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Pokmon has supernatural powers. "Some Pokmon grow, or evolve." This is facilitated by the "Energy cards" that "make your Pokmon bigger and more powerful." And what is the source of this power? It is the pantheistic power of the occult, not the supernatural power of God. I have found two cards that make this very clear (there are likely more). They are Abra and Kadabra. Yes, these are their actual names. "Abrakadabra" (or abracadabra) has been a word long associated with occult magic. Webster's dictionary defines it this way - 1) a word supposed to have magic powers and hence used in incantations, on amulets, etc. 2) a magic spell or formula. It is no accident that the two Pokmon called Abra and Kadabra are psychic cards with magical powers.

On the Abra card we read "Using its ability to read minds, it will identify impending danger and teleport to safety." Then there are the occult symbols on Kadabra. He has a pentagram on his forehead, SSS on his chest and he is giving the Satanic salute with his left hand. All of the above have strong occult significance. It is clear from the Bible (Deuteronomy 18:10-12) that we are neither to participate in nor associate with activities related to the occult.

Some of the readers will no doubt protest, "it's only a game!" To be sure it is a game, but a game that does not glorify God! When God says something is wrong, it is wrong regardless of what form it is in. Not only that, but many of the kids who play this game are seduced into believing the principles that the game subtly teaches. Here is but one example. In the booklet that comes with Pokmon, note what is stated -- "Welcome to the world of Pokmon, a special place where people just like you train to become the number-one Pokmon Master in the World! But what is a Pokmon, you ask. ' Pokmon are incredible creatures that share the world with humans,' says Professor Oak, the leading authority on these monsters. There are currently 150 documented species of Pokmon. . . . Each Pokmon has its own special fighting abilities. . . . Some grow, or evolve, into even more powerful creatures.. . . Carry your pokemon with you, and you're ready for anything! You've got the power in your hands, so use it!"

Listen, kids are carrying around their Pokmon like a magic talisman. Author and researcher Berit Kjos tells of a mom who overheard two boys discussing their little pocket monsters. As the conversation developed one boy said, "I'll just use my psychic powers." It was clear that the so called fantasy world of Pokmon had already conditioned this boys thinking to be receptive to a key occult doctrine - psychic powers!

Pokmon promotes occult values, not biblical values and therefore should be rejected!

Pastor David L. Brown, Ph.D., Logos Resource Pages 94 Comments [3/29/2012 3:56:38 AM]
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You forgot about Alakazam, the evolved form of Abra and Kadabra. The rarer third part of the magic show's line "abrakadabra alakazam!" which is actually fitting since getting an Alakazam in the games is a bit of a pain, at least in the older generations before the global trade system, since Kadabra had to be traded to evolve.


3/29/2012 7:18:38 AM


-ooops, double post

3/29/2012 7:19:09 AM


Did I wake up in 1998?

3/29/2012 7:36:27 AM


The game of Fish is dependent upon the the use of supernatural powers. It requires the players to use occult, satanic abilities to read the other person's mind to see which cards they have. Some people will no doubt protest "Its only a game!" To be sure it is a game, but a game that does not glorify god!

3/29/2012 7:42:33 AM


There is one valid moral criticism of Pokémon, at least concerning the anime shows, that this loony pastor overlooks. In the TV shows, the Pokémon are basically used as gladiators. The Pokémon are constantly fighting other Pokémon at the behest of their owner/masters. The Pokémon feel pain in these battles and are certainly in harms way. The Pokémon TV shows posit that it is morally acceptable to put your Pokémon “friend” in harms way for no other reason than to see if your Pokémon can get the best of someone else’s Pokémon. It seems to me that these Pokémon owners are morally no different than people who promote dog fighting or cock fighting.

3/29/2012 8:02:36 AM


I'm more worried about the little pocket monsters. Cards, indeed!

3/29/2012 8:04:02 AM


"Pokmon has supernatural powers. "Some Pokmon grow, or evolve." This is facilitated by the "Energy cards"

Pokemon? 'Cards'? You know nothing. And what stone have you just crawled from under?! "Pokemon"?! That's all pre-1999, for fuck's sake! Get with the program, already!

Pikachu may have beaten MewTwo, but even he was destroyed by a girl with just a Key Staff and some Clow Cards. "Pokemon" was knocked off the top of the ratings by "CardCaptor Sakura"; the former never regained it's former glory, TV-wise, since.

Ol' Pasty-face Dave here would have aneurysms if he saw just one episode of "CCS", with Sakura Kinomoto using said Key Staff to use/capture a Clow Card. 'RELEASE!'

And 'occult power'? Sakura's is the Power of the Stars (post-capture of all the Clow Cards & judgement by Yue). [/CLAMP]

Zettai daijobu! :3


"Did I wake up in 1998?"

(INT: Houses of Parliament; after Prime Minister's Questions)

[Anon-e-moose MP, Minister for Culture and Fucking Up Fundies approaches the Despatch Box]:

'I refer the Honourable Gentleman to the answer I gave just a few moments ago.'

3/29/2012 8:08:25 AM

godless heathen

This guy claims to have a phd but doesn't realise that pokemon is a game. And he spelt it wrong.

3/29/2012 8:12:20 AM

Thinking Allowed

Um...Pokemon was sooooooo last decade ago.

3/29/2012 8:20:18 AM


Does the heavy metal salute really count if the hand making it only has three fingers?

3/29/2012 8:31:44 AM

To be sure it is a game, but a game that does not glorify God!

I am so sick of this moronic reason for a game not being valid. Does Monopoly glorify god? Who the fuck cares? It is only a game and in my experience, the games that glorify god are boring as fuck to play and fill your head with biblical garbage.
Case closed.

EDIT: This was from me, Berny.

3/29/2012 9:09:03 AM

abracadabra etomology:
"magical formula, 1690s, from L. (Q. Severus Sammonicus, 2c.), from Late Greek. Abraxas, cabalistic or gnostic name for the supreme god, and thus a word of power."

hocus pocus- misheard Latin for Hoc est enim corpus meum, the words of the Catholic mass when the communion wafer is presented.

3/29/2012 9:16:32 AM


For those saying he's behind the times, I'm pretty sure this article is old, since he quotes from the Red/Blue version instruction manual. So this was made around the time of the original games.

3/29/2012 9:57:53 AM


Clearly "I'll use my psychic powers" was shorthand for "I'll tell the game character to use its psychic powers" in this situation. It has nothing to do with whether he thinks psychic powers exist IRL. You fail semantics forever.

(Seriously, this guy would shit bricks if he knew how often people say "I" instead of using their character's name. I've said "I cast Magic Missile at the hobgoblins" instead of "My Level 4 Human Sorcerer, Yezid as-Sabbah*, casts Magic Missile at the hobgoblins" but the second was clearly what I MEANT, and anyone who thinks I believe in magic missiles has a head full of pudding.)

3/29/2012 10:52:11 AM


Look, dude, I know your weird idea of stifling imagination and open mindedness is at risk, here, but anyone freaking out over Abra and Kadabra really, really doesn't need to sound like Vernon Dursely..

3/29/2012 11:00:02 AM


Get a grip, Dave. Pokemon is fantasy.

"Pokmon promotes occult values, not biblical values and therefore should be rejected!"

Exactly what are "biblical values?" Slavery? Paying your future father in law with the severed foreskins of you enemies? Being willing to murder your innocent son because you think God is telling you to? Sending people to eternal torture because they don't believe the right things?

3/29/2012 11:01:31 AM


@ #1387266

So we now go from freaked out Catholics wanting to restore the Latin mass to freaked out Pastors condemning a derivation FROM the Latin Mass?



3/29/2012 11:02:51 AM


Randy: It has more to do with a favored Japanese children's summer pastime--beetle fights. The kids will gather Hercules, stag, and rhinoceros beetles, then set two of the same species on a log, preferably with a female beetle also of that species nearby. The beetles will then engage in a vying scuffle by clashing at each other with their horns or outer mandibles. The winning beetle (and proxy kid) is the one that shoves the other off the log. How similar this is to cockfighting may be open to debate.

3/29/2012 11:05:40 AM


Pokmon promotes occult values, not biblical values

Yes. God forbid they should start thinking they can change sticks into snakes or have a baby at 90 or find water by striking a rock with a stick or make an iron ax-head float in the river by casting a stick in after it.

Oh, wait. Those aren't Pokemon powers.

3/29/2012 11:54:04 AM


Yes, Ph.D, ladies and gentlemen. Ph.D.

3/29/2012 12:04:15 PM

Greater Good

Ok, who went digging through web archives to find this? Either the "professor" here is seriously behind the times, or this is an old article.

3/29/2012 12:06:54 PM

Doubting Thomas

Does PhD stand for "Piled Higher and Deeper?" Because that's what's going on here. Or did you get your "PhD" from the same place Kent Hovind got his?

Hey Reverend! I hear there's this series of books called "Harry Potter" that teach kids magic. Why don't you get on that for a while? Oh and you might as well tell everyone about how evil and Satanic "Dungeons and Dragons" is. After that, I've got a stack of old rock albums you can play backwards to listen for hidden Satanic messages.

3/29/2012 12:17:22 PM


Are you really terrified of spelling the word "Pokemon?" Or are you just really bad at it?

3/29/2012 12:22:14 PM


In this case Ph.D. must stand for "philosophorum doofus".

3/29/2012 12:40:33 PM


He probably has a Ph.D in bible studies or something. I refuse to believe that he has an actual meaningful doctorate.
Anyway, you're stupid. Pokemon aren't real so they can't hurt you. Besides, I don't think Pokemon aren't even as popular anymore as they were in their heyday, so you're late to the party, bub.

3/29/2012 12:59:32 PM

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