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I had read somewhere that during the London blitz that angels may have taken over the controls of RAf fighters when the pilots were killed.

acelow, Rapture Ready 73 Comments [3/27/2012 3:22:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Christopher Lee

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MAybe you read that, but it's obviously bullshit.

3/27/2012 3:24:02 AM


Are you *that* Christopher Lee?

3/27/2012 3:34:57 AM


That wasn't angels, you nimrod, that was the machine spirit of the planes! Praise the Omnissiah!

3/27/2012 4:12:02 AM


I read somewhere that you can say "reparo" and the broken thing is suddenly whole again.

3/27/2012 4:14:52 AM



Perfect comment is perfect. The Emperor would be proud.

3/27/2012 4:33:15 AM


Foo Fighters? (not the rock group)

3/27/2012 4:43:47 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Too bad the angels were not powerful enough to make the Luftwaffe pilots crash into the English Channel, or prevent the whole war altogether...

3/27/2012 4:51:13 AM

You have to love that 'may'.

3/27/2012 4:57:44 AM


That is pretty damn blatant jingoistic bullshit.

3/27/2012 5:08:23 AM


No it were the meatballs of the spaghettimonster who flew the planes.....

3/27/2012 5:09:06 AM

Mister Spak

I read somewhere that Obi wan Kenobie used the force to control RAF fighters when the pilots were killed.

Hey wait. Where were these angels on 9-11?

3/27/2012 5:12:52 AM


acelow is a moron.

Hey, I have read somewhere that acelow is a moron!

3/27/2012 5:15:58 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Amazing, quinky! I read that too ... somewhere.

3/27/2012 5:21:54 AM


I read somewhere that the Reptilians are genetically splicing Elvis with Bigfoot to create King Kong. I read it so it must be true.

3/27/2012 5:27:20 AM

D Laurier

I read somewhere that King Arthur and his knights rose from their tombs to hold the rearguard at Dunkirque... You read a lot of silly things in comic books.

3/27/2012 5:39:35 AM


Oh for fuck's sake, first they thank God for their doctors' hard work, and now they are thanking God for the work of people who died defending their country?

3/27/2012 5:41:13 AM


This is silly, but there is a tendency here which is a serious one; Deny mankind their own achievements, discredit the heroism and sacrifice of the actual pilots, and give all the credit to God.

3/27/2012 5:50:44 AM


so angels will intervene against an extremely pious man(hitler) fighting in the name of god against heathens. but wont intervene against a man who rapes his own daughter? even if the daughter prays every night for help from god? why should we worship your god again?

3/27/2012 6:16:38 AM

The Duelist


What are you talking about?

3/27/2012 6:19:10 AM


Why is it that these people appear to have the idea that when they get "raptured" a lot of them will be steering/driving/flying some sort of passenger carrying vehicle/plane?

Everybody knows they'll just be flipping burgers.

3/27/2012 6:27:46 AM

Churchy LaFemme

That "somewhere" was poor history. The London Blitz was nightime bombing. There were no RAF fighters in the air at night, as they couldn't see their targets. The only defense possible was anti-aircraft guns on the ground.

3/27/2012 6:28:26 AM

Doubting Thomas

If the pilots were killed, how would anyone know that angels took over the controls? The RAF fighters were single-seat aircraft, so nobody alive would see the angels at the controls.

3/27/2012 6:31:38 AM


I read somewhere about a boy who climbed a giant beanstalk.

3/27/2012 7:09:40 AM


I see a terrible Hollywood movie waiting to be made out of this.

3/27/2012 7:11:50 AM


Yes, and I read somewhere that Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort.

3/27/2012 7:13:21 AM

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