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[honest to goodness stationary geocentrist]

1. The bible would classify Galileo as a fool.
2. If the earth is spinning on it's axis we would have to be doing sideways somersaults.
3. A sideways somersault is also known as a cartwheel.
4. According to evolution, the cartwheel was invented by a neanderthal caveman.
I will stick with God, the earth is not spinning.

1mind1spirit, cf 52 Comments [3/27/2012 3:25:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 117
Submitted By: Podkayne

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They really don't teach science any more, do they?

3/27/2012 3:46:13 AM

Tiny Jebus

Well, I'm convinced.

3/27/2012 4:17:01 AM


1: The early Church did.
2: Ah, no. It doesn't work that way.
3: ...and this means what to the subject?
4: o_O Dafuq?

I will stick to science. The Earth spins.

3/27/2012 4:18:07 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

3/27/2012 4:43:33 AM

Another Poe! The cartwheel is the giveaway.

3/27/2012 5:00:49 AM

Mister Spak

My head is spinning after reading that.

3/27/2012 5:09:11 AM

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Um what?

3/27/2012 5:12:01 AM


1. Probably. Unfortunately, the Bible's opinion of Galileo is independent of physical reality. Imagine if it weren't, that we could for instance call Alexander Graham Bell an idiot and suddenly all the phones would stop working.

2. Yeah, just like we're forced to do that on merry-go-rounds.

3. Indeed.

4. Yeah. No.

Note how the numbering seems to imply this guy is attempting a logical syllogism. He pulls it off with about as much skill as a frog solves differential equations.

3/27/2012 5:20:36 AM


Come on, gotta be a Poe.

3/27/2012 5:27:26 AM



3/27/2012 5:50:23 AM


so then how do you explain the seasons? or the changing nights sky THROUGHOUT aforementioned seasons? and if you say god does it, i swear to mars...

3/27/2012 6:05:30 AM

The Duelist

You were home schooled, weren't you?

3/27/2012 6:09:32 AM

Doubting Thomas

This is your brain on religion. Any questions?

3/27/2012 6:25:12 AM


Obvious poe is obvious.

3/27/2012 6:36:31 AM


I will stick with God, the earth is not spinning.

So the DirecTV satellites are just hovering up there by anti-gravity? Or maybe they're on really, really long poles? And how about SN1987A? It's been measured by triangulation at 170,000 light years away. That means if I've done my arithmetic right, it's traveling at 400 million times the speed of light. Plus I suppose Foucault's pendulum precesses by magic?

3/27/2012 6:36:49 AM

Philbert McAdamia

That's probably why the neandertals died out, if they were prone to invent silly things like cartwheels, instead of wheels for a cart.
Look at us; we only invent sensible, useful things, like fundies.

3/27/2012 6:43:18 AM


Well, most of the people with an IQ higher than room temperature would classify YOU as a fool.

3/27/2012 7:02:50 AM


Insane troll logic for the win! :D

3/27/2012 7:58:29 AM


If this isn't a Poe the species is fucked.

3/27/2012 8:07:01 AM

Zeus Almighty

I'll play along with the Poe.
OK, no more using anything associated with satellites for you! Now, just go live in a cave.

3/27/2012 8:08:21 AM

Friction, Inertia , even curbs, walls and big hills.

@raynardine - either dont teach or dont require kids to pay attention in class.

3/27/2012 8:09:15 AM

what if you face east or west instead of north or south , then it would be a somersault or flip.

3/27/2012 8:10:47 AM



3/27/2012 8:17:45 AM

Thinking Allowed

...and this one overrunneth.

3/27/2012 8:52:17 AM


I don't think physics are your strong suit. Please, go back to elementary school.

3/27/2012 8:57:57 AM

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