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Recently [Andrew Breitbart] said he had video of Obama speaking during his college years....outted SEIU....got up in the face of Obamaites.....now a 43 year old healthy man dies. It is not believable that he died of a rapidly cobbled statement of ‘natural causes’. He had many enemies....most of them associated with obama.

Texas Songwriter, Free Republic 10 Comments [3/6/2012 4:23:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Well, must say I wouldn't want to die of rapid cobblers either. Horrible way to go.

3/6/2012 5:24:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

Why is it not believable that a 43-year-old man dies of natural causes? It happens more often than you'd think.

And why is it that nobody ever heard of this video until Breitbart died?

3/6/2012 7:34:38 AM

Churchy LaFemme

A 43-year-old man with a history of heart problems. Not necessarily healthy.

3/6/2012 9:08:44 AM

now a 43 year old healthy man dies.

You mean a obese man who had heart problems and was mainlining Coke... I'm shocked that he lasted that long.

3/6/2012 11:15:13 AM


Breitbart had been making wild claims about Obama for years. So have plenty of other wingnuts who remain undead.

3/6/2012 12:25:29 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Healthy? There is not a single Republican pundit who is healthy. Where do you think the stereotype that Americans are all fat idiots comes from?

3/6/2012 5:43:04 PM


I suppose alcohol is a "natural" cause.

3/7/2012 1:46:22 PM

Breitbart was well known for telling outrageous lies and for altering audio and video to turn it into the opposite of its original content.

People hate scumbags like him, but they don't usually murder them, because they aren't exposing anything true.

And a fat guys with heart problems who use drugs and alcohol die in their 40s everyday.

3/8/2012 12:14:00 AM

Doubting Thomas

OK so I found the video and apparently it's been available online since at least 2008. Obama introduces one of his Harvard professors to a crowd. Whoopty-fucking-doo. You think this is worth having a bunch of secret hit men off someone? Especially since it's been available for the past four years?

What's the big deal, anyway? Seems like they're trying to say that he's ineligible for office because he had a liberal college professor. Who didn't?

The desperation of the Republicans is really showing through in light of their frontrunners Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum, the three stooges.

3/8/2012 3:04:44 PM


The guy was pretty much as journalistic as Pravda. All i want is to engrave the words "Good riddance" on his gravestone.

3/9/2012 5:32:38 PM

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