I shot the sheriff

But I didn't shoot no deputy

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1) I’ll never be convinced [Andrew Breitbart] wasn’t murdered.

2) Now we know why the GOP cowards won’t stand up against obama. They’re not willing to die for this country.

3) I sure hope he shared his information [on Obama] with some others who will put it out there. In this day and age it’s almost impossible to destroy all evidence.

4) Sherrif Joe, watch your back and don’t trust any of your deputies.

Terry Mross, Free Republic 14 Comments [3/6/2012 4:26:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Percy Q. Shunn

1. "I don't care what the autopsy says!"

2. Yes, the GOP is chock-full o' cowards.

3. We are all eagerly awaiting the big revelations!

4. Sheriff Joe is a pussy who hides behind false patriotism.

3/6/2012 5:17:46 AM


Yeah, whatever. By next week you'll have something else to obsess over.

3/6/2012 5:22:43 AM

Doubting Thomas

I need to google "Obama body count list" to see if the nutjobs have come up with a list of people around Obama who "mysteriously" died. Just like they did with Clinton and Bush, and are likely to do with whoever succeeds Obama in 2016.

*edit* After a google search, yes, they do indeed have an "Obama body count list." It's very easy to do. Find any politician and find people even with the most remote connection to him, then list their death as "mysterious." If they die in a car accident, call it "mysterious." If they die in an aircraft crash, so much the better because then you get to list the pilot, co-pilot, other passengers, etc. If someone dies of natural causes, a suicide, or drug overdose, call it "apparent" to insinuate that it was suspicious.

3/6/2012 7:33:16 AM


I saw the tape of Breitbart yelling nonsense at the Occupiers. It's obvious what he died of. His head asplode.

3/6/2012 4:27:25 PM

Brendan Rizzo

Wait, Breitbart is dead?

@ Doubting Thomas:

Interesting. I wonder how these people deal with the "body count lists" blamed on politicians whose views they share? Obviously they realize if they are Republican (for example), that it's unlikely that any Republicans assassinated their opponents, yet they will instantly believe that of any Democrat.

3/6/2012 5:41:28 PM


5) Buy some goddamn tinfoil to make hats, so they can't hack your brain! It has to be tinfoil. FUCK ALUMINUM FOIL! IT DOESN'T BLOCK THE HACKING FREQUENCY PROPERLY!!!

3/7/2012 12:58:53 AM


With the current "Breitbart Assassinated" conspiracy,
and all the other various left wing conspiracies propounded at FR these days ...
Free Republic has officially moved from a republican party front to a fringe kook site.

3/7/2012 3:51:49 PM


Actually, F-Christain, they have moved from being a front for the GOP to its instigator for stochastic violence.

3/8/2012 4:20:54 AM


The only thing Joe really has to worry about is the people he has fucked over and the federal investigation about his remarkably corrupt department.

3/8/2012 12:02:29 PM


The funniest thing is, the tapes that Obama supposedly had Breitbart killed for we're shown on PBS years ago, it was him giving a speech for, then hugging a professor in college. Why hasn't he had all of PBS killed for showing it!

3/13/2012 1:26:14 AM


no I shot the sheriff

3/15/2012 6:14:11 PM


I shot the sheriff.

3/15/2012 6:14:58 PM


i did i did ha ha ha

3/15/2012 6:15:40 PM


Who does he think Obama is, Bill Clinton?

5/24/2016 4:03:58 AM

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