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[Principal slut-shames pregnant 8th-grade girl at school assembly, forcing her to drop out]

the administrators not keeping their mouths closed isn't the problem, the problem is the slut not keeping her legs closed.

You see how one prevents the other from occurring?

her and her parent should be ashamed. She didn't want anybody to know? Yeah, good luck hiding that baby bump. Kids would've been talking shiat and rumors would've been flying, the school prevented that from occurring.

Yes, use her as an example, that your actions have consequences. If she thinks she's adult enough to have sex, then welcome to the adult world of having to live with the decisions that you've made.

calbert, fark.com 40 Comments [3/14/2012 3:28:52 AM]
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Last time I checked, it takes two people to make one baby. Even if it's artificial insemination, at some point, a daddy was involved.

Holy double standards, Batman!

3/14/2012 3:44:37 AM


She's a teen, they do stupid things. Shaming and embarassing them will only ensure she has to pay her entire life for one stupid mistake and will ensure that her innocent baby will grow up in shitty circumstances.

Yeah, good job, make sure the girl gets punished for being curious about her own body. And surprise, surprise, no mention about the father. He gets out easily. Grah, I hate these people.

3/14/2012 3:44:49 AM


This is why most of the western world,and large parts of africa,asia and south america have better sex education at their schools.
To prevent shit like this.

3/14/2012 4:09:07 AM


And the father's consequences are what?

3/14/2012 4:43:56 AM

Rob aka Mediancat

The school PREVENTED it? More like jump-started it by several months.

I'm not particularly thrilled with 8th graders getting pregnant, either, but the solution is not to humiliate her. The mentality of this is one that says that she did something worthy of public humiliation, and that mentality is contemptible.

3/14/2012 5:07:41 AM

your actions have consequences

Example: By showing us your warm and compassionate side, calbert, I've formed the opinion that you're an asshole and I don't ever want anything to do with you. Please FOAD.

3/14/2012 5:19:33 AM


Dickhead. And what about the father? Shouldn't he be humiliated too? Or do only women have to bear the responsibility for their actions while men get off free?

the problem is the slut not keeping her legs closed

Again, what about the boy? It's his responsibility to keep his sausage in his trousers. I fucking HATE this fundie mentality of blaming women for something that takes two people.

3/14/2012 5:38:46 AM


I'm by no means sure this doesn't belong in Sexists Say the Darnedest Things either, and I reiterate, the trend is disturbing.

3/14/2012 6:11:27 AM

It's not the principals place or job to say something to the kid.

3/14/2012 6:11:33 AM


I swear to god these people just scream frustration/jealousy that they never got any in high school when others were.

I never got any in high school, god I hope I don't end up like these people, resenting everyone who has sex.

3/14/2012 6:54:33 AM

Doubting Thomas

Yeah, let's ruin one girl's entire life because of one mistake she made. Then when she's 18 and on welfare because you wouldn't let her get an education, you'll be whining because your tax dollars will be used to support her and her bastard child. And you'll STILL be complaining that she didn't keep her legs closed.

But let me guess: you also think we need to keep contraception out of the hands of teenagers and she better not have an abortion because that's baby murder, don't you? I don't know why these idiots think that abstinence-only ever works, because often the more you tell kids not to do something, the more they want to do it, especially when they know that adults do it.

3/14/2012 6:58:37 AM


Lets see...

8th grade, she would be 13 or 14; nope not an adult, nor is she capable of adult decisions.

The principal needs to be fired.

People like you are the reason why FSTDT exists.

3/14/2012 7:22:17 AM

Or, she could just have a safe, legal abortion, since she's at an age (13) where childbirth could kill her, and we could talk about how she's an example of how abstinence-only "education" isn't working.

But you'd probably want her stoned to death in the school cafeteria if she opted to terminate the pregnancy, if you haven't already brainwashed her to believe she'd be committing murder by doing so.

3/14/2012 7:26:36 AM


Calbert himself is evidence that actions do have consequences. Specifically, he's the consequence of a diseased baboon having drunk-sex with a bus station toilet.

3/14/2012 7:48:19 AM

Sentry Gun

In the real world, there is something call contraception. We should talk to kids about it.

3/14/2012 9:07:38 AM


Kids would've been talking shiat and rumors would've been flying ... your actions have consequences. If she thinks she's adult enough to have sex, then welcome to the adult world of having to live with the decisions that you've made.

Yeah, let her live with the consequences of her pregnancy, like taking the "shiat and rumors" like an adult instead of kicking her out of the school.

We had a pregnancy at my high school back in 1974, back when "trojans" were still a word teenagers giggled about. I don't remember any "shiat and rumors".

two weeks after her readmission, a school counselor and the director of the middle school forced the teen to stand before the middle school assembly and announced her condition

Wow, I'd just love to do some background on that director. I bet it would be easy to dig up a basketful of dirty laundry on him. Then force him "to stand before the middle school assembly and announce" his past. Asshat.

3/14/2012 9:17:30 AM


@ Doubting Thomas: I think a lot of it is faith in the rule of fear, in the sense that the Legalists of the Qin Dynasty would have understood it. The whole idea is to leave everyone in such immense dread of punishment for even small crimes that they'll never act out. Unfortunately for the Legalists and other All Crimes Are Equal theorists, it basically depends on the assumption that one can ONLY think about grave crimes if they have first thought about minor crimes (q.v. the usual misinterpretation of the Broken Windows theory). Sort of like thinking that if one is an arsonist, then that one MUST have been a simple pickpocket in their past. Make them fearful of picking pockets, and they'll be literally UNABLE to think about arson.

Also, once you have capital punishment for non-zenith crimes--higher crimes than that "only" add greater pain and humiliation to the execution--then you've got a rollover bug into the fearful going into an all-or-nothing rebellion. The error lies in the belief that since rebellion is so high up, making people afraid of being simple thieves or smugglers will greatly interdict it--you've allegedly barricaded that chain of thought. No such luck.

3/14/2012 10:16:08 AM


A pregnant student should be able to remain in school as long as SHE feels capable of doing so, not forced out earlier. Cutting off someone's education (and, often, her friends) is NOT the way to help someone take care of her baby, yet these people who claim they're "compassionate" because they don't believe in abortion support that cruelty. You know what the school prevented? Her being able to learn, advance in school without extensive catch-up work (for which she'll only be further ridiculed), and actually have a hope of supporting that baby.

She decided to keep the baby--something that by conservatives' own admission they think EVERY WOMAN SHOULD DO--and you're punishing her for that, too. Fuck all of you, seriously. If the supreme being has any sense of justice she'll reincarnate you as pregnant 12-year-olds. Without giving you a childhood first.

3/14/2012 10:41:33 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. An eighth-grader is pregnant? She's definitely under the age of consent. Calbert has just called a girl who was raped, statutorily or not, a slut. This is one of the most vile quotes I have ever read on this site.

3/14/2012 11:11:41 AM


That's a direct result of abstinence only sex ed!
With kids not knowing what's going on, it is of course easier for predators to take advantage of them.
And why does only get the girl shamed and called names? What about the father of the baby? What a stud, yeah, you got that slut knocked up, but who cares!

3/14/2012 11:49:54 AM


Just get an abortion. Problem solved.

3/14/2012 12:07:32 PM


Wheres the fucking father? He's guilty of rape, is he not?

3/14/2012 1:12:33 PM


Never say "baby bump" again.

3/14/2012 1:26:59 PM


"the problem is the slut not keeping her legs closed."

Because, of course, NO ONE can have sex with their legs together.


3/14/2012 1:56:08 PM


This guy is an utter asshole but he's right in saying that you do have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of your choices. A lot of people forget that, and want to act freely resenting people mentioning the fallout of what they've done even when it hurts others.

What he is dead fucking wrong about is saying that adding to those consequences by being a piece of shit and making life hell for people who make those choices rather than letting the actual consequences, good or ill, play out is a mature thing to do.

There is a consequence for doing that Calbert, and that is everyone thinks you're a fucking asshole and avoids you. You'll have to live with that.

Edit: I followed up on the story. The school board kicked her out once when they found out she was pregnant and was forced to let her back in when the law caught wind of it. (Apparantly without a set fraternization policy and violation of said policy, pregnancy isn't grounds for firing an employee or expelling a student. Who would have guessed, apart from everyone?) Then held the assembly to get her to drop out willingly and requested she be transferred to another school in case being made into a pariah didn't do the trick.

Those dickweed 'educators' and even a school counsellor horrifically abused their trust and athourity and should be held to task for it. They are being sued as we speak and I hope it goes well.

3/14/2012 3:41:27 PM

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