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[Oddly speaking in the third-person, paragraph breaks added]

Words cannot describe the amount of hatred SpellJammer holds for liberals, he's always hated thier policies sense he was a child. (Not many children at six watch Rush Limbaugh, but SpellJammer did. And his mother was a democrat mind you..) But the constant abuse he took from family members, (Not mom or dad, they were good to SpellJammer, and they now consider themselves Republicans) the incompetance of thier leaders, and the disgusting display of inhummanity he has had to endure talking to them, has show them they are not people.

They rejected whatever morality they had when they uttered the words "morality is relative" and you ask them with full honosty, "If that is true, why would you be against being raped, murdered, and then peed on?" and in thier defence they can only display lashing out at you or getting some liberal-moderator to silence you. Liberals are in power, they are horrible sub-humans, and they sicken SpellJammer because they brainwash our children.

They're a plague, and the longer they exsistance, the more SpellJammer suffers. Every second he knows a liberal is not dead or atleast in alot of pain, is like a needle peircing at the back of his neck. SpellJammer was what you could consider a Christian when he was a boy, but as you can see in his profile now, that is no longer the case. The truth behind everything was revealed to SpellJammer throughout his childhood to adulthood, all was made clear, and he knew what had to be done. He's not going to discuss his religous values here, it's neither the time or the place. But SpellJammer does thank liberals for one thing, if not for them, he would've never been pushed to ascend into a faith that advocated thier destruction, and would probably not have become the strong-willed, innate leader that he is today. They created thier own worst enemy, but then, they wouldn't be the first ones..

SpellJammer, Christian Forums 61 Comments [12/13/2005 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 9

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David D.G.


~David D.G.

12/13/2005 11:35:38 PM

The Last Conformist

A case of hero complex, I think.

12/13/2005 11:52:49 PM

Darth Wang

Since when is moral relativism a universal liberal trait?

12/13/2005 11:56:12 PM


Let's just hope his bark is worse than his bite.

12/14/2005 1:20:15 AM


Tenka bets that SpellJammer hated liberals before it was cool to do so.

OMFSM!! read further, SpellJammer is planning to write a story! about murderous childrens story characters.

12/14/2005 2:14:13 AM


Am I the only one who imagined this being said in the voice of Gollum from Lord of the Rings?

12/14/2005 3:21:34 AM

Kimball Khan

To be a leader one must have people who follow, or at the bare minimum, be able to inspire people to follow. To do that you usually have to be articulate, which you're not, have to appeal to a large amount of people, which you don't, and accept suggestions from people who know better than you, which, and this is just a guess, you don't.

12/14/2005 4:19:22 AM


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I think I'm going to start backing away now

12/14/2005 5:31:27 AM


A strong-willed, innate leader who refers to himself in the third person? Haven't seen too many of those.

I especially like how he condemns liberals for rejecting morality, then claims he has ascended into a faith that advocates their destruction.

12/14/2005 1:40:11 PM

King Spirula

SpellJammer very sick. SpellJammer needs to be in psych ward.

12/14/2005 3:44:00 PM


SpellJammer angry! SpellJammer crush puny liberals!

12/14/2005 7:16:48 PM


The only thing I could think of while reading this was \"George is getting upset!\"

12/15/2005 5:26:02 AM


Cousin Ted - yes, absolutely!

creepy creepy creepy.


12/15/2005 1:11:09 PM


Interestingly enough, 29 years from now, an accident will fling SpellJammer back in time 14 billion years, where he will adopt the name \"Bob Dole\".

The rest is history. ;-)

12/16/2005 2:50:08 AM


Wait, you can WATCH Rush Limbaugh?

12/16/2005 6:48:29 AM


Jimmy gonna put the moves on Elaine.

12/16/2005 2:25:18 PM


Fucked. In. The. Head.

12/16/2005 4:06:56 PM

Mr. Turquoise

\"why would you be against being raped, murdered, and then peed on?\"

I can't speak for any other \"liberals\", but I am much more strongly against being peed on, then raped and murdered.

Does this count as moral relativism?

Murdered, then raped and peed on = bad
Raped, murdered, then peed on = worse
Peed on, raped, then murdered = worst

Mr. Turquoise

12/27/2005 1:34:41 AM

It's a troll, but imitates very well a narcisistic idiot.

8/31/2007 10:55:21 AM


We have ourselves an Internet Charles Manson in the making.

8/31/2007 11:06:37 AM

Rubber chicken

spellJammer troll! spellJammer live under bridge! spellJammer not like goats! spellJammer no have friends

8/31/2007 11:36:58 AM

SpellJammer hates them hobits-- err...liberals.

8/31/2007 12:53:43 PM


Wait, how did Gollum get out of that volcano? Oh wait, this guy isn't Gollum. Sure acts like him.

He claims to be a natural leader, but I can see that it is only in his own mind. Oh, and someone tell him that speaking in the third person is annoying.

Seems like he rejected reality to me.

9/1/2007 12:17:38 AM


Mr_Vorhias thinks SpellJammer needs to rethink his entire goddamn life.

9/1/2007 12:23:28 AM

Brian X

Brian X is curious about something -- do these people who throw the concept of "moral relativism" around as if it was a curse word even understand what it means?

9/1/2007 12:55:20 AM

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