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Though [Barack Obama] has lived on many other worlds of our Federation, and also a key member of my Command, the Ashtar Command, and other Commands of the Federation, his true soul's origins, in fact is originally from my own star system, that of Sirius. ((Sirius is THE BLUE STAR and source of the original BLUE LIGHT and has been called The Dog Star and Blue Star System))

As a fellow Sirian Brother of Light, Obama is a very "old soul" who has, as I often used the phrase, "been around the Intergalactic block many times" and as a fellow Elohim, has held a key membership within numerous Higher Councils. As a great Intergalactic Diplomat on our higher levels, he chose to take Earth embodiment this final time, to fulfill his Destiny of becoming the leader of the United States of America, and to do this despite the attempts of the cabal to block his actual candidacy. Though the cabal thought, they would just let him, at first, attempt to win the nomination, but in the end the cabal had intended and planned for Hillary to win, by manipulating the votes, because they knew that she was more likely to be controlled, and they were not sure if he would allow himself to be totally controlled and be just another one of their puppets. In fact, Obama had actually received a far greater number of votes in these earlier primaries, combined, far, far more than the "official tally." Even with the ''normal amount of the usual" manipulation of the actual number of votes, because of our neutralizing most of their manipulation, Obama still came out ahead of Hillary's own number of votes.

I would also like to confirm what this channel heard earlier from us and more than one "alternative Earth source." There have, in fact already been at least two [actually 3, so far, as of yesterday!!!!] major attempts by the cabal to assassinate Barack Obama--but we helped block and neutralize each of these attempts. He is very protected from any more attempts that the cabal might try in their desperation, to get rid of him because we sense that he will, in fact (with our help, of course) ultimately expose their conspiracy and all of the many evil things they have gotten away with until now. Also, unlike President Kennedy, who initially had contact with the Federation, he unfortunately had ignored our warning to him about not going to Dallas, Texas that day in '63, or he would not have been assassinated by the cabal. But Obama will be more alert and not let himself be distracted from our guidance, and he will Awaken to his soul's original Higher extraterrestrial origins, and in so doing will be a powerful and inspiring leader and diplomat for planet Earth, who will help bring peace to the planet and to help Prepare the population for our First Contact scenario. One of this Channel's friends had made the comment, that he had perceived Obama as a "black JFK," who will, once he becomes President, set in motion; all the many things that President Kennedy had planned to do, but was stopped by the cabal. This time, though, they will not be successful, and we will help him usher in a true Golden Age, and these forces of darkness will loss their power and influence.

Zuleyka Castro, Starseeds.net 30 Comments [3/20/2012 3:27:35 AM]
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Hmm...Cabal? Federation? Elohim?
Sounds slightly Scientology-ish. awesome delusions, though!
This must be the very first pro- Obama post I've read on this entire site,quite refreshing & surprising.

-Might be setting the mark a tad high for his possible second term,though...

3/20/2012 4:05:36 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

While I respect your position, I must say "What the fuck."

3/20/2012 4:30:55 AM


So, how long before Conservatives use this post as evidence to "prove" Obama wasn't born in the US?

3/20/2012 4:45:15 AM


You have got to be kidding me.

3/20/2012 5:23:15 AM


"As a great Intergalactic Diplomat on our higher levels, he chose to take Earth embodiment this final time, to fulfill his Destiny of becoming the leader of the United States of America,"

WHY!? He has the ability to travel out of the fucking galaxy and his dream is to be the POTUS?

No fucking imagination whatsoever.

3/20/2012 6:03:28 AM

Like-Minded Madman

It's like celebrity fan fiction someone would write while whacked out on LSD...

3/20/2012 6:06:02 AM

Doubting Thomas

Dude, I don't know what you're smoking, but it must be some powerful shit.

3/20/2012 6:36:32 AM

Brendan Rizzo

I am beginning to think that the folks at Starseeds (and possibly at Indigo Society as well) are role-players. This is just getting too surreal.

In the event that Castro is serious, however, it is actually kind of refreshing to see a left-wing conspiracy theory for once, even if it involves Obama. Hell, this is probably the most pro-Obama post on all of CSTDT.

Now, Castro probably has some latent mental illness, but for the benefit of other people who have read his post, let me point out the major, fatal flaw of her story. Sirius is far, far younger than the Solar System. A blue giant just cannot last as long as a sunlike star. There would not be nearly enough time for intelligent life to evolve, let alone to become more advanced than the people of Earth who have been around longer. (Before anyone mentions Sirius B, well, Castro specifically says that Sirius is the "original blue light" and it's unlikely that a civilization could survive its star becoming a white dwarf without anyone else noticing.) What happened to the time when conspiracy theories were somewhat believable?

3/20/2012 6:42:35 AM


No, no: Tuvok was played by Tim Russ.

3/20/2012 7:12:54 AM


I'm not sure I believe this. I can imagine that Obama has been on many Federation planets, after all, once Cochrane broke the warp barrier it became possible to go to many more planets than previously thought.

I could even see him being a high up member of Starfleet Command, what with medical advances allowing him to live much longer than people did in the past.

What I can't believe is that he is high up in other Federation commands. Sure, the Federation is pretty well integrated, but I still can't imagine the Vulcans or the Bolians allowing a human to get that high up. They only had an ambassador to Earth as late as 2369 ffs!

JK! You're insane!

3/20/2012 7:37:11 AM



3/20/2012 8:23:38 AM


What is this shit.

3/20/2012 10:11:41 AM


what a cool crack-fic! add in nyan-cat and i'm hooked!

3/20/2012 11:27:58 AM


Well, at least they're not trying to 'prove' that Obama is actually a Communist Muslim Kenyan. :\

3/20/2012 1:21:43 PM


Oh my......

3/20/2012 2:08:09 PM

I can imagine a lot of the usual suspects who get posted to this site blithely c/ping it to their own forums and laughing at those insane liberals and their wacky antics, which is almost as funny as the actual whargarble itself.

3/20/2012 4:11:30 PM


Somewhat diffuse, but at least a lot pleasanter than Moonbattery/ Stormfront (hereinafter Moonfront)

3/20/2012 6:06:02 PM

Power Skunk

This is the most amazing goddamn thing I have ever read. When does issue #1 of this comic book come out? I have to have it!

3/21/2012 12:16:01 AM


Excuse me for a second...

*fetches notepad*

...Okay. Now, how high would you think Obama's Intelligence stat is compared to his Charisma? I'm using Storyteller System, by the way.

3/21/2012 6:49:57 AM


This is probably the most pro-Obama conspiracy theory I've ever seen.

3/21/2012 8:11:38 AM


it's not nice to mock schizophrenics

3/21/2012 9:04:20 AM


President Obama is a Sirian? I thought he was from Kenia.I am so confused.

3/22/2012 9:07:39 AM

This is Security to High Command we have a security breach I repaet we have a security breach...

Lvl 20 classified info pertaining to Intergalactic Diplomat Brother Obama has been leaked and unfortunately it seems like this was done by one of our own a Elohim at that.

As these Pre-Warp primitives think this is merely the ramblings of a insane woman I suggest not sending in Section 31.

3/30/2012 4:14:26 AM


Ten points for liking Obama (unlike most nutbars), minus several millions for sheer WTFness.

4/1/2012 5:59:23 PM




4/6/2012 12:24:43 PM

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