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[This post centres upon sea water concentration ... enjoy]

You have not explained what happened to the salt. What makes you think there was a change in concentration of salinity?
The biblical Flood simple moves existing water from 2/3rds coverage of the earth to 100%
No more or less overall quantity of salt. And where in the bible does it say the salinity of water was completely uniform around the earth and fixed for the duration of the Flood?

Lion IRC, Rational Skepticism 45 Comments [3/1/2012 4:49:11 AM]
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Well, the saltwater would mix with the fresh water and- oh, why bother?

3/1/2012 4:57:39 AM

D Laurier

The bible FAILS to explain the salt problem.
Thts the whole point

3/1/2012 5:05:03 AM


So, where did the water go?

3/1/2012 5:14:57 AM


Flood comes in, flood goes out. Can't explain that.

3/1/2012 5:35:09 AM


Where in the Bible is there one accurate description of anything on Earth? Even much that was known then isn't documented at all.

Because it in NO WAY is a historical collection of books.

And the concentration of salt issue? Creationist strawman with no case in reality. No one in science has ever suggested there could be a formula that could gauge the varied periods and levels of erosion and settling of salt and therefor there has never been an ideal level of salt based on the age of the Earth or it's oceans.

3/1/2012 5:50:54 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Wait, what?

Wouldn't that kill EVERYTHING? Including plants? So when the Flood was over Noah, his family and the animals would have starved to death?

And this is why there is no evidence of such a Flood existing. If there were, the original geologists would have found it, and despite what you say, they had absolutely no motive to lie.

3/1/2012 5:56:01 AM


I've heard this argument before: that there were pockets of freshwater in the saltwater; a sort of oil and water phenomenon with freshwater and saltwater. It's every bit as dumb as claiming that pouring dirty water (even gently) into clean water will still leave you with a bunch of clean water, and that's without taking the stirring effect (such as is caused by the tides) into account.

3/1/2012 6:34:04 AM


There's a simple solution to all these problems:

Allahu Akbar!

3/1/2012 6:41:21 AM

Mister Spak

So the entire land surface of the earth was soaked in salt water for 400 days, then Noah grew crops in it?

You have not explained how that worked.

3/1/2012 6:55:22 AM

Dr. Razark

Ok. You're saying that the amount of salt in the water was constant. The flood simply added water to the mix, resulting in a lower total salinity that returned to its normal level once the excess water was removed. Makes perfect sense. Nothing in this is in any way strange.

Now, can you please show us the evidence that this flood ever occurred and explain how anything survived during this time?

3/1/2012 7:01:10 AM

Doubting Thomas

This is why I don't want creationism taught in public school classrooms. Because religion makes people stupid.

3/1/2012 7:06:53 AM


The Flood was basically God taking a piss on humanity, and his urine was salty because of the chips he'd been snacking on.

3/1/2012 7:09:43 AM


Lion IRC is beyond hope. he is one of the most retarded of fundies. He is sequestered in the dungeon at Pharyngula as he cannot learn or accept when he is wrong (always).

3/1/2012 7:22:55 AM

Rainwater is typically freshwater, stupid. If the amount of water doubled suddenly through rain, the salinity would drop drastically, and kill most sea-living animals.

The salinity is neither uniform nor fixed now. Which is yet another nail in the Flood coffin; the drastically changend salinity would, as I said before, kill off lots and lots of sea-living animals.

3/1/2012 7:28:53 AM

Salinity is not constant around the globe but in most places it is in a certain range and around 35PSU. However one could postulate that the dramatic mixing that would be caused by the Flood would tend to even it out quite a lot. You could also postulate that salinity would increase because of the massive increase of terrestrial source material. But this is a really silly conversation to have because there is absolutely no evidence for the Flood, nor a mechanism by which such an event could have come about.

3/1/2012 7:53:45 AM


I said it before, I will say it again.

This man raised in a Catholic household never believed the tale of Noah's Ark to the letter* even as a little boy.

* I believe it is possible there was a massive flood that was big enough to wipe out Israel, but the tale was SERIOUSLY exaggerated when put into the Bible.

3/1/2012 8:06:38 AM


Ancient China. Completely untouched by the so-called 'Global Flood'. Otherwise, how did they exist after said 'Flood', least of all during it?! (check one):

[ ] The landmass China is on was taller than Mount Everest at the time of said 'Flood'. Which completely annihilates your 'Bible', and therefore your religion as a whole.

[ ] The Bible was merely a conglomeration of other, earlier mythologies - including 'Floods' (which were local). Which completely annihilates your 'Bible', and therefore your religion as a whole.

Choose wisely.

"No more or less overall quantity of salt."

And even if ancient China was affected to some extent by a 'Flood' at that time, then - as today - there's a lot of Tea in China:

Darth Vader is collecting some seawater, so as to make a refreshing cuppa. Your argument is invalid.

3/1/2012 8:18:08 AM



3/1/2012 8:33:54 AM

Philbert McAdamia

@ checkmate
There's a simple solution to all these problems:

Uh huh. About 3.5%.

3/1/2012 8:42:13 AM


You folks have it pretty well covered but, just to elaborate...

1. There are portions of the Earth's surface that, in billions of years, have never been covered in water.

2. A sudden change in salinity would kill virtually every aquatic organism on the planet whether freshwater or marine.

3. Salinity doesn't really enter into it. The problem Genesis doesn't cover is; where did the water come from and where did it go?

3/1/2012 9:50:59 AM

Water which covers 2/3 of the Earth's surface "was moved" so that it covered all of it?

Moving things, I don't know if you've noticed this, doesn't often increase their volume. Try driving your car across the state. Is it now a limousine? Another thing, how on earth have you made yourself appear so stupid I actually felt compelled to ask you to do that experiment? That's an achievement.

3/1/2012 10:08:09 AM


Every time I see one of these Noah's Ark posts, I recall how daft it is to take a mythological story literally. You really have to make your mind jump through the most illogical hoops in order to square the story with science.
Imagine if I decided to take, say, the story of Danae, with Zeus impregnating her with a golden rain, literally, and then set about finding out the chemical composition of the said rain and trying to justify its procreative powers scientifically. Would that not be ridiculous? But Noah's ark literalism is the equivalent of that.

3/1/2012 10:14:09 AM


Wait, you think Noah's flood really happened?

3/1/2012 10:31:37 AM


I assume the answers for the other 200 problems with the flood story are explained in an equally stupid way.

3/1/2012 11:03:42 AM


Fuck this whole salt bullshit. Look at what you just said, 100% of the earth was covered by water. So I guess that includes Mount Everest. So how the hell did everything on the Ark not freeze to death or asphyxiate first?

3/1/2012 11:52:38 AM

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