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But what if our lofty political leaders requested it once we are just a part of the UN one world gov't? Surely they won't expect the US Military to just accept orders to raid, confiscate and imprison (or kill) American citizens. Someone else has to do it and there's PLENTY of foreigners that would be happy to come here and torment us. Pakistanis maybe? Just an example.

His thougbt is that it is our own military and police forces that will willingly go along. For all the crap our military and police do I really can't see that happening. Both groups would be imploding in on themselves from infighting, desertion, etc. Blackwater is the only other option and they would be received te same as blue helmets would. I could even see a Blackwater/UN contract!

devil21, Ron Paul Forums 14 Comments [12/31/2011 8:17:55 AM]
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Raised by Horses

Ron, I don't know what you're spiking the water with at your political rallies, but if your plan was to bring the crazies out of the woodwork, you're doing it right.

12/31/2011 8:43:40 AM


Remember Waco? Ruby Ridge? What about the whole COINTELPRO operation when they slaughtered the black panther leadership? The federal government has no problem killing U.S. citizens when it needs to.

12/31/2011 10:47:15 AM

Surely they won't expect the US Military to just accept orders to raid, confiscate and imprison (or kill) American citizens.

Why not? They have and they do, already.

12/31/2011 10:52:51 AM


Since when hasn't US military been disallowed to do any of that?

12/31/2011 11:21:49 AM

Wow, we've got loonies right here. Someone should submit these.

12/31/2011 12:25:18 PM


Pssst.... Blackwater changed it's name to "Xe" some time ago. But, yes, they'd accept a contract with anyone.
The funniest bit is expecting the UN to agree on any kind of aggressive military action, and then being able to afford the troops to carry it out.

Eventually there will be a one world government, hopefully based on the work of Gene Roddenberry.

12/31/2011 1:29:02 PM

And how are you going to implement that plan, if the world is, ehem, not "unified"?, why "Americans"?

12/31/2011 3:53:53 PM


Because the military has never become a tool against its own people.

12/31/2011 5:02:27 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

12/31/2011 7:49:57 PM

The US government already treats its citizens like shit, why would they need to bring in people from the outside to do that?

1/1/2012 8:09:47 AM


If I could go back to the past and kill one person, I think it would be John Birch. God damn this shit is boring.

1/1/2012 9:41:26 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Oh please. The UN is the most impotent organization in the world. It has failed its stated purpose many times over. If you think the delegates of the UN could EVER agree enough to take over the world, then you've got another thing coming.

1/1/2012 6:26:41 PM


To be fair, conscript citizens are, usually, somewhat less willing to shoot fellow citizens. I mean real conscripts, not professional soldiers. The whole point of having a national army during the French revolution was to replace the trigger-happy foreign mercenaries that kings were so fond of (as well as, of course, raising a large army fast). Universal military service, strange as it may seem, may actually be a safeguard against tiranny. That said, if the government REALLY wanted to have someone killed (not just shooting into a crowd) then I'm sure they could find plenty of soldiers more than willing to do it. I also have no idea why the USA, that have a veto in the UN, control the IMF, World Bank and WTO, and spend as much on defence as the rest of the world combined, would be scared of Pakistan, an unstable american ally* that depends on our military aid.

1/10/2012 4:19:04 AM

Ron Paul 2012


1/10/2012 7:05:26 AM

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