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I have read about it extensively-—and believe every word of it. I have also read about infiltration of CIA and FBI and it is really truly scary.

There is no moral character in a lot of those who are in control—none. They are probably part of the Sandusky ring—watch how that gets scuttled when it has been going on for decades and involves hundreds of wealthy judges, lawyers, professors, etc. Those names will be protected at any cost—even murder.

They have their Baal representatives on the courts to protect theirs......and that is what Jerry Brown is doing to those Homosexual Producers who raped the Coreys and passed them around——where is the OUTCRY in California??????? Silence is deafening......Bonhoeffer said-—Not speaking out against evil, is evil.

Did you witness the outrage with rumors of Catholic priests? Front pages for years——why? Because although they were infiltrated by homosexuals and that word was never used, the Catholic Church refuses to say homosexual acts are “good” and you should take “pride” in sodomy. Therefore, the Church has to be destroyed or marginalized so they aren’t taken seriously.

The Hollywood producers needed to be in jail YESTERDAY. Why isn’t this on the FRONT pages for the last 6 months since Feldmen said the producers are still producing the Rot to mess up kids.-—Jerry Brown?????!!!!!! But then, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brown is part of the Sodomy mafia since he is forcing that evil concept into the minds of 5 year olds. He is mentally and morally sick.

savagesusie, Free Republic 41 Comments [2/16/2012 5:29:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Shoegazer Watched The Stars

Ah, some delicious word salad.

And, first! Wow!

2/16/2012 5:33:24 AM

There is no moral character in a lot of those who are in control—none.

I agree with you, susie. Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same crappy coin. There is virtually no distinction between the two groups: they are all rich, elite lawyers and career politicians (predominantly) who do not represent the middle class.

2/16/2012 6:24:00 AM

Oh look, susie. You again.

2/16/2012 6:33:21 AM

Mister Spak


2/16/2012 6:44:27 AM


i swear susie must have an insult generator. "sodomy mafia"??

2/16/2012 7:00:25 AM

What the fuck are talking about susie?

2/16/2012 7:15:27 AM


But then, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brown is part of the Sodomy mafia

Don: Okay Jimmy tell me everything you know.
Jimmy Leadtooth: I ain't sayin' nothin'!
Don: I have ways of making you talk. Boys, bend him over and drop his pants.
Jimmy Leadtooth: O_O

I'd hate to see what the drivebys look like. They must have great accuracy though.

2/16/2012 7:17:03 AM

Doubting Thomas

I was really wondering if someone could actually believe that there is some huge conspiracy involving a vast pedophilia ring in our society, then I saw the quote was from psychosuzie.

2/16/2012 7:18:41 AM


Damn it, susie! Now you have used up all the question marks today. Nobody else will get any.

I don't know what kinds of movies susie sees, but I haven't seen anything about sodomy in movies for 5-year-olds.

If there was a homosexual conspiracy ruling the world, how come gays are still murdered and beaten up, how come they aren't allowed to marry and adopt like the rest of us? (Yay, one question mark left for me!)

2/16/2012 7:30:12 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Ooh, a twofer.

Has anyone else here noticed that Susie is rather well-read for a Freeper? She always namedrops notable Germans of yesteryear in her rants. It's a pity that she didn't actually learn anything she read in books.

2/16/2012 7:37:46 AM


Wait, what does a football coach at a university in Pennsylvania have to do with California? I'm confused.

2/16/2012 7:46:20 AM

Ahhh confirmation. She's the mayor of Lala Town.

2/16/2012 8:03:29 AM

Table Rock

I haven't a clue what you just said. Not a fucking clue.

2/16/2012 8:16:25 AM


I wonder whether savagesusie also contributes to Time Cube...

2/16/2012 9:22:34 AM

Argle Bargle

Aaaand there she goes, off the deep end. I'm surprised she lasted this long.

2/16/2012 9:26:24 AM



2/16/2012 9:42:31 AM


Okay, savagesusie. Now take off the tinfoil hat, and point out on this doll where the nasty Homosexual Agenda touched you...?

"But then, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brown is part of the Sodomy mafia"

Former Prime Minister of the UK Gordon Brown is married, with children.


2/16/2012 9:51:55 AM


In any environment where adults mix with a lot of children - school, church, scouts etc - there are cases of abuse. Unfortunately for you Suzie, you aren't allowed to cherry-pick the one you disapprove of (Hollywood), and ignore the rest.

2/16/2012 10:10:00 AM


The entent of your reading is in no way as important as your choice of reading material. You have patently choosen poorly.

You seem most unqualified to assess who is "mentally and morally sick."

2/16/2012 10:16:00 AM


@Argle Bargle:

She didn't, she evolved from the scum of the deep end into the massive slime menace of the deep end she is today.

2/16/2012 10:18:18 AM

Hmmm. Crazy as she is, susie usually does a better job of constructing intelligible sentences. I suspect someone's meds have gone a little off balance.

Time to have the shrink check your levels, susie.

2/16/2012 10:30:00 AM


You lost me after "I have read about it".

2/16/2012 10:57:54 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Brown is part of the Sodomy mafia

Well, the name would be apt.

Also in the syndicate;
Marvin Gaye
Gay Talese
Ben Dover
Queen Latifah
Dagwood Bumstead
Penis Van Lesbian (aka Dick Van Dyke)

2/16/2012 11:09:23 AM

Jack Bauer

Savagesusie raves on...

2/16/2012 12:25:03 PM


This is your nurse and i warned you about mixing up your medicines.

2/16/2012 1:07:04 PM

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