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The reason why people think that God is cruel, violent, malevolent, and a tyrant is because they fail to understand their own wicked sinfulness!

To drive this point home, I want to take it to a personal level, though it might make you uncomfortable to think about.

How many of the ten commandments have you broken? All of them? Most of them? Have you ever told a lie? Have you stolen anything (regardless of the item's value)? Have you lusted after another person? Jesus said that you have committed adultery with them in your heart. Have you ever wished someone dead, or hated them? God sees you as a murderer!

How would you feel if every single one of your thoughts were revealed to the entire world? How would your friends and family feel if they knew EXACTLY what you thought about them all the time? Would you have any friends left? Would your family disown you?

How would your wife (I don't know if you are married or not, but let's say you are) feel if she knew what you were thinking every time an attractive woman walked by and you lusted after her? Would you still be married? Would you still be alive?

God knows your deepest, darkest, wicked sinful thoughts. God is showing mercy by not casting us forever into hell the very minute we sin against Him. He has given you years of life on this earth even after your first rebellion against Him, He's giving you a chance to repent and turn to Him. God is actually very merciful and kind.

God is just because He knows EVERYTHING. He will judge not only your actions, but also every one of your words, and every one of your thoughts and motives.

Sin is rebellion and treachery against God. When you finally start to get a sense of how God views sin, you realize just how merciful He has been. He sent His own Son to His death as a payment for your sin, so that you wouldn't have to go to hell.

How could you reject a God who, despite your sinfulness, loved you enough to provide a way for your sin to be paid for? People will spend an eternity in Hell for rejecting God and His sacrifice, and God will be completely just and fair in casting them there.

Andy Bailey, Grace to You 90 Comments [1/30/2012 4:35:05 AM]
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Seen it all before, but he likes to drive home the point about God punishing you for your thoughts, doesn't he? Who here is able to avoid thinking about something after being told not to think about it? :)

1/30/2012 5:22:09 AM

I never put my name on any contract that would obligate me to pay for the original sin.
That's on Adam & Eve's shoulders entirely.I'm sure they have been roasting in hell ever since...
If your skydaddy exists, He made me what I am - What you create is what you get. Why the fuck should i be sorry?

1/30/2012 5:50:10 AM


The reason why people think that God is cruel, violent, malevolent, and a tyrant is because they've read the Bible.

1/30/2012 5:57:33 AM

Are you saying that if I relinquish all of my humanity and become a robot like you, I would avoid being tortured for all of eternity? The deal is off. Everyone has thought those things, but most have managed to control themselves. I can't say the same for people like you. Maybe it is better for you and your kind to believe in such a god, since that's the only thing stopping you from killing off everyone you see.

1/30/2012 5:59:25 AM

Man Called True

So God is holding a sin committed thousands of years ago (assuming YEC)against all of humanity, a single act that is enough to condemn all of us to eternal suffering, and is willing to punish us tremendously out of proportion to our crimes for even the smallest misdeed... and his willingness to forgive these things in exchange for eternal slavery is to be considered MERCY?

1/30/2012 6:32:52 AM


Fundie world is like Monopoly, everybody can get sent to jail, and nothing you do will help. But if you have God's get-out-of-jail card, it's all right after all.

Speak for yourself, please. YOU are a sinner.

1/30/2012 6:34:31 AM


Your God created "sin" in the first place.

1/30/2012 6:49:58 AM

God could lose that "sadistic fucking bastard" tag if he dispensed with all of that complicated bullshit and stopped getting all offended by the deep, dark thoughts of humans. It's laughable that you can rationalise condemning people to eternal torture as the act of a loving being. It's really fucking sad that you welcome this blatant thought control.

1/30/2012 6:51:28 AM

If God doesn't want us to do these things, why doesn't he just take them away from us. I mean he is a fucking God afterall.

1/30/2012 7:16:26 AM


You are asking me to give up lobster?

1/30/2012 7:16:30 AM


For starters, I reject the idea based on the lack of evidence for God's existence, at least as imagined in the Bible.

1/30/2012 7:16:55 AM


Words cannot describe how much I hate this kind of theology.

God gives us free will, but if we fuck up with it, even slightly, we deserve to burn in hell for eternity. Therefore, since we are such horrible people, anything less than eternal torment is an act of love or mercy from god? Sounds like an abusive relationship to me. Actually, it's worse than an abusive relationship because the abuser (god) can read your mind, and will punish you for eternity for it.

High Octane Nightmare Fuel doesn't begin to describe this.

1/30/2012 7:23:31 AM

D Laurier

So this God guy is a jackass with no sense of proportion.

What about Unicorn? Is he any better?

1/30/2012 7:24:47 AM

Doubting Thomas

Blah blah blah, you're all sinners, blah blah blah, God will judge you, blah blah blah, your sin is sending you to hell, blah blah blah blah de fuckity blah.

If I'm really so evil, then it's God's fault since he made me the way I am. If God throws me in Hell to be tortured for eternity, then that just shows how much of an evil tyrant he is, especially since the only way to avoid it is to believe in God and do exactly what he wants, but yet he offers absolutely no evidence he exists and his rules are contradictory and confusing. Not to mention that he gives us a sex drive but makes it a sin to use it in most cases.

1/30/2012 7:32:47 AM


I can't get past the "just" part. Even if I am constantly thinking rotten things, how does this god have the right to punish me for it? Did he skip that part?

1/30/2012 7:34:02 AM


Fuck you and your goatfucker Demiurge blind "GAWD"!


Jesus was great but he's best seen in a Gnostic/Esoteric light.

OT Bible-God is a fascist piece of SHIT! He WILL BOW AND SUBMIT To The Mother Goddess & The Horned God (and all Non-Abrahamic Deities). Doesn't Tanackh/Bible/Quran God know that he's but a Demiurge & a minor Pagan Phoenician/Sumerian-deity/deities?

Granted, some Pagan Gods can be just as piggish as Bible-Yahweh (The Greco-Roman ones can be a spiteful, cruel load of noodle) however, not all of them are & Bible-God is a douche WITH a massive helping of PRUDERY, AUSTERITY, SELF-HATRED, NO PLEASURE, HYPOCRISY, ANTI-NATURE, ANTI-KNOWLEDGE, FASCISM, ETERNAL DAMNATION, ETC.

As far as the "Big 3" are concerned...they should be restored to their true, Pagan, Pre-Mosaic forms, but with a load of Matriarchal/Liberal influence thrown in.

NeoHebrew: The worship of The Supreme Elohim - El & Eloah, also as Yahweh & Asherah.

NeoIslam: The worship of The Supreme AL - Mother Allat & Father Allah.

NeoNazorean: ChristoGnostic worship of either the NeoHebrew or Gnostic Divinities - Elohim/Monad/Autogenes, El/Yahweh/Logos, Eloah/Asherah/Sophia, Jesus/Mary Magdalene, etc.

Atheists and Agnostics will also be honored & respected.

Eastern faiths will be reformed. Taoism will trump Confucianism. Shaktism (especially Shaktism) & Shavism will be the most popular forms of Hinduism & so on.

If Religion can't be wiped out at least give the major faiths a reboot.

As for me...MAKE MINE WICCA!

1/30/2012 7:34:45 AM


Who ever wrote this piece must have some serious cognitive dissonance going on.

1/30/2012 7:34:47 AM

N. De Plume

So, what if my family and friends don’t give a fuck what I think of them or that I occasionally find a strange woman attractive? And I don’t mean, “They get mad, but forgive me anyways.” I mean they seriously don’t give a fuck. Does that make them better than “Oh, man, I should so be sending you to Hell” God?

1/30/2012 8:09:30 AM


Doesn't the Bible say something about God being a very forgiving kind of bloke?

1/30/2012 8:10:42 AM


Actually my (soon-to-be) wife knows all about my lusting after other women, just as I know of her lust for other men. Even if it weren't obvious a priori we regularly talk about it since we figure it makes more sense just to be honest about it. Works for us.

1/30/2012 8:13:48 AM

rubber chicken

Thoughts are bad, non-thinkers are good. Got Ya!

1/30/2012 8:16:53 AM


Just so we're straight on this, committing adultery with someone in your heart means jerking off thinking about them, doesn't it?

1/30/2012 8:18:55 AM


1- You shall have no other gods before Me.

'But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.'

-Thomas Jefferson

'And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that he would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt his existence.'

-Bertrand Russell

2- You shall not make for yourself a carved image--any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

I don't see any of you lot objecting to the likes of Touchdown Jesus being constructed. Nor was there a single comment by any right-wing fundie about what happened to such, or the source of the occurrence, hmmmmmmmm...?!

3- You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.

'It's just as Goddamned piece of paper!'

-George Dumbya Bush, when reminded of his Constitutional responsibilities & limitations. Who was it who voted for him - twice - hmmmmm...?!

4- Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

So even the police, fire brigade, paramedics, Customs, Coastguard, US armed forces, FBI, CIA & NSA should all down tools on one day, hmmmmmm...?! And I notice there's a helluva lot of people working on a Saturday the actual Sabbath, for all you Israel-lovers out there! So I therefore have the right to stone you to death for so much as picking up your newspaper from your lawn on Saturday eh, Andy...?!

5- Honour your father and your mother.

Luke 14:26 (KJV, emphasis added)): 'If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.'

Nope, no hypocrisy there, nosiree! [/hyper-sarcasm] Your religion's existence is invalid.

6- You shall not murder.

The flood. How many women pregnant with child were drowned? Or those in Egypt who miscarried as a result of the plagues wrought upon them? Or this little titbit of Scripture? (emphasis added):

Hosea 13:16: 'Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open.'

If your so-called 'God existed, he'd have been up in front of an international court before now, charged with crimes against humanity, tried (an open & shut case; the evidence of his atrocities against innocent unborn children are there for everyone to see), and immediately executed. Not only is God a murderer, he's the worst abortionist out there.

7- You shall not commit adultery

Your so-called 'God' is almost as much a player as Zeus. And worse besides. That little matter with Mary; not only was she married when one third of your 'God' - the Holy Ghost banged that piece of underage briffit & dumped his Holy Load in her - when she was already married & her husband Joseph hadn't even touched her - I also emphasise 'underage'. Yes, that's right. Mary was a child bride. So not only is God an adulterer, he's a kiddy-diddling paedophile nonce.

8- You shall not steal.

When Jesus - one third of God - performed the Miracle at the Marriage of Cana, how many wine merchants had he caused to lose profits, pray tell...? Then how many market traders were diddled out of business when the multitudes were fed; how many bakers & fishermen were denied good honest pay for their toil when some upstart turned five loaves & two fishes into a one-day free-for-all? Yeah. That's supporting businesses; Capitalism & all that jazz. 'What Would Jesus Do' indeed.

9- You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

God ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, then at the last second saying 'Sup, Abe; j/k, LOL'. Yeah. That's keeping to your own principles.

10- You must not be envious of your neighbour's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour

The very basis of modern Capitalism is coveting your neighbour's possessions; 'Keeping up with the Joneses', and all that jazz. Capitalism is based on that. You hate Capitalism? COMMIE!

In conclusion: I think I'm more than justified to say that I am more than infinitely superior to your so-called 'God', Andypoos.. Therefore he must bow down and worship me.

"The reason why people think that God is cruel, violent, malevolent, and a tyrant is because..."

...he fucking well is.

'The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak ... homophobic, racist, ... capriciously malevolent bully.'

-Richard Dawkins

And even if this so-called 'God' existed, what makes you think that he even has the right to have his so-called 'existence' acknowledged, never mind think we Atheists should contemplate the notion of even thinking about worshipping such a monster? You tell me.

And 'Sin' is a concept that only applies to Christians. For the rest of us...:

I love the smell of not only arguments - but religions - annihilated in the morning. Smells like... superiority. >:D


Compared to right-wing Fundamentalist Christian Dominionism, I see nothing wrong with what SpukiKitty said.

These Fundie Xtian Dominionists would do well to consider the Wiccan Rede, and what it really means:

'An it harm none, do what thou wilt.'

I see no Wiccan fundies out there.

And if - due to the harm right-wing Fundamentalist Christianity has/is doing to society - secular laws are required to curb the insanities of these Dominionists (especially via the US Constitution), nay, force these Dominonists to stop their own nefarious agenda that harms (in any way, shape or form) others not exactly like them, then there can never be enough laws, says I.

Even in word, action & thought. 'Political Correctness'. It exists for a reason. Two words: Fred Phelps.

What the WBC are allowed to think, never mind do, causes untold harm to those who have done absolutely nothing wrong to them.

1/30/2012 8:24:45 AM


"The reason why people think that God is cruel, violent, malevolent, and a tyrant is because they fail to understand their own wicked sinfulness! "

The reason they think that your god is a cruel tyrant is because they've read the Bible. Case closed.

EDIT: Bollox beat me to it. Well played!

1/30/2012 8:31:20 AM


Uh, SpunkiKitty... there are no "old pagan ways of the Lord and Lady" because the Lord and Lady of the Isles were not worshiped as such until Gerald Gardner created the religion of Wicca in the mid-20th century. Please read this and this.

And thanks for making us pagans look bad with your ridiculous rant.

1/30/2012 8:31:31 AM

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