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And the No. 1 abuse of homosexual activism in the United States in 2011, was the implementation of the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," allowing open homosexual behavior in our military. No one can yet know how damaging the repeal of the ban on sodomy will be – we can only guess – but there's no question that it will damage the character of our armed forces and undermine their effectiveness. Dare I say the obvious? We need non-effeminate men in the military. Does anyone really believe that a prancing drill sergeant won't detract from readiness? Where women are serving, they should be women of high character, not those who embrace homosexual conduct and publicly declare a "sin" identity. These folks have truly lost their way, their shame, their innate sense of God's touch on and design for their lives.

Friends, this list is a call to action. We need to first understand the decline into barbarism that homosexual and sex-change activism brings. Then, we need to each be that person who gets it, who understands that these folks with their radical ideology are purposely endangering families, children, our nation's security, our economy and the religious freedom of all who don't go along.

God has warned us in the pages of Scripture that these sinful impulses will end in catastrophe. It's not true that this is just another way to love, but these activists, as you can see, intend to overturn the beauty of traditional sexual morality.

Please join me in pledging to speak out against this destructive agenda wherever possible during 2012.

Linda Harvey, Right Wing Watch 106 Comments [12/29/2011 4:17:21 AM]
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While we're catching up on old threads, Anon-E-Moose, why don't you explain to your friends here why you think you "might enjoy" being sodomized? That's a direct quote from you on a previous thread.

12/30/2011 7:02:30 PM


Yes. Prancing, effeminate, except when your trying to portray them as the big bad Nazis responsible for the holocaust and violently promoting their 'agenda', eh miss Linda?

12/30/2011 8:41:08 PM

Kat S.

Whaduya know, another person speculating on the military since they never served themselves. My question to Linda Harvey is where in the Bible does it say that a nation, nevermind a person, should not allow LGBT people to join the military?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Like I have said before, as well as others echoing before me in this and other posts, I have served in the military and none of the examples you speculate occur now nor are they likely to occur at all in the future. For example, a Drill Sergeant would not go prancing around gay or not because in conflicts with militay bearing, and the recruits would not take their Drill Sergeant seriously at all if s/he showed a lack of self-disipline. Also, the LGBT crowd isn't hellbent (pardon the pun) on destroying America. Those who have signed up unlike *ahem* some people, want to faithfully serve their country. Besides, I knew of gay and lesbian servicemembers when DADT was in affect, and these people were nicer and less judgemental on others than certain overly religious people.

12/30/2011 8:47:51 PM


Better stop all the talk about sodomy Anon-e-Moose. You're getting our favorite troll all excited.

12/30/2011 8:49:04 PM


Ever hear of Alexander the great? Homo's kick ass, not prance.

12/30/2011 11:07:04 PM


"We need non-effeminate men in the military."

> Does anyone really believe that a prancing drill sergeant won't detract from readiness?

That's not the question. The real question is this: Are there prancing drill sergeants, and if so, are they detracting from readiness? Secondly, doesn't military code of conduct and traditions already condemn this? No prancing in the military, be ye straight or gay, unless you're on a goddamn parade.

Just my opinion, but I find military parades pretty campy/fruity, like some sort of military ballet... :P

"While we're catching up on old threads, Anon-E-Moose, why don't you explain to your friends here why you think you "might enjoy" being sodomized? That's a direct quote from you on a previous thread."

Weeeeeell, could it be because he is aware that prostate stimulation is supposed to be very pleasurable, maybe? And/or because he doesn't share your silly hangups about sexuality? I'm a straight male and I know that I wouldn't be adverse to some experimentation with bum fun, if my OCD wasn't getting in the way.
And do you seriously expect to manage to embarrass Anon-e-Moose with your little quote? Here, on FSTDT? If so, I have only of thing to say to you:

12/31/2011 7:55:48 AM



And why are you so concerned about the notion that I 'might enjoy' such, pray tell...?

...but then just the thought of you wanting to think of such happening to me - liking it or no - is in itself very telling.

Like I say, Adrian, Freud was right all along.

...oh, and what you said. Also, to reinforce your pic - and to magnify our resident bridge-dwelling goat-molester's own FAIL:

PROTIP: The act of anal sex isn't only the preserve of gay men, nosiree; it's also practiced by heterosexual couples too. And not just by the woman in receipt of such pleasuring, neither.

Thus, Adrian, is why her argument - and her 'threats' via her revenge fantasy/fetish/buttsex obsession - completely FAILS.

As does her entire mindset infected by the vile disease of right-wing Fundamentalist Christianity. But then, Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life - via said revenge fantasy/fetish/buttsex obsession that is part of her overall mental handicap (which she proves she has, every time she posts here; as per her attention-seeking, thus her monomaniacal need to keep coming to FSTDT), she puts the Mental in Fundamentalist Christianity.

She knows the only possible way to prove me wrong, however: never post in FSTDT again Ever.

...but you keep proving me right, dearie. And we'll keep pointing & laughing at you & your unjustifiable 'beliefs', as you keep trying to 'convert' anyone who you think will listen.

Question: have you converted any of the commenters in FSTDT since you first infected this place with your inferior presence? Such is the measure of not only you, but your 'belief's more than infinite FAIL.

Further proof of her FAIL, Adrian? This:


"Anonymoose, what is your point?"

More of her evasion tactics. Like I say, that, and her repeated use of 'I don't understand you!' is all part of the fundie's own auto-cultic indoctrination, designed to protect the membrane thin 'faith', a.k.a. brainwashing. They daren't answer questions to the satisfaction of we Atheists. For fear of their fragile 'faith' being destroyed, or at least for them to start questioning their own 'beliefs', thus they themselves becoming Atheists.

But then, just ask Jonathan Edwards:


Yet, he wasn't challenged by another Atheist. All it took was his own critical thinking faculties for him to rend the veil of real lies, and truly see the light. Of Reality.

It hasn't killed him. And he was 'Born Again' for longer than Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life, before he got better. So what is she afraid of, in doing the same? Asking questions - even if they're a little too inconvenient for her 'faith'. Like I say, the whole basis of science is to constantly question things. The facts shine through.

Where are the facts in religion? You tell me, dearie. but then, via hard, solid, physical evidence, Facts fuck 'Faith'. Every time.

A book of fairytales =/= Fact. Ergo, Atheism. QED. Oh, and while we're catching up on old threads...:


...why don't you explain to my friends here why you are so conspicuous by your absence there, pray tell? Like I say, whassamatter, dearie? When the intellectual going gets a little too 'rough' for you - to the extent that your next replies to such could potentially destroy your 'beliefs' - you pussy out of such discussions? But then, that's you right-wing fundies all over: intellectually dishonest, to say nothing of being the cowards you really are. Because if you tried to answer our charges - certainly to our satisfaction - you'd start thinking for yourself (thus questioning the validity of your so-called 'beliefs', and therefore your 'faith'), and we can't be having that now, can we?! [/hyper-sarcasm]

And like I say, Any excuse to get out of not only acknowledging, nay, admitting that you - and your 'religion' - is wrong, but reduced to 'threats' when you can't get your own way (i.e. making us come to your way of thinking, thus 'Turn or Burn'; Buttsex with demons for eternity etc). But as you should know by now, 'threats' are used - as a last resort - by those who know they've lost the argument.

One last thing, Adrian (and the good peeps of FSTDT): I'd bet the £175 in my wallet right now, on one of two things happening:

1- Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life replies (thus proving me right yet again, re. her attention-seeking/monomania-based mental handicap) either 'What is your point' or 'I don't understand you!', as per her usual evasion tactic to get out of answering our charges against her directly & to our satisfaction, despite the repeated claims of fundies like her to 'have all the answers'.

2- She pussies out of this thread, with her tail between he legs, but no doubt returning to molest more goats in quote threads that have absolutely no relevance to her whatsoever. When she is so very conspicuous by her absence in a thread based on a quote by her:


Now, would she care to catch up on this old thread? What is she - and her 'faith' - afraid of...? After all, the writers of the Bible were there to 'witness' Creation, before Adam & Eve

...and no, 'inspired by God' only after the event renders your argument invalid. I refer you to the comment by Semi-Christian on the second page. Also, why couldn't God have created the HD video camera before anything else...?! [/smartarse]



"None of us were there at creation, so ultimately it doesn't matter what you, me, or a scientist thinks. We can only guess. I have a document that was written not only by someone who was there, but by the Person who actually made it happen. It's like sitting at a table in a restaurant and enjoying a lovely soup. We can all speculate on what ingredients might be in it, but once the chef comes out of the kitchen and tells us how he actually made it, our speculation becomes pointless. God has told us how the earth was made. I don't need pointless speculation after that point."

Use of bad analogy. Your argument is invalid. At least the chef exists, and can actually appear before the diner(s) to accept their compliments or criticisms.

...now, unless your so-called 'God' can do the same, as in proving his existence to our satisfaction, then everything you - or the basis of your 'beliefs', the Bible - claims, is all lies. 'Belief' is irrelevant.

Your call.

12/31/2011 8:36:51 AM


What is your question here that I am allegedly "dodging?" I clarified my remarks on Genesis. When I said "eyewitness," I meant God. None of us were there at creation, so ultimately it doesn't matter what you, me, or a scientist thinks. We can only guess. I have a document that was written not only by someone who was there, but by the Person who actually made it happen. It's like sitting at a table in a restaurant and enjoying a lovely soup. We can all speculate on what ingredients might be in it, but once the chef comes out of the kitchen and tells us how he actually made it, our speculation becomes pointless. God has told us how the earth was made. I don't need pointless speculation after that point.

12/31/2011 10:09:25 AM



If the Bible was written by Yahweh(many other Christians would disagree with you and say 'oh,it's inspired by Yahweh, or written by man with the Holy Spirit in them), as you claim, then why are there so many contradictions and completely wrong descriptions about how the universe actually works? Why would Yahweh only give one contradictory,murder-filled book to one group of people in one little part of the planet?Every other religion claims it's stories/books etc are also true.They think that your stories are simply myths like you think theirs are. If your supposed all-loving, all-knowing PERFECT diety exists and wanted everyone to know about it,then there would be one book,written in every language-and every possible language, with no contradictions,no awful murder/incest/rape/culling of races & religions/advocating stoning of mixed-fabric wearing/shellfish eating people, no ridiculous 'I have to flood the world because the things I created arn't how I wanted them to be' etc.Or perhaps we wouldn't even need a book because it would/could communicate physically manifest and physically speak to every person on the planet simultaneously at any time it wanted to to tell them anything it wanted them to know.It would be one 'truth', have plenty of evidence to support it,everyone would know and understand it as such, and this deity would happily sign,date,and show exactly how/why everything it in there is true. That is what we would expect if such a being existed and cared about us mere humans understanding it.But, we see NONE of those things, and therefore I have to logically conclude that there is no diety that 'made us, gave us a bunch of rules to follow and really cares whether or not we do what it tells us'. If there is a supernatural being at all, it doesn't give any evidence to it's existence and therefore is of no concern to anyone and we have no reason to think it's even there.


Edit: Also,if the Bible is written by Yahweh as you claim, why does Yahweh write in third person and write poems and songs to himself?

12/31/2011 1:54:20 PM


They are risking their lives so you can spout your bullshit, so I say that they have a lot more character than you'll have in your entire life.

12/31/2011 6:39:08 PM


His4Life raises some good points here. If I wanted to know how the universe was created, why would I ask anyone except the One who actually made it, huh? Your position is illogical.

1/1/2012 11:02:28 AM

You had better be trolling or sarcastic.

1/1/2012 11:09:02 AM


@Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life, GeorgeWilkins


@Zaydin (emphasis added):

"This is the definition of Insane Troll Logic. Because the people who wrote the Bible claim it's the word of God, therefore it is. Don't try to reason with these people; they've long since shut down the part of their mind that encourages critical thinking."

If God himself didn't put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard, proofread/spellcheck (lol, God's 'omniscience'), send the manuscript/Word document to the printers, bind and distribute the tome entitled 'The Bible' with the words 'Written by God' on it, then it's not the inerrant, consistent, flawless, perfect 'Word of God' (at least "The God Delusion" was written by Richard Dawkins), but merely the insane ramblings of Bronze Age goatfuckers with ideas above their stations. Written by inconsistent, flawed, imperfect men. Proof of those inconsistencies, flaws, imperfections and contradictions that render the Bible worse than fiction?:


Not for nothing did Isaac Asimov say (quote):

'Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for Atheism ever conceived'

I certainly did years ago. It's what made me the Atheist I am today. Become 'Saved'? No thanks. I like thinking. Question: So your 'God' could poof a universe, world & life on it into existence, yet he can't create his own books, nor spread his own word himself?! The trope 'Fridge Logic':


It exists for a reason. Similarly, the notion that he could poof into being said world & life on such, yet he couldn't have done the same with Adam & Eve?! Yep. That's what I call Omnipotence! [/hyper-sarcasm]

Seems that it's not just via the concept of a talking snake, where your 'Word of God' fails at Step 0, and falls off the Ledge of Credibility, and is still dropping down the bottomless pit of infinite FAIL to this day. Like I say about your so-called 'Word of God', full of errors, inconsistencies, flaws - and FAIL: written by Bronze Age goatfuckers with ideas above their stations.

As the question 'Which came first: the chicken or the egg?' has already been answered (as birds evolved from reptiles, therefore the egg came first), therefore that age old question:

'Did God create man, or did Man create God?'

is answered. That above Biblical contradictions link is all the answer one needs.

'Philosophy'? Meh, I piss on it. Strike the fingers of that hand on the palm to make the sound of one hand clapping. Digital audio recorder with auto-record & a lithium battery placed near a tree that's rotting & creaking in the wind; leave forest. Return later, retrieve recorder & play back sound of tree falling over when nobody was around to hear it. Put cat, radioactive source & flask of poison in a box with a tiny wireless video camera & light source, or make said box out of transparent Perspex.

And the symbol of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Movement: the Rainbow (as per Peter Fitzinya's pic). Which represents the Unity of Humanity - with all it's differences - through tolerance and understanding. A rainbow is formed by sunlight refracted through tiny droplets of water suspended in the air just after a rain shower, separating light into it's constituent colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet) that make up the visual band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The optimum angle of sunlight for refraction & thus said prismatic effect to occur, to create said symbol of humanity's oneness through diversity, individuality & difference, that represents LGBT people, and we straight people who don't have a problem with them & their lifestyle(s)?:


In figuring that one out, I've just become superior to the hypercomputer Deep Thought, who took 7.5 million years to come up with the answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. But then devised the computer that would supercede it: Earth.

A thought: I bet that if I were to travel to Norway, I'd see on their fjords 'Made by Slartibartfast. Earth mk. II'. [/Douglas Adams]

Moral: Become 'Saved'? No thanks, dearie. I like to think. After all, as FSTDT's resident Argument Annihilator, I have a position, nay, a reputation to maintain. And sometimes, I think so much, I nearly scare myself.

Thinking for oneself is superior. Just ask Jonathan Edwards. But then, as Martin Luther said (quote): 'Reason is the enemy of Faith'. I refer you to the aforementioned quote by Isaac Asimov. I have a quote too, Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life:

'The Bible:

It does the thinking for you.'

Now you know why Atheism exists. After all, if not for the thinking of one particular Atheist - and homosexual - Alan Turing, you wouldn't have that computer to spew your fundie bullshit with, dearie. A homophobe right-wing fundie who hates Atheists, who has to use the invention of someone she hates to spread said hatred of homosexuals & Atheists. Oh, teh irony.

1/2/2012 8:03:19 AM


Chickened out, dearie? Or asking your pastor about what to say in reply, seeing as - despite the claims of you fundies - you're supposed to have 'all the answers', re. your so-called Bible's 'Truth', which is actually lies. But then, like I say about the Bible...:

It does the thinking for you.

I'm surprised you cam formulate an answer, with the twisted doctrine based on the pretzel logic that is your 'Truth', the 'Word of God':


...which - if he had to rely on inconsistent, flawed, imperfect men - and couldn't create his own books, is therefore nothing more than the ramblings of a bunch of Bronze Age goatfuckers with ideas above their stations. But then, if your so-called 'God' could poof into existence his own 'Word of God', then it wouldn't have been beyond his ken to have actually spread his 'Good News' himself (and no, not 'Jesus') by him actually appearing in hard, solid, physical form himself; compared to the hyper-difficulty of making a man from dirt (as opposed to poofing into being a universe, world & all the life on it - a piece of piss, powers & omnipotence-wise, I'm sure you'll agree eh, dearie?!), even appearing as Morgan Freeman wouldn't be a stretch for him, eh?

Now for the $64 trillion question: why can't he?

PROTIP: And no, falling back on Bible apologetics to explain what isn't directly mentioned in the Bible, to base your answer on, is invalid.

When you can figure out that one - certainly using Occam's Razor, then you'll have figured out Atheism. And how fundamentalist Christianity can never justify it's existence.

This is a secular world. Where we Atheists always win. Welcome. >:D

1/3/2012 10:48:45 AM


God has appeared in physical form - and yes, as Jesus Christ. However, there are other times in the Bible when God appears in a physical form too, particularly in the Old Testament. He appeared as a warrior to Joshua before Joshua invaded the city of Jerico and Abraham saw God "walking between" the two halfs of a sacrifice animal. Abraham also had dinner with God in his tent, accompanied by two angels in human form, and Jacob wrestled with God in a physical form.

God also appears today to those who are open to seeing him. Jesus Christ once appeared in our church and walked down the aisle in front of everyone. This was during a time of bad internal strife in the congregation and many were attacking our pastor, Reverend. Chris Grinnell. Jesus went right up to the pulpit and put his arms around Reverend Grinnell and held him to his chest for about a minute, then he vanished. You will say this is crazy or make believe, but I have witnesses - more than 500 who were in church that Sunday and saw Jesus embrace our pastor. Were all of them crazy, hallucinating or lying? Even those on our Board of Elders who had previously attacked our pastor and brought charges of scandal against him? Why would they change their mind if what they saw wasn't real?

1/6/2012 5:16:05 PM


My husband has also seen God, not as Jesus but in the form of a dove following him to work. The same dove will fly from our roof as he leaves in the morning and follow his car the entire six blocks to his workplace.

1/6/2012 5:30:36 PM


Because the moment gays are allowed to identify as such, they'll turn into limp wristed sissies.


1/6/2012 5:40:40 PM



This is His4Life's husband, Ron. I just want to testify to this group that I have indeed seen the miraculous signs that my wife has described here. I know that these would be difficult to believe even if you are a believer in Christ, let alone someone who doesn't believe in miracles. However, I can tell you what I've seen with my own eyes. Our Lord did indeed visit the church that Sunday and walk down the aisle. I was moved to tears by the experience. Why? Because I was one of the elders who was advocating for our pastor's resignation. Well, after seeing what I saw, my views changed, I began to see how God had blessed the man and how God had blessed us by giving him to our congregation as our pastor. I was one of the first elders to speak up and say "we need to reconsider this after what we've seen here." I have also seen many other miracles poured out on our church - unexplained healings, feathers materializing from nowhere, choir singers lifted off the ground by God's power. These things are real and so is the One who creates these miracles. I hope you will consider learning more about Christ.


1/7/2012 10:08:20 AM


@Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life & Mr. Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life

(*Switches to Doug Piranha mode*)

Well, I'm convinced. Where do I sign up, and is the lobotomy included in the deal?


Seeing God as a 'dove'...?

Oh no more, please Mr. Wilde, I am bereft of ribs!:


(I refer you to the comment by #1361407 on page 20)

Ah, the delusions of the fundie, they know no bounds. On the basis of the above link, remember:

That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

No thanks, I prefer being an Atheist. Here on Planet Reality.

Meanwhile, o bridge-dwelling goat molester who believes the cheese-nightmare-based ramblings of a certain Mr. '23 Minutes', and Mr. Dove-spotter, what particularly fabulous hue is the sky in your dimension?

But then, such is the nature of religious 'faith', and the neuropsychological lobotomy it induces on the 'believer':


Leading to a 'belief'-based form of Alzheimer's; but such is the reason-destroying nature of religious 'faith', Pat Robertson can't help it, the poor dear.

PROTIP: Your 'claims' are not sufficient proof - certainly to the satisfaction of we Atheists. 'Faith' =/= Facts. But then, if your so-called 'God' was all he was cracked up to be, he wouldn't need the likes of you - nor a book of fairytales that are the drug-fuelled ramblings of a bunch of Bronze Age goatfuckers with ideas above their stations - to prove his existence; certainly to our satisfaction. And if he can't, then that only serves to conclusively prove that he doesn't exist, and anything you fundies can possibly say - without the hard, solid proof to our satisfaction - is less than irrelevant. As a comedian once said:

'If God is the most powerful being in the universe, why does he need a bunch of bozos to do his P.R.?'

Living in the very secular, virtually Atheist UK*, I can see how fundamentalist religion is dying, reduced to pathetic bleats (and 'threats') as the secular world advances, and the juggernaut of scientific fact rolls on inexorably, filling gaps, destroying unjustifiable superstitious bullshit such as yours. Good.

Religion has had it's time. And it ultimately failed. The very fact you're now using the ultimate development, nay, product of an Atheist & homosexual - Alan Turing - is proof of that. Science is superior.

*- And I live in one of the Top 5 least religious parts of the UK, where many churches have been converted into pubs/nightclubs, furniture warehouses, or simply left to rot. (and of course, in Italy, Spain, Portugal & Ireland, Catholic political power is on the wane, post-paedophile priests scandal) According to EU polls & surveys, the Czech Republic is the least religious country in Europe. You do the maths. Like I say, religion - and it's control of people - is dying. Good. People - through the democratic process, and the Rule of Law as a result of such - is now telling religion what to do, via forcing it to do as the people say, via legislation; in the US's case, Roe vs. Wade, Kitzmiller vs. Dover, and recently the overturning of Prop. 8 and repealment of DADT; because the Constitution will never allow religion to exert power over people in the US; Separation of Church & State, and all that jazz. The Religious Right being legally forced to tolerate, nay, accept LGBT people (certainly in the military; also having equal marriage rights), and fundies like you must obey the law, as Romans 13:1-5 orders them to, otherwise they'll go to Hell.

1/7/2012 11:52:47 AM


Why are you into gay cartoons, Anonemoose? Just curious, are you gay? I won't judge you for it.

1/9/2012 7:35:02 AM


Seeing 'doves'? Rather piss-poor, compared to this fundie supreme and his delusional hallucination... er, I mean him testifying to his conquering demons (that clearly weren't drink/drug-based, nosiree! [/hyper-sarcasm])


Just as in that thread, Naughtygirl999 says that what he claimed is 'true', so equally in your 'true' testimony, this dove 'following' you was God, eh? And how, please enlighten me, did said bird indicate it was God, hmmmmm...? Ah, but then, Adam & Eve was tempted in Eden by a talking snake, and seeing as birds evolved from reptiles, I guess this particular species of dove retained the ability to speak as said snake did (curious however, as in all of the nature documentaries Sir David Attenborough has made, I haven't seen one talking snake to date. Curious indeed, eh...?!), thus it was able to tell you itself that it was 'God', hmmmmmmm?! [/hyper-sarcasm]

PROTIP: 'Truth' (as per Orwell's "1984"): 2+2=5. Fact, however, proves otherwise...! Like I say: Facts Fuck 'Faith'. Certainly 'Truth'.

Seeing 'demons' at a McDonald's. Seeing 'doves' following you, eh? Well, I'm convinced. Where do I sign up, and is the lobotomy included in the deal?

'Followed by a dove', eh? A few years ago, a black cat followed me home. Why then, didn't any .50 cal. Desert Eagle-wielding, dark suit- & sunglasses-wearing 'Agents' appear, as I was hoping to try out my shot-dodging 'Bullet Time', insta-martial arts training, and even flying abilities! [/"The Matrix"]

...but then, as the appearance of a black cat doesn't indicate a 'glitch' (thus the alteration of the faux-reality that is the Matrix, via what is referred to as 'Deja-vu', signalling that the AIs or 'Agents' have detected your presence and their imminent arrival), I guess that 'faith' =/= Reality.

Like I say: Facts fuck Faith. Reality = Facts + Evidence. 'Faith' = Delusion + Lies

Delusion = insanity; Two or more people sharing the same delusion = religion.

To reiterate: Me get 'religion'? No thanks. I like to think.

Professors of Neuropsychology say that the mind(s) of certain people are extremely open to suggestion. Certainly regarding what they perceive - and even see relative to how the visual cortex takes what is sent to it by the eyes - and how such is affected by one's own imagination. Whether via the persuasiveness of other people or by the individuals themselves; in the case of the latter, by what they read...!

An imagination is a powerful thing indeed; infinitely more powerful than any hallucinogenic drug. But is completely harmless, and can be used at any time & anywhere. Speaking as a Sci-Fi enthusiast, how such stimulates my grey matter by what I see/read can only be a good thing; giving my brain a good workout, and all that jazz. However, such is tempered by the fact that I realise what I see/read is purely fiction (thus 'Science Fiction'; the clue's in the [i]name, y'see), and above all, I can tell the difference between what is Reality, and what is Lies.

PROTIP: The phrase 'Don't believe everything you Read' exists for a reason.

And it's because of Reason* - via Reality based on cold, hard, solid facts backed up by Evidence (therefore Evolution is Fact, and Creationism - YEC Biblical [i]Literalism[i] - is Lies; Kitzmiller vs. Dover says so too) which conclusively proves that the Bible doesn't even have the right to be acknowledged as anything other than 100% Fiction:

As in it never happened.

The communicators in the original "Star Trek"; the flip-open Motorola StarTac mobile phone. "2001: A Space Odyssey", 1968; Armstrong's 'One Small Step For Man': 1969. Computers in the home & use of such over phone lines in "WarGames", 1983. What we're using (& the WWW) today. The MiG-31; invisible to radar, Mach-6+ & onboard thought-controlled weapons in the 1982 Clint Eastwood film (& 1977 Craig Thomas novel) "Firefox". The stealth F-117A, B-2 & F-22, Mach-7 Project Aurora, and Eurofighter Typhoon's voice-controlled weapons. The Quantum CPU-based AI-controlled UCAV 'E.D.I.' in the 2005 film "Stealth". Quantum computers exist today.

The Science Fiction of the past is the Science Fact of today. Seeing as it's so detailed & precise (and in plain language; no 'metaphor' bollocks) in it's 'prophecies' - which of course weren't written only after the events mentioned in such - when the Bible can tell me what is the next format to come after Blu-Ray, let me know, mm'kay? Seeing as Jesus said he'd return in the lifetime of his own disciples; oh of couuuuurse the Bible would never lie to it's 'believers', it is the inerrant, consistent, flawless, perfect 'Word of God', after all...! [/mega-sarcasm]

...ah, but then aforementioned inerrant, consistent, flawless, perfect 'Word of God' of course contains the 9th Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neigbour


...which of course all True Christians™ like you, Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life, always obey and never break at any time, under any & all circumstances. Ever. Because of couuuuurse, you decent, upstanding, by definition morally superior (due to always rigidly obeying said 10 Commandments, including the 9th) and psychologically balanced right-wing Fundamentalist Christians wouldn't need to lie in the first place, due to your obvious God-given (via the inerrant, consistent, flawless, perfect 'Word of God') Bible-based moral superiority to we non-believing, un-saved, amoral, heathen, Satan-worshipping, deceitful, lying Atheists. So I guess in that linked thread above - despite what our admin Distind said, after an IP trace - that he was indeed 'lying' (as he's not a True Christian™ like you), and that there was someone else 'hijacking your name'. Amirite? [/giga-sarcasm]

Because of course as you know only too well - and despite the claims of such who profess to be 'Saved' - liars burn in Hell (emphasis added):

Revelation 21:8 ' (KJV; emphasis added): 'But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.'

No dearie, you are the Hellbound.

And then Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life was bumraped by demons for eternity.

Mr. Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life the birdwatcher, did you know you are married to a bicurious faghag (who is obsessed about teh ghey more than gay men themselves) and mentally handicapped attention-seeking, pathological liar?

*- 'Reason is the enemy of Faith.'

-Martin Luther

(emphasis added):

'Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence, it will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines.'

'Those who forget good and evil and seek only to know the facts are more likely to achieve good than those who view the world through the distorting medium of their own desires.'

-Bertrand Russell



"Why are you into gay cartoons, Anonemoose? Just curious, are you gay? I won't judge you for it."

Awwwww, look, despite her being exposed as a useless troll, she's trying her first strawman argument. How precious. Especially how she thinks that a particular genre of popular media is 'gay', despite shiploads of evidence to the contrary (as in if she knew what she was talking about, her own argument would be annihilated). But mainly due to one fact:

Remember one particular link in my previous post, dearie, re. Pat Robertson exhibiting more & more of his own 'faith'-based senility & insanity? Well, that same man in the early 80s collaborated with an animation company to create the Bible-based series "Superbook", to be shown on his Christian TV channel.


"Superbook"'s production company Tatsunoko is in Japan, and what it & Pat Robertson created was one of the first anime series shown in the US.

It's been said by media experts that if not for what Pat Robertson did in the early 80s, the anime industry in Japan would be a mere fraction of what it is today, seeing as the US is the biggest market for anime outside Japan. Yes, that's right, Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life: the supposed 'gay cartoons' I watch - as do so many in your country - the existence of such, including Hentai, is mainly down to a born-again Christian, and his influence on the industry.

But then, you never knew about this, did you? Why are you an ignorant moron, dearie? Just curious, but you are clearly an educationally and intellectually - certainly culturally - inferior fundie freak. I will judge you on it.

And as before, why are you and your fundie ilk so obsessed about the private activities of LGBT people; to the extent that you talk about such more than said people themselves? Just curious. Are you - subconsciously - a bicurious faghag? I will judge you on it.

Why do right-wing fundies worship a gay God? Seeing as the KJV they drool over so much was due to a gay King James I:


Gay king, thus gay Bible, ergo, gay God. Q.E. and D., bitch; remember:

Otherwise, you wouldn't give what LGBT people do in private a second thought, as you wouldn't care about the activities of adult, consenting people.

As a straight, but pro-LGBT person, I don't care about what they do. Seeing as said activities - and the emergent LGBT culture - affects me & my way of life exactly this much:


The obsessional attitude exhibited by right-wing Fundamentalist Christians such as you, Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life, about LGBT people simply proves that Freud was right all along.

...and that you're subconsciously a faghag, dearie. You don't even have the right to deny it. The only possible way you can is to never even casually mention gay sex ever again. Just as to prove me wrong, re. that attention seeking-based mental handicap of yours - as exhibited by your constant need to post here; emerging from your bridge & molesting goats - is to never post in FSTDT again. Ever.

Otherwise, you only serve to prove me right - in both aspects of your 'beliefs'-based mental inferiority, and therefore how you & your 'faith' FAILS.

To reiterate what Dr. Shrinker says: the ball's in your court.

1/9/2012 8:51:40 AM


@ His4Life

Assuming your manifestation story isn't an outright lie, it can easily be explained. You did not see Jesus, you saw an actor hired to play the role of Jesus by your church's governing board. Jim Jones used a similar trick in his "ministry." He hired actors to be "healed" or "raised" by him. We can assume that his followers were as gullible as you are.

Now, knowing how you operate, I expect that you will follow this suggestion with detailed descriptions of the "miracles" that your "Jesus manifestation" performed while he was making his guest appearance. Before you do, I will remind you of the skeptics credo, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Personal testimony is worthless (particularly yours, in my opinion). Please show real evidence is you want to be taken seriously. According to the gospel of John, Jesus routinely performed "signs" to convince unbelievers, so he clearly doesn't have a problem with evidence.

The ball is in your proverbial court miss. Put up, or make your asinine threats of damnation and get out.

1/9/2012 9:03:31 AM



"Why are you into gay cartoons, Anonemoose? Just curious, are you gay? I won't judge you for it."

The phrase 'Assume. Where you make an ASS out of U, but not ME'. It exists for a reason. Someone else made an unjustifiable - certainly baseless - assumption about anime:


In making a similar mistake, based on your own ignorance of a particular subject, you have proven your absolute FAIL. But then, as demonstrated time & again here in FSTDT, you clearly have a fetish for not only being proven wrong, but have your arguments completely annihilated.

...but I've never been proven wrong about everything I've said about the stupidity, insanity, inferiority and unjustifiability of fundie religion. After all, your so-called 'God' has never proved his existence to my satisfaction, therefore proving that he doesn't exist. Now, dearie, considering...:

Because your God's doctrines are based on the KJV - the definitive, inerrant, consistent, flawless, perfect, inspired 'Word of God' - so beloved of right-wing Fundamentalist Christians, which was authorised by King James I, or more appropriately Queen James:


Thus - despite everything you - and your 'Word of God' - claims about a supposed 'abomination', you worship a God who takes it up the arse; who is gay, queer, flaming, flouncing, mincing, leather chaps-wearing, homoerotic art by Tom of Finland-collecting, closet-dwelling, and homo. You are the ultimate faghag - and you don't even have the right to deny it.

Someone like you once tried to deny it:

'We don't have to debate about what we should think about homosexual activity. It’s written in the Bible.'

-Ted Faggard

The rest is history.

Why are you into a gay God, Troll/Poe/Nuts4Life? Just curious, are you a rugmunching lezza-cum-faghag? Along with the fundie hypocrite Ted Faggard, I will judge you for it.

Moral: From a gay king, came a gay Bible, therefore a gay God, and gay-obsessed believers.

It's your own fucking fault for cherrypicking one part from Leviticus to justify your own unjustifiable homophobia & bigotry...

...when, along with every one of those ancient laws, you could have always ignored it. Funny then, that there's not word one about condemning homosexuality in the New Testament, least of all by Jesus. Who hung around with twelve men, two of whom were sailors. One of said twelve men kissed him. He didn't have a girlfriend, nor did he get married. He wore a dress...

Seems that the very basis of your so-called 'religion' is in no position to dictate the rights & wrongs of other peoples' lifestyles, nor the activities of said adult, consenting people. Therefore the likes of you have even less right to so much as contemplate the notion of even thinking about having an 'opinion' on the subject of LGBT people - or any other issue, for that matter (abortion*, education**, religion in politics*** etc). When the very basis of your 'beliefs' is in itself hypocritical, everything you say, do or think is invalid.

And speaking of invalid, back to the main point:

"Why are you into gay cartoons, Anonemoose? Just curious, are you gay? I won't judge you for it."

A scene from the anime adaptation of the long-running manga by Kosuke Fujishima "Ah! My Goddess", featuring it's central characters Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy:

Oh yes, So gay I'm suuuuuuure you'll agree dearie; so flamingly homo, it makes "Brokeback Mountain" seem ultra-heterosexual. [/sarcasm]

A scene from "Martian Successor Nadesico", featuring the main characters Akito Tenkawa (l) & Yurika Misumaru (r):

Yep. Hyper-gay. [/hyper-sarcasm]

A scene from "Ai Yori Aoshi", with the central characters Aoi Sakuraba (l) and Kaoru Hanabishi (r):

Oh yes. The homosexuality levels in this series are OVER 9000! [/sarcasm levels at OVER 9000]

Your argument is not only invalid, but just like that claimed by Toddy-boy in the aforementioned linked thread, your argument has been taken in the rearward Fold-Drive section of the experimental spaceship 'Event Horizon' through the portal in the space-time continuum to the 'Chaos Dimension', to be hideously raped & mutilated for all eternity, never to return.

Liberate tutame ex inferis.

And unless you want to continue to suffer the humiliation of being pointed & laughed at for eternity here - for being exposed as a gay God-worshipping faghag (as you'll be reminded whenever/if ever you deign to show your face round these parts here; and I'll make sure of it), and constantly pointed out to you that as your God is a homo (and thus is a hypocrite), therefore anything you say/dare to think you have the right to an 'opinion' about, in perpetuity, is invalid - you'd best never return to FSTDT, neither.

Faghag who worships a homo gaylord queer cock-sucking cum-guzzling God. Yeah, you heard, dearie. You worship a bumboy of a Ted Faggard-esque hypocrite of a deity who takes it up the arse, and neither you - nor he - have the right to deny it.

*- Hosea 13:16: 'Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open.' Therefore God is an abortionist. And you 'pro-lifers' have no right whatsoever to criticise Roe vs. Wade in any way, shape or form. Abortion is legal (mainly because your own God - as proved in the Bible - agrees). Deal with it.

**- Kitzmiller vs. Dover. And the decision by a Conservative Christian judge personally appointed to that position by George Dumbya Bush, a Conservative Christian who believes in Creationism, who in turn was voted in - twice - by Conservative Christians who believe in Creationism, that finally decides the whole Evolution vs. Creationism debate once and for all, thus helping the cause of Atheism in ways that not even we Atheists could've imagined: the educational agenda of the Religious Right destroyed by the Religious Right yourselves. Forced Atheism in US schools, and fundies being forced to accept Evolution as fact, via the law. And your own Scripture - Romans 13:1-5 orders you to obey the law, or burn forever in Hell.

***- Nope, no mention of the words 'God', 'Jesus', or 'Creator' in the US Constitution, as per the wish of the Founding Fathers themselves. Because religion has no right to exist in politics. The last time Church & State were indivisible, people were burned at the stake. Five words: Saudi Arabia. Sharia Law. Theocracy.

1/10/2012 8:06:08 AM

Tell that to the Greek hoplites. Especially the Spartans.

1/13/2012 12:13:44 AM



What leads you to your conclusion that God is "gay?" My faith is not based on the King James Bible. You're making an assumption that I'm a King James "only" believer. My Bible of choice is the New American Standard, actually, which incorporates the latest textual discoveries, many of which were made after the time of the King James Bible.

Also, Jesus did not wear a "dress." Now you're just being stupid. We don't know what he wore, but depictions of Jesus in a long white tunic are based on common attire for the period.

1/13/2012 9:41:14 AM

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