take a special vow of obedience to the pope. Thus they trigger the same distrust and suspicions in conspiracy theorists as the pope. The Jesuits are seen as a kind of papal special forces unit.

The funny thing is that the order has often been at odds with the Vatican on doctrinal questions.

12/25/2011 8:10:24 PM


deleting double post

12/25/2011 8:19:44 PM


Gail is obviously in need of antipsychotic medication. Just because her symptoms are amusing, doesn't make it any less tasteless to use her as entertainment. Conjoined twins, elephantiasis suffers and the morbidly obese are also funny and fascinating, but we generally don't treat them as such because we more readily perceive the human tragedy in those conditions.

I propose a suspension of Gail quotes.

12/26/2011 7:31:08 AM

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