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OSCEOLA, Iowa -- In what the Texas governor calls a "transformation," Rick Perry on Tuesday said that he has reversed his acceptance of abortion in some severe circumstances, saying that he now opposes the procedure even in cases of rape and incest.

Perry said the change came after seeing the "Gift of Life" film produced by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. He told an audience of Iowans at Clark Electric Co-op in Osceola that he was moved by the story of a woman who introduced the film during a screening earlier this month in Des Moines.

"She said, 'I am the product of rape.' And she said 'my life has worth,'" Perry said of his exchange with the woman. "It was a powerful moment."

Rick Perry, MSNBC 57 Comments [12/31/2011 8:18:21 AM]
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Wow I had no idea it was so easy.

Someone dig up some pictures of dismembered Palestinian children so we'll stop backing up dump trucks of cash to Israel.

12/31/2011 8:21:22 AM


Man I'm glad I don't live in America.

12/31/2011 8:28:42 AM



We're not all like this. You'll find that the Northeastern part of America laughs at these morons just as much as you guys do.

12/31/2011 8:31:45 AM


Hell there are plenty of people in Texas who think that Perry is a fruitcake. Just not quite enough to keep him from becoming the governor.

12/31/2011 8:34:29 AM

But does her mother agree ?

I once saw a rape victim deliberately have the child so that she could abuse it in place of her rapist and she sent pictures of it to the guys wife. This went on for years. She finally had the child taken from her and she spent a year in a mental hospital.

12/31/2011 8:51:46 AM


The fundies will praise him to the heavens for having seen the light, yet his 'transformation' is nothing but a cynical move to grab the votes he so desperately needs.

That's the problem with democracy: whoever wins, you've still elected a politician.

12/31/2011 9:21:05 AM


Translation: "I think I stand a better chance of getting the nomination if I change my a**holy position on abortion to an idiotic, brain-dead, a**holy position on abortion."

12/31/2011 9:37:33 AM


I'm not laughing at them. They really scare me.

A lot of germans laughed at Hitler and look what happened there.

12/31/2011 10:17:51 AM


There's 2 or 3 separate layers of philosophical illiteracy in about 5 sentences. That's fairly hard to do.

12/31/2011 10:49:35 AM

David B.

"She said, 'I am the product of rape.' And she said 'my life has worth,'"

But if you're the victim or rape, Perry thinks your life ain't worth shit. Nice.

Someone who has been raped has already had their freedoms taken from them once. Their freedom to choose or refuse. Their freedom to insist on contraception, or plan and protect against unwanted pregnancy. Their freedom to take their own risks with their health, happiness and future.

Now Perry wants to make sure that those freedoms, once taken, can never be reclaimed, that the victim keeps on suffering, keeps on paying for their rapist's acts, because he thinks doing so might make him a tiny bit more appealing to voters who never grew out of having imaginary friends.

Rick Perry is the lowest, vilest piece of shit in American politics, which is a really amazing - if disreputable - achievement.

12/31/2011 10:54:07 AM


The moment of transformation for Rick was when he realized that to get anywhere in GOP primaries, you have to be completely whack mean misogynist crazy. Meanwhile, I'm glad that lady's life has worth to herself, but to the GOP, once she was born and no longer a means of punishing her mother for "impurity", her only worth is as a propaganda mouthpiece.

12/31/2011 10:56:22 AM


If a man is having a heart attack, and a burglar comes at that moment and sets off the alarm, inadvertantly causing the man to be rescued and saving his life, then obviously we should legalise burglary and outlaw locking doors, or it would be like saying that this man's life was not worthwhile.

12/31/2011 11:07:31 AM


It's shocking.

12/31/2011 11:13:16 AM


Oh for fucks sake, are you seriously this easy to sway with glurgy crap? Besides, her mother at least took her option but please don't take it away from people who literally are one mis-step away from complete financial ruin.

@derpmaster: I doubt that even Israel nuking a major US city would be enough to stop US giving a shit-load of money to Israel.

12/31/2011 11:18:08 AM


JesusFacepalms said:


We're not all like this. You'll find that the Northeastern part of America laughs at these morons just as much as you guys do.

This is like saying not all muslims are terrorists yet failing to understand that if those who claim to not be terrorists are not doing anything to isolate and remove terrorism, they are basically quietly supporting it. Same with the people you talk about.

With over 305 million people, this lineup of retarded imbeciles were the best GOP could do - doesn't matter what you claim/mean/feel - the next US president could be a batshit crazy religious fascist and the rest if the world will then pay dearly for the US idiocy! Doesn't matter if there is a handful of sane people when the rest of the country is insanely religious and right wing.

12/31/2011 11:18:19 AM


Headache: Well, what WOULD you have us do? Rational discourse isn't piercing fanaticism (not yet, anyway; being entranced into sharp-line religion is NOT evidence of being sub-human, thank you), I doubt putting them to the sword is a brilliant move, and I'm not sure the Northeast has the kind of resources required to become an independent nation of its own. Nor do I see any reason to believe that the fanaticism is irrevocable/irreversible (I have no use for the concepts of fate and inevitability. If fate does exist, then it only deserves abolition, that the cosmos might be free of its blind tyranny). Nor do I see much reason to believe that it speaks of literal brain injury; otherwise, you'd probably have to declare the entirety of early humanity (who had no real reason to conceive of material monism; the only metric they had was themselves and their psyches) as insane. I'll not stand for declaring the past entire as wicked and evil; I'll trust that we're agreed that good is more ancient than evil?

Remember that trances, particularly heavy trances like the one you speak of, cannot hope to wane overnight, but those who suffer the trances deserve only frustration of schemes, not vilification or demonization. (q.v. The leaders of the American Revolution, while no longer monarchists, not suddenly being socialists; example of a trance not disappearing immediately right there) Also remember that many who WOULD speak out may not speak out as sharply as they otherwise might simply out of fear of ostracization, a pretty powerful fear in a species as socially inclined as ourselves (the occasional autistic aside). Does not being strong enough to exceed the fear of ostracization make one worthy of scorn and hatred? Answer: no. It's long past time we stopped regarding strength as a virtue in and of itself, or weakness as blameworthy. None choose to be strong or weak, after all; it's inborn, not voluntary. "WEAK" AND "EVIL" ARE NOT PERFECT SYNONYMS.

12/31/2011 11:39:53 AM


The next time one of these loons goes off on an anti-porn crusade, arguing that it objectifies women, I'm going to respond that anti-abortion positions like this one do too. The difference is that, in porn, her entire body is being objectified. The pro-life position only cares about her uterus.

12/31/2011 11:40:03 AM



Please, calm down some and consider this possibility:

Obama is heavily favored for re-election, unless he or somebody in his government does something incredibly stupid in the next eleven months. This means that rather than fighting a hard campaign and most likely loosing it, the more moderate and broadly-appealing potential Republican candidates may be waiting until the 2016 election to declare their candidacy.

This increases the odds of Obama's re-election, since the remaining Republican candidates have little chance and are primarily running to maintain their popularity with their base voters.

The expected outcome is that Obama gets re-elected, and we are treated to another several months of progressively more extreme statements by the Republican candidates followed by some impressive back-pedaling by whoever gets the nomination. The end result should be okay, even if the quotes in the meantime are painful to read.

12/31/2011 11:53:36 AM

J. James


Absolutely correct. There is hope for these people; many Atheists/liberals I know WERE them at one point.

Besides, Headache is just a bigoted troll. Of course he wants all Americans to DIAF.

12/31/2011 11:54:59 AM


I can understand his position. After all, it seems evident that he was the product of anal sex, the union of a sperm and a turd. And yet he survived and has even gained a position of power.

12/31/2011 12:03:50 PM


If you support banning abortion I don't see any good reason to support a rape or incest exception.

Whether it's rape or consentual she can put the baby up for adoption. She doesn't even have to look at the baby if she doesn't want to.

As for incest, why does that always get tacked on? If it's incest but not rape then it was just as much her mistake as her "partner's".

Note: I'm pro-choice, I just find it ridiculous that some people try to argue that it should only be OK in rape and/or incest.

12/31/2011 12:34:54 PM

ahahahahahafuck you.

12/31/2011 1:00:36 PM


On top of that, Romney is leading the polls. In Iowa! Even THEY don't want Perry!


The only exception I can see making sense is late-term abortion. That crosses some ethical boundaries.

12/31/2011 1:12:23 PM


Meanwhile cries of Palestinian kids killed in an Israeli attack on the Gaza strip do nothing to sway Rick Perry's pro-Israel and pro-war stances. Life is only sacred so long as it's Christian apparently. Ditto the pleas of innocence from that man Rick Perry allowed to be wrongfully executed under his reign as governor of Texas.

12/31/2011 1:21:26 PM


"In what the Texas governor calls a "transformation" "

Do they play the Lil Wayne 'Transform You' song at the beginning of the movie?
That would be funny.Anywho,back to reality.

WTF Perry? All it takes to change your mind is meeting one person who happened to made from rape? Really? Why does that matter? She just wouldn't exist if she had been aborted. Do you know how many miscarriages, abortions, early deaths etc. that lead to people not existing? In order to prevent that you'd have to outlaw women's bodies from having a near 25% chance of spontaneously miscarrying during the first trimester too.

12/31/2011 1:22:24 PM

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