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Let it again be entered into the record that I defend Maoist suppression of religion, and am ultimately in favor of a communist state which mandates atheism by force, although I believe successful implementation of such a program will take several generations, the first of which should focus on suppressing clergy rather than all believers. [Emphasis added]

love moderately ? , Pharyngula 62 Comments [1/1/2012 5:41:56 AM]
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Oooh, look, a troll on Pharyngula. Prepare for the porcupine, dude.

1/1/2012 5:54:08 AM


@bollox: a recidivist troll, apparently, check out the first few words

1/1/2012 6:01:54 AM


Unsuccessful troll, at that. He only got one reply.

1/1/2012 6:15:25 AM

First two big errors. Mao did a lot of gross things. Forbidding religion was not ONE of them. And there has been only ONE country in the world in which atheism was mandated. Albania. The result?, religious backlash(as well as the fact that it was never really enforced)

1/1/2012 6:15:37 AM


Enforcing any ideology is dangerous and counterproductive.

1/1/2012 6:30:38 AM


Yeah, great. Either religious tyrants telling us what to believe, or antireligious tyrants telling us what not to believe. I do have to wonder if it's an eop, though.

1/1/2012 6:42:36 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

What a load of numbnuttery.

1/1/2012 6:54:32 AM


That may be the single dumbest idea on record anywhere.

1/1/2012 7:20:22 AM


That name is so, so blissfully ironic.

1/1/2012 7:45:50 AM



1/1/2012 7:55:21 AM


The wording makes the comment sound as if it came from Jinx McHue (AKA Jason, shockandblog), who admitted some time ago to using an alternate identity so that he could continue to get his ass handed to him on Pharyngula. Perhaps he has a masochistic side that enjoys it?

He still posts, though not as frequently as he used to. He's already been blocked for causing trouble on other websites. I don't know why PZ doesn't just block his ISP, unless it's just more fun to let the other commenters have at him.

1/1/2012 8:34:49 AM


One cannot eliminate stupity by mandate.

1/1/2012 8:56:22 AM


Hey, everyone has the right to be wrong. Mandating atheism is as wrong as mandating Christianity or Islam or whatever.

1/1/2012 8:58:30 AM


Even if elimination of religion is your goal and you care for nothing else, violent suppression simply doesn't work!

It just creates martyrs.

Want to know what's most likely to wipe out religion as a meaningful social force?

Worthwhile secular education for all, especially for women. Decent living standards for every human being on this planet. More social and political freedoms across the board. The empowerment of more women, giving them the choice, ability and confidence to leave abusive situations and run their own lives as they see fit. More generally, a better social safety net for people outside of churches and charitable institutions, i.e. a welfare state.

Of course the fundies will fight that sort of thing all the way, and in the US there are many anti-socialist memeplexes going strong, but that just makes the task harder, not impossible.

I truly, genuinely want religion to be completely and utterly neutered as a social force. It is a goal in which I am ruthlessly pragmatic. That is why I have no patience for methods of eliminating religion that seem to have more to do with idle dictatorial fantasies than actually getting rid of religion.

In the case of Maoism, I suspect that, functionally speaking, the suppression of religion was more about eliminating rivals to Mao's cult of personality rather than constituting any meaningful attempt to curb religious impulses.

1/1/2012 9:10:32 AM


Hey. You. Stop making us all look bad.

Then again, you're probably a troll. Then you're an idiot-you'll end up in the dungeon soon enough.

1/1/2012 9:14:11 AM

Giardano Bruno

Worked a treat last time anyone tried it, didn't it?

1/1/2012 9:54:56 AM

D Laurier

So you defend imaginary missguided efforts to create a utopia based on a missunderstanding of human psychology and social structure.

You defend the imaginary self destructive missapplication of state resources for counterproductive violence.

1/1/2012 10:43:06 AM

Fawful has seen God has a vagina on top of his penis

As a Trotskyist, I am offended. Mao was just a populist idiot who grabbed communism and did this:

1/1/2012 10:48:19 AM

N. De Plume

…you’re not gonna make it with anyone, anyhow.

1/1/2012 11:11:01 AM


love moderately has been haunting Pharyngula for a while now. Sometimes he can express himself reasonably fairly and sufficiently eloquently, other times he goes off the deep end. He's just a half-troll at the moment.

1/1/2012 11:17:47 AM

Man Called True

Reason #435 I don't read Pharyngula: The first time I read this one, it didn't look all that unusual for the commentators.

1/1/2012 1:01:19 PM


> Let it again be entered into the record

*clap clap clap*

Few people say that before they say something stupid. Well done!

1/1/2012 1:22:55 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Behold the atheist fundie, who proceeds to make all unbelievers look bad. Good job, sir.

(In case you couldn't tell due to lack of intonation, that last sentence was sarcasm.)

1/1/2012 1:39:45 PM



I don't know about that. [S]he managed to get here, after all.

1/1/2012 1:59:08 PM


If an ontological worldview can stand on its own two legs, it doesn't need to be mandated by force. If it can't, it doesn't deserve to be mandated by force. Either way, it shouldn't be mandated by force.

My take is that atheism falls into the first category, and most (probably all, but I'm uncomfortable being quite that definitive) religions fall into the second. But my take is ultimately irrelevant. No mandating worldviews by force. That would be bad.

1/1/2012 2:25:05 PM

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