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What Are the Emotional Attractions of Atheism?

Atheism appeals on many levels. The illusion of self-determinism, of superiority of mind (and caste), and of self-directed morals is totally compatible with the desire for the freedom to pursue whatever materialism, lust, indulgence or vanity one wishes. For Hitler it was the pursuit of the Master Race. For Hefner, sex and money. For the ACLU it is the capture of the next generation of children, on the road to communism. For Aldous and Julian Huxley it was sexual liberation. For Dahmer it was sexual perversion and cannibalism. For many I think it is the release from all moral authority.

There are no restrictions whatsoever imposed by Atheism. The idea that Atheism is benign just doesn’t wash.

The 40 Year Atheist, Atheism Analyzed 46 Comments [2/18/2012 4:03:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

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Colonel Boris

Ah, so the 'Greater German God' was just a ploy by Hitler, eh? He wasn't an atheist, numb-nuts.

2/18/2012 4:41:36 AM


So many words wasted to say: "Atheist just want to be amoral and feel superior!" Boring.

2/18/2012 5:18:12 AM


Love how the ACLU and Aldous Huxley are lumped into the same category as Dahmer and Hitler.

2/18/2012 5:21:42 AM


As opposed to "being saved", which, philosophically speaking, allows one the illusion of self-determinism, superiority of mind and caste, etc. etc. etc.
The difference being that "being saved" allows you to indulge in whatever behaviours you chose, with the assurance that you're "saved", so you can claim moral superiority, whereas an atheist doesn't have that excuse to fall back on for bad behaviour.
Do carry on with your mud pies.

2/18/2012 5:33:24 AM

Filin De Blanc



Why are these people so terrified by the idea that a person might have liberty to pursue personal happiness?

2/18/2012 6:09:08 AM

Eppur si muove

No, it's that I don't like to believe in bullshit.

2/18/2012 6:26:02 AM


Liberty: Actually terrifying to fundies in practice.

2/18/2012 6:42:44 AM

Argle Bargle

I'm surprised he lasted three sentences before Godwinning himself. Remarkable restraint for a fundie.

2/18/2012 7:24:54 AM

I'm not sure what the "appeal" of atheism is either, and I *am* an atheist. Its not like you can choose your belief system like you'd put on a hat; you either believe a statement to be true, or you don't. And that's how it stays unless someone presents a good enough counter argument. There's no appeal to the conclusion there's no god any more than the conclusion that 2*2=4.

And that's what bugs me about every time someone says something like this. The assumption that we all secretly know there's a god, and we're just going through a phase of taking the piss for a while. As opposed to asking "why don't these people believe in god?", its "why don't these people WANT to believe in god?" which is very different and way more insulting - the idea that we all to a man are lying through our teeth. Rawr. The more I try to analyse it the more annoyed I get. I'd better stop ranting.

2/18/2012 7:54:26 AM

Brendan Rizzo

The very fact that he thinks that Hitler and Dahmer were atheists proves that "The 40 Year Atheist" was never an atheist.

Lying for Jesus, how very American of him...

2/18/2012 8:38:11 AM


I went to look at the site this is from. Everything, every line of it, is a venomous, spiteful spoonful of total bulls**t, unbroken from beginning to end.

It's an analysis of what Fundies have deluded themselves into thinking Atheists are, and it's both wtf-inducing and fascinating.

2/18/2012 8:40:51 AM

Hitler and Dahmer weren't atheists. You fail.

2/18/2012 8:47:52 AM


"There are no restrictions whatsoever imposed by Atheism."

Of course not, because atheism is a position on the existence of gods, not a list of ethical standards. As an atheist one establishes ones ethics from many sources not just one ancient book of badly written fairy tales.

2/18/2012 9:07:38 AM


Hitler was a Catholic. You lose.

2/18/2012 9:18:40 AM

Thinking Allowed

While I don't believe you're a 40 year old atheist, I can believe you're a 40 year old virgin.

2/18/2012 9:31:30 AM

Shai Hulud

I'm not sure the causal link between atheism and any specific moral framework/ lack of any specific moral framework is so strong.

But then I don't think the writer of this really cares. Surely anyone hoping to actually change peoples opinions won't make the claim that Hitler was an atheist.

2/18/2012 9:41:05 AM


What is it with fundies and Godwins?

2/18/2012 10:13:40 AM


Caste? Is this guy Hindu? Don't have a cow, man.

2/18/2012 10:22:20 AM


Hitler wasn't an atheist. The ACLU isn't atheist, either. It simply defends the US Constitution. You only remember the cases involving the "Establishment" Clause, because you disagree with them (and probably the Constitution itself on this issue). You ignore the large number of its cases defending the "Free Exercise" clause, such as suing a school that forbid crosses and rosaries, suing a prison for denying an inmate who was a Pentecostal minister the right to preach to other inmates and hold Bible study classes and the right of religious groups to hold services for the homeless in public parks.

2/18/2012 10:37:30 AM

D Laurier

You do realize that Hitler was a life long christian...
... Dont you?
Serial killer J Dahmer was still a christian when he finaly gave in to his fantasys, and started raping and killing young boys.

2/18/2012 10:59:08 AM


Atheism is the pursuit of the advancement of Humanity based on Facts, Evidence, and Reality. There's a good reason why "Star Trek"'s future United Federation of Planets-governed Earth is one free of want, disease, war, and ignorance:

'We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.'

-Gene Roddenberry

...it's creator was an Atheist.


Hitler hated racial diversity. Hitler hated homosexuality. Hitler hated Atheists. Hitler was a Christian. He was also a right-winger. [/Reverse Godwin]

Uhura, Sulu, Spock (half-human), Sisko et al. Nope, no Nazism in "Star Trek".

(and anyone dares mention the TOS episode "Patterns of Force" and ENT one "Storm Front" will be put in the brig and Admiral Janeway will use her Doug Piranha-based training in dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and... satire against you. Then B'Elanna Torres will nail your head to the floor X3 )

2/18/2012 11:32:12 AM

Doubting Thomas

Ho hum, yet another atheists=Hitler claim.

For the record, Dahmer was a gay man who was brought up in a strict Christian home, just like a lot of serial killers were.

2/18/2012 11:41:07 AM


Jeffrey Dahmer: Not an atheist. Had a religious upbringing and later became religious again in prison. In fact, look at the list of most prolific serial killers and see how many of them had a strict religious upbringing. It's not hard to see the connection: If you instil into kids the idea that sex is evil, then they will begin to equate the two things and the repressed sexuality will eventually resurface, associated with something so "dirty" and "bad" that it needs to be wiped out, killed.
It's yet another self-fulfilling prophecy; In order to be "saved" from "sin", you first have to sin. The more you sin, the greater your redemption will be, and thus the whole paradigm is self-perpetuating, in a culture ruled by the false dichotomy of "God" ie, obedience to authority, or "atheism" here misidentified with hedonism and nihilism.
It's up to us to keep pointing out the immense value of an ethical humanism AND a more egalitarian social system as an antidote, and not be in any way reticent or apologetic about it, and refuse to let them project their authoritarian neuroses onto us.

2/18/2012 12:24:49 PM


And yet for me it has been the pursuit of being a better person with no ulterior motives beyond enjoying my life a little more.

Hitler and Dahmer weren't atheists, and Hitler was motivated specifically by his belief in God if you're to believe his own memoirs. The ACLU is a civil rights organization populated by people of varying faiths though is predominantly Christian. I've no knowledge of Hugh Hefner's spiritual beliefs, nor Huxley's.

By the way, there are indeed restrictions on atheist's activities: It's called the Law, and breaking it sucks for everyone.

2/18/2012 12:26:14 PM


It sucks. But Dahmer said him being an atheists led him to kill and eat. He was just covering his ass. The devil made me do it bull shit.

2/18/2012 12:34:42 PM

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