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[review on the book, "Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters"]

Just more Lies and homosexual propaganda from someone trying to justify an immoral sexual practice. I guess bestiality and sex with minors will be the next abhorrent behaviors to be championed the next group of fascists waiting in the wings for their chance. You say you want everyone treated equally but you hate God, Christians and everything they stand for. The so called LGBTQ community is the most prejudiced, selfish, and radical group I have ever seen.

R.K. Jones, Amazon 21 Comments [3/31/2012 6:22:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus

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First of all, consenting adults, dumbass. Secondly, that's one shiny mirror you got there.

3/31/2012 6:59:54 AM


At first the Western Christian persecution complex was a source of perplexity to me. Then amusement, then contemplation of history and social memes, then boredom, then disgust, then apathy. Now, it's right back to me being perplexed as to how any reasonably functioning person can possibly think not being able to persecute others is evidence of themselves being persecuted. Seriously Jones, Romans aren't executing you anymore; stop being an ass.

3/31/2012 7:04:41 AM


Honey, I'm decidedly queer, decidedly liberal, and decidedly religious/spiritual. Let me blow your mind: none of those are mutually exclusive.

Trust me, darling, we know the difference between right and wrong. It's aaaallll about consent. You want to fuck someone? They better be of consenting age and human. *shrug* 's how it works.

3/31/2012 7:21:34 AM


Are you having fun in your new slippery slope, dearie?

I hate God just as much as I hate the Easter Bunny and Pippi Longstocking. Not at all, that is, as they are all imaginary.

I didn't know that fascism was wanting to be left in peace to mind ones own business.

Yeah, the LGBTQ community is SO radical; they don't want to kill anyone, they don't want to persecute anyone, they don't want to force their belief on anyone, they don't want to dictate how other people should live, they don't want special favors. They just want to have the same rights that the rest of us takes for granted; to be able to openly love, live with and marry the love of their life, to feel at home in their own body and with the clothes they are wearing, to be themselves without people retreating in horror. Is that so much to ask?

3/31/2012 7:25:53 AM

Mr Blur

3/31/2012 9:46:22 AM

Doubting Thomas

We don't hate Christians, we just can't stand intolerant bigots. The fact that you can't distinguish between the two is telling.

3/31/2012 10:30:00 AM


I never read that book, but now I surely will.

3/31/2012 10:44:51 AM


I don't really blame people that write things like this. Instead, I feel sorry for them. I do blame the people in positions of authority, politicians, pastors, priests, as well as people in the media, for putting this bigotry into people's heads, always to feather their own little nests.
What can the solution be? I think, 1, Education. 2, Ignore them. 3, Laugh at them.
The bigotry of the bigots is the spade with which they are digging their own graves. The bigotry of the bigots is the rope with which they will hang themselves.

3/31/2012 11:21:04 AM

Brendan Rizzo

So Tyler Clementi just slipped and fell off that bridge, is what you're saying?

3/31/2012 11:25:27 AM

they must've seen fandom

Think this isn't already happening? Google "furries" and "chanfic".

3/31/2012 1:15:34 PM


What is it with homophobes and their obsessions with beastiality and pedophilia?

3/31/2012 2:11:45 PM


Explain how homosexuality hurts anyone.

3/31/2012 3:25:36 PM


@Reynardine: There is a blog with the same name online. That and Truth Wins Out are pretty good sources for finding out what the anti-gay agenda is up to.

3/31/2012 9:00:37 PM


I have decided to just point out fallacies to the wingnuts either online or screaming the particular fallacy when I hear it in person.

Maybe they will eventually get curious about what a logical fallacy is and stop using them.

Straw Man!!! Ad Hominem!!! Slippery Slope Fallacy!!!

3/31/2012 11:20:11 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Word to the not-so wise R.K. Jones, the fascists had EXACTLY the same views on homosexuality that you do!

Funny that.

4/1/2012 2:30:53 AM


You people never did have a grasp of the meaning of "consenting adults" did you? Just like you don't have a grasp of "not believing in god" not being the same as "hating god".
We can't hate what doesn't exist, we can however dislike what people do in the name of this "god".

4/1/2012 1:41:23 PM


Do you even try to make sense?

4/1/2012 4:12:19 PM


"You say you want everyone treated equally but you hate God, Christians and everything they stand for."

Nonono. I hate douchebags. Of course, with the kind you hang with, I'm sure there's no distinction between the two.

Also, stop wanking to your imagined persecution, please.

4/1/2012 9:20:02 PM


I'm guessing you're American. Have you heard of the country with a large amount of land but a smaller amount of people north of the United States, called Canada? They have same-sex marriage legal in every province and territory. Does this happen there? NO! So shut the fuck up and actually learn what something does instead of getting the conclusion before the observations and evidence.

4/2/2012 2:00:14 AM


Pretty sure sexuality isn't just about how you have sex...

4/2/2012 4:54:08 AM

Todd Pence

Ten bucks says R.K. Jones is another homosexual in self-denial.

6/19/2012 6:47:00 AM

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