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I just remember my dad talking about my dead sister and he never shed a tear in front of me, although it nearly destroyed him. He was a stoic person—I never saw him shed a tear in my entire life until my mother died and he came to tell me she had died. He had nearly been killed in an automobile accident that left him limping for the rest of his life and in a lot of pain—crushed his foot—never complained and certainly never cried about it.

He was a true man of character and I have to admit—I do compare men to my father who grew up on a farm, got a scholarship to play football, and graduated from high school at age 16. Fought in WWII and loved Ronald Reagan. He owned his own business and hated the worthless hippies and unions.

This idea that you have to show your emotions—don’t hold them in-—is a bunch of hogwash and psychological babble to create people of weak character. Reducing men to emotional women.....is culturally learned. Stoicism is also learned and practiced-—as is character. Aristotle even knew this. Life is all about learning to control your emotions....two year olds even learn that. Just saying——it is the nature of women to be emotional —to be nurturers and emotionally attached and protective of babies. Men are the protectors and have to guard against emotions which make them weak and vulnerable—at least they always did—the good ones—until the Marxist indoctrination of books to confuse and destroy the patriarchy===like William’s Doll in the 70’s.

Feminism was founded by a communist to destroy men —particularly the development of boys into men. Took women from the home to destroy little children. Boys are the ones who suffer the most by lack of nurturing mother—it makes them emotionally weak and have little self-esteem.

savagesusie, Free Republic 89 Comments [1/6/2012 4:10:53 AM]
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Dear SS,

Did you ever ask your father if he was happy with his emotional stoicism? Somehow I doubt it.

1/6/2012 4:18:40 AM

Do Tell

Why did the LORD give man tears if he cannot cry?

1/6/2012 4:48:48 AM


hey look! suzie's dad was John Wayne! or the perfect tv/movie version, anyway.

1/6/2012 5:01:09 AM


There is nothing wrong with being stoic, and I respect your dad for being that type of person.

However, the rest of this is typical savagesuzie babble.

1/6/2012 5:07:25 AM


For savagesusie, I thought this was relatively tame until the last paragraph or so. I have a hard time expressing emotions myself (and despite myself).

But that very well could just be that her dad didn't express himself to her. That doesn't mean he didn't express himself at all. Perception goes a long way here.

1/6/2012 5:15:07 AM


So a father being nurturing and emotional will ruin a boy, but a nurturing and emotional mother builds character?

1/6/2012 5:21:05 AM

But you admit that he shed tears when your mother died. So, you´re contradicting your theory. So?

1/6/2012 5:33:30 AM

"Although it nearly destroyed him..."

What else I gotta say?

1/6/2012 5:33:44 AM


Translation: If you are male and we catch you shedding a single tear, you are a sissy and will never get to play with us totally unemotional manly-men over here.

1/6/2012 5:38:15 AM


"Feminism was founded by a communist to destroy men"

Well equality is rather destructive to patriarchy so I'll give you that, but do you guys even care that communism really doesn't mean what you're using it to mean?

1/6/2012 5:57:13 AM

But hate IS an emotion. Your dad was a shithead by your own rules for manhood.

1/6/2012 6:08:55 AM

Mihangel apYrs

hah! The wimp cried like a girlie when his wife died - an obvious pansie!!

I'd ask the bitch to reflect on this, but it would be beyond her:

Romans - one of the most vilent, psychopathic civilisations known - were stoics.

1/6/2012 6:30:33 AM


So when "Jesus wept," it's 'cause he'd been feminized?

1/6/2012 6:36:05 AM


I don't get your statement.
You've been so alienated by your stuck up emotionless father that hasn't really achieved anything special in his life and you use that as an example of how ALL men need to be?

That's so rigid and stereotypical.
Most men fought in WW2, It was a world war, ANYONE that was over a certain age got sent to the war. Growing up on a farm in his age wasn't really hard to do either. Just makes you a stale countryboy.

If he never shed a tear about his own frekkin' daughter he's pretty damn emotionless. It's your own goddamn daughter, emotions show that you care for someone... Same goes for his wife/your mother, it is his love for christ sake...

Whatever floats your boat, just don't go on maury's when you're a single mum because your husband left you after a long line of beatings because you didn't make him a sandwich.

1/6/2012 6:37:16 AM

Doubting Thomas

Yeah, sure. Bottle up your emotions so you become full of internal rage to the point where you carry a few guns to a crowded place and end up on the national news. So much better than allowing anyone to see that you are a real person with real emotions.

1/6/2012 7:12:28 AM


Susie writes so nicely and intelligently yet is still a tremendously stupid woman.

1/6/2012 7:34:24 AM


"Feminism was founded by a communist to destroy men —particularly the development of boys into men. Took women from the home to destroy little children. Boys are the ones who suffer the most by lack of nurturing mother—it makes them emotionally weak and have little self-esteem."

At this point I must conclude that savagesusie is actually a man, posing under a female user ID.

1/6/2012 7:39:55 AM

Brendan Rizzo

This is patently absurd, but tame for Susie. She'd probably freak out if she watched any recent anime, what with their highly-emotional guys and emotionless girls and fops everywhere... I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

1/6/2012 7:42:11 AM

@ Whatever

That was my first thought when I read that, but so many fundie women take pride in being subservient doormats I can't call it.

1/6/2012 8:22:33 AM

In other words, growing up with a cold, emotionless, non-nurturing father figure turned you into a cold, compassionless adult who is incapable of empathy and you will spend the rest of your life desperately trying to be heartless and right-wing enough to feel that maybe you could finally be worthy of some display of approval from him.

1/6/2012 8:25:11 AM

N. De Plume

A perfect example of how misogyny and misandry are one and the same, if you ask me.

1/6/2012 8:31:17 AM


And clearly you're the shining example of what an emotionless upbringing can do to a child.

1/6/2012 8:33:54 AM

Comrade Potatovich


1/6/2012 8:38:46 AM


Men have to be stoic, so they should learn to quell their natural emotions.

Woman have to be domestic so they should adhere to their nature and stay in the home.

Hmmm.... something's off here.

1/6/2012 8:47:15 AM


This belongs in Sexists Say The Darndest Things.

1/6/2012 8:51:54 AM

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