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The creationist advocacy group Answers in Genesis has suggested that the real aim of the animal rights is to justify abortion - if human beings are no better than animals, and if we can kill animals when we want (as for food or clothing), why can't we kill unborn humans?

Conservapedia, Conservapedia-Animal Rights 68 Comments [2/23/2012 4:32:34 AM]
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Rabbit of Caerbannog

Why would animal rights activists want to convince people that we ought to kill animals? I doesn't understands.

2/24/2012 12:03:48 AM


Andy Schlafly, he's our man,
If he can't bullshit, no one can.

Geezer is a fucknut pure and simple. It's not even worth dissecting this shite...


How stoned do you have to be for this to make sense?

Well I'm on my REDACTED reefer of the day, and it still doesn't make sense.

Maybe drop some acid?

2/24/2012 2:42:14 AM


@ Lpopman:

LSD is mind expanding. You need something mind-imploding, like crack cocaine or Meth. For fast results, Methyl Di-Ethel Amphetamine (MDA) or MDMA ("E").

2/24/2012 10:00:42 AM


2/24/2012 2:53:48 PM



For fast results, Methyl Di-Ethel Amphetamine (MDA) or MDMA ("E").

It's so hard to find a good supply tho. 'Round my way the real deal is scarce, just crappy pills at a pound a pop. I want my 80's pills back! /old-headrant

2/24/2012 5:55:33 PM


if we can kill animals when we want (as for food or clothing) ...

Since when have animal rights activists advocated killing animals? The hard-core PETA members don't even wear leather shoes, for crissake!

2/24/2012 6:09:24 PM


But don't you think, since apparently the filthy godless liberals want to kill unborn babies, that they would encourage the inhumane treatment of animals first, as that would pave the way for the inhumane treatment of the unborn (and then of course towards the ultimate inhumane treatment of humans)?

2/24/2012 9:25:03 PM


Bonus points; the article they cite as a source (http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2004/08/30/christian-leader-bible-to-argue) doesn't actually mention animal rights.

2/24/2012 11:58:26 PM

Argle Bargle

Conservapedia loves to play the six degrees of separation from abortion for just about any cause that isn't pure right-wing reactionism.

2/25/2012 5:50:08 AM

Good to know that they try to protect the life of the animals, which, by that logic..............anyway.

2/25/2012 6:34:30 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

Yet more proof that Creationists are morons.

2/25/2012 9:52:56 AM

I Read About The Afterlife

Wait? What? How does the push to treat animals ethically lead to justifying abortion?

2/25/2012 2:03:28 PM

It's funny because animal rights asociations are begans and don't wear furs in order to AVOID killing animals. By your logic..........guess what they should be against.

2/26/2012 3:58:00 AM


This site is so full of unthinking, illogical dumbasses (with a helping of people pretending to be one for flavor).

2/26/2012 1:44:18 PM


Welcome to the



2/27/2012 11:39:27 PM


Uh, I thought that the whole point of animal rights was the notion that humans DON'T have the right to kill other animals as they please.

3/1/2012 9:04:06 PM

I though the animal rights movement was aiming to reduce use of animals for meat and clothing. So wouldn't it be better used as an opposition to abortion?

4/23/2014 2:27:28 PM


What the funky fuck?

4/23/2014 6:44:41 PM

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